Tuesday, September 29

Jack Broomall to Speak at RevZilla Philly Open House October 17th

You may remember that back in the Spring a friend of ours, Jack Broomall, took his GS and rode it from Philadelphia to Anchorage, AK and back, solo. We dubbed the trip RevZilla to Wasilla and it lasted over a month and helped him raise some awareness through our blog and other channels. Jack took pictured and blogged it the whole way. The purpose - besides personal enlightenment - was to raise awareness and money for the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

You can see his account at 2Wheels2Alaska.com or on his ADVRider.com Ride Report

Jack's journey came and went and overall was a triumphant endeavor. But he has been sitting on a mountain of pictures and stories which are right up the alley of the Adventure Motorcycle riding crew which makes up so much of our loyal customer base and riding community - so why not bring him in to share in person!

Naturally when we decided to do an Adventure Touring / Sport Touring Focused Fall Open house, it made total sense to ask Jack if he wouldn't mind coming to show some pics, tell some tales and answer some questions about his ride.

Although our off-season Saturday hours are in full effect since mid September (Saturday fittings by appointment only) - we will be open from 12pm to 4pm on October 17th, 2009 at our Philadelphia Store. Our plan is for Jack to start his adventure story time around 2pm.

Please don't hesitate to come by or ride in. there will be plenty of parking out front and like minded riders to hang with.

We have a thread on ADVRider.com and we are actively trying to spread the word, so any help is much appreciated.

You can find out more details and directions on our Philly Store Page or you can shoot us an email if need be.

One More Time:
Saturday October 17th 2009 Open House From 12pm to 4pm Jack Broomall Speaking at 2pm RevZilla HQ Philadelphia 38 Jackson St Philadelphia, PA 19148

Call 877 792 9455 or email cs[at]revzilla.com with questions.

Anthony Bucci
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Friday, September 25

FirstGear TPG Gear Road Test Dual Sporting Through Colorado Rockies

Two weeks ago I flew to Colorado to link up with some other industry folks to basically beat the hell out of the 2010 FirstGear lineup. It was a fun trip to say the least. We did 3 days of riding 50% Road / 50% Dirt on Dualsport bikes through the Colorado Rockies. We started in Gunnison, ~250 miles SW of Denver,

I chronicled the entire trip via a Ride Report on ADVRider.com located here FirstGear Colorado Adventure Ride

I also posted the "best of" photos to RevZilla's Flickr Gallery in Adventure Ride Collection.

I went into extreme detail on the ADV Ride Report and posted tons of pics. The short of it is as follows:

22 of us rode through heavy rain 3 times, hail twice and full-on sleet once. Also with the constant summiting and changes in elevation, in 20 minutes you can go from 70 degrees to 30 degrees and precipitation. Rocky Mountain micro-climates are pretty wild and it was a great test for the true versatility of the gear.

We hit Cottonwood, Monarch, Marshall, Kebler, Independence and McClure Passes as well as some other lowlaying adventure spots along the way.

To be accurate I was wearing the FirstGear TPG Rainier Jacket, FirstGear TPG Escape Pants, FirstGear Star Boots, FirstGear Navigator Gloves and An Arai XD3 Helmet for the ride.

With all true all-season destination apparel the garment must convert quickly with minimal effort to changing conditions. One of my favorite features of the FirstGear wares is that the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex style membrane was built into the outer shell ensuring that the external layers of the jacket never got waterlogged and eliminating the need for a rainsuit or waterproof detachable inner liner.

It was a great roadtest for the new gear to say the least. I even managed to crash and test out the new d3o molecular armor. I obviously got my money's worth and now have a definitive opinion on the performance of the new FirstGear lineup which was exemplary to say the least. I went down at about 25mph and popped right up - to look for help in dragging my bike out! Other than a stiff neck, I was fine.

I ended up shooting a quick FirstGear TPG Overview Video on main street with Mark Kinkart, the Technical Product Specialist from FirstGear. Check it out below in Hi-Def!

Two Wheels Down,


Tuesday, September 22

New FirstGear d3o TPG Armor Testing at RevZilla HQ

Have you seen the new d30 Molecular Armor that FirstGear is using in its 2010 TPG line? I have seen it worn it and Crashed in it. No BS ;-P

The soft armor turns completely rigid upon impact. The only other armor we have seen like this is the ultra high-end SAS-TEC from Germany that REV'IT! uses. We're impressed, FirstGear.

I wrecked at about 30mph on a rocky mountain trail two weeks ago wearing a TPG Rainier Jacket and TPG Escape Pants. I was standing and knew the bike was headed down so I jumped off and landed on my right side. No bruises, no breaks no errors... I rode for the next 3 days after that without even being stiff.

To say that I road tested the gear is an understatement. The TPG Armor lives in the 2010 TPG Rainer, TPG Teton and TPG Monarch Multi-Season destination jackets.


Thursday, September 17

An Open Letter to the Entertainment World and Celebrity Motorcycle Riders

Since RevZilla's inception a few years ago, I have always thought that at some point we would have the ability to ride with other interesting people of which we know are motorcycle enthusiasts.

In the last few years, other than sending Tommy Lee some dirt gear to be used in a music video, we have not had many brushes notable personalities who ride. That's a bummer. We like meeting people who have a good story to tell and are at the top of their profession. A ride and a beer with one of our boyhood rock gods wouldn't be bad either ;-)

So today I wanted send an open invitation to any motorcycle riding personality who we deem interesting enough to either hook-up with some gear or do some riding with - if they were interested. They could also come be on RevZillaTV and plug whatever they wanted to. Like I said - open invitation.

The list includes but is not limited to:

Dan Akroyd
Sonny Barger
Anthony Bourdain
Earnest Borgnine (If still living)
Alton Brown
Jackie Chan
Clint Eastwood
Rob Halford
Hulk Hogan
Billy Idol
Angelina Jolie
Anthony Keidis
Tommy Lee
Mick Mars
Joel McHale
Juan Pablo Montoya
Eddy Murphy
Vince Neil
Alfonso Ribiero
Axl Rose
Nikki Sixx
The Governator Shwarzenegger
Mr. T
Mike Tyson
Steven Tyler
Jan-Michael Vincent
Neil Young

So there you have it. If you are not on the list and are reasonably bummed out, shoot us a line and we will see what we can do. Bill O'Reilly, Kaye West, Russell Brand, anyone from the Hills on MTV - you're all annoying as hell and need not apply.


Wednesday, September 9

Riding the Colorado Trail through Rockies This Weekend on a whim!

(Orginally Posted to Start My Ride Report on AdvRider.com - Found Here)

On a whim (booked flight today) I am flying to Colorado to join some industry friends for a ride through the Colorado Trail & Rockies this weekend. Not enough time to get myself and my bike out there so I am renting a 650 Wee Strom when I arrive. Leaving Friday and flying back to Philly on Tuesday Night.

Will be leaving from Gunnison and hitting the following waypoints over the weekend:

Cottonwood Pass
Monarch Pass
Marshall Pass
Independence Pass
Glenwood Springs
McClure Pass
Ohio Pass
Crested Butte

Would love to hear any feedback, as this is my first time riding Colorado and I am sure many of you have hit parts of this journey before. I have to admit, among other things, I am am researching any can't miss, hole in the wall, Guy Fieri-esque food stops right now. Any recommendations welcome.

I am excited to be beating on a new Arai XD3 (Motard Black ) and the rest of my gear will be the best of the new 2010 FirstGear lineup. Gear and Ride report with pics and HD video to follow.

I love impromptu adventures especially via motorcycle.

If I get eaten by a disgruntled bear, please remember my legacy: Don't get too close to the bears.


Tuesday, September 8

The best of the MotoGP Rest - Other Pictures From 2009 Indy MotoGP

I have finally sifted through the rest of our shots from Indy MotoGP.... I happily share with you:

Qalifying... Rossi in the Tuck.

The 250cc Race.. Go Simoncelli Go!

The Infield... Sick Bridgestone Tent

The Warm Up Sessions... Rossi leaves the Garage

And Post Race... Melandri's Wrecked Bike

Oh, and did we mention the ladies of MotoGP?

See the whole miscellaneous MotoGP Picture Gallery on RevZilla's Flickr.


Thursday, September 3

2009 Indy MotoGP Garage Tour with Randy Mamola

Thanks to our good friends at Alpinestars we spent 90 minutes with living legend Randy Mamola on a garage tour of the Indy MotoGP after qualifying on Saturday. It was really a neat experience we will never forget. Here is a pic of us with him on the Bricks at Indy.

We got into the LCR Honda Garage and the Ducati Garage, but unfortunately Ducati said "no" to pictures. We have everything else though.

Nate Kern was on the Track on a Bimmer HP2 Shooting for Speed Channel.

They let me Sit on Randy's Moto X-2 Ducati 990 2-up Desmosedici... nuts! I guess I am smiling on the inside on this one.

See the whole Garage Tour Flickr Gallery here.


Wednesday, September 2

2009 Indy MotoGP Pics and Recap

And so it was.... TeamZilla (Nick, Matt and Myself) made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis for the 2nd MotoGP ever held there. In one word the entire weekend was fantastic. We took a ton of pics and video.

Alpinestars was kind enough to invite us out and make us feel as if we were the bells of the ball with paddock access & garage access as well as some ridiculous catered lunches. (by the end of the weekend I was actually sick of Filet Mignon ;-p)

I would have to say that the highlight of the weekend, besides the impromptu Red Bull party after the race, was the 90 minute behind the scenes garage tour that we had with Living Legend Randy Mamola. What a cool guy and even cooler experience. There were some areas where pictures were ok and others where we would have been tackled.

We also ran into many of our other industry friends on the trip. The race itself started out great, but when Rossi and Pedrosa wrecked early on it was a big bummer. From there it was easy to root for Nicky Hayden on Team Ducati and our boy Randy De Puniet with LCR Honda sponsored by REV'IT!. Nicky took the podium at his home race and the crowd went berserk. It was fun to watch from the roof of gasoline alley with a birds-eye of the front straight and the entrance to turn one.

I took about 2000 pics, so I will be releasing them to the RevZilla Flickr Gallery as I get them organized through out the week. The pics of our tour with Randy were some of the coolest ones.

See the full MotoGP Race Picture Gallery.

Be sure to click on "All Sizes" the pics are huge!

Stay tuned.

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