Friday, October 30

Dainese D-System D-Dry Jacket Video Review

The Dainese D-System Jacket is Dainese's Flagship All-Season All-Weather adventure Touring Jacket.
The D-System is meant to be as protective as it is versatile in all conditions and climates. The D-Dry layer is Dainese's waterproof breathable removable liner technology which keeps you dry and allows your body to breath.

Available at

Check out our Hi Resoultion Photo Gallery For the Dainese D-System

Features on the D-System D-Dry Include:

  • Removable composite protectors.
  • Cordura fabric.
  • Air vents.
  • Jacket-trousers fastening system.
  • Adjustment strap on neck.
  • Adjustable waist.
  • Pocket for telepass .
  • Wrist adjustement.
  • Removable sleeves.
  • Glove pocket on back.
  • 2 waterproof pockets in removable jacket.
  • 5 pockets on front.
  • Pockets on liner.
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric.
  • Removable
  • Sanitized lining.
  • Pocket for BackSpace G1/G2/Shield Air bacl protector.
  • Reflective inserts.
  • Breathable waterproof
  • Removable thermal micro-down lining.
  • Front Idraflap fastener.
  • Waterproof outside pockets.
  • Pocket for Backspace G. back protector.
  • Reflective inserts.
Military Green will be available Late 2009 / Early 2010

Any questions - you know where to find us.


Thursday, October 29

REV'IT! Sirocco Jacket Video Review

Like the currently on sale REV'IT! Navigator, The REV'IT! Sirocco Jacket has a limited supply of stock remaining but is also 25% Off original price. The Sirocco is on SALE at $329.99 down from $439.99 MSRP - they are moving quickly.

The Sirocco is the best hot weather option for multi-season use in the REV'IT! lineup. It is also the only 3/4 length hot weather coat made by REV'IT. The Sirocco won'a 2008 Product of the Year.

Dynax Mesh, a hydratex wind/water liner and a DuPont Thermalite Liner round out the features which make it an almost 4-season coat although it is completely weather-proof for serious riding.

Check out our other VIDEO at RevZillaTV


Tuesday, October 27

REV'IT! Navigator All-Season Jacket Video Review

The REV'IT! Navigator Jacket, which was recently reduced to 25% Off MSRP, is a 4 season adventure and sport touring coat with all of the same features and upgrades as the REV'IT! Cayenne Pro except for using Pro-Life CE2 Armor in place of SAS-TEC armor, as seen in the Cayenne. It has SuperFabric protective panels, the Exkin Thermal Lining and the same beefy outer shell as the Cayenne Pro. The Navigator is a tour fit, as opposed to a Cayenne's Sport fit which would be less forgiving in the chest, waist and arms. Its easier to size the Navigator and more roomy!

Once these guys are gone -that's it.

At $412.99 down from $549.99, if you are in the market for an All-Season Ultra-Protective Jacket - the Navigator is a steal compared to the Cayenne Pro.


Monday, October 26

New Dainese 2010 Gear Preview Video

Back in June we few to Italy to see the new 2010 Dainese lineup to begin hitting the streets in early 2010. We caught the GP in Mugello along the way as well. We have been sitting on a lot of info about and pictures of the new styles since then and recently we decided to leak a first look. There will be more to come. For now check out some of the highlights.

A lot of different new leather sheens and colors with a big retro vintage flair. Check out some of the ladies pieces like the "Retro" and Shotgun as well.

We will be taking preorders and answering any questions via cs[at]

As it becomes available the product will be at


Wednesday, October 21

REV'IT! SLR Race Glove Video Review at

New for 2010 this is the first look at the REV'IT! SLR Race Gauntlet / Glove available at late 2009 / early 2010.

We also took a ton of Hi-Res shots which you can see in our REV'IT! SLR Glove Gallery or below.

The glove will feature an initial price of $139.99 with the following features:

  • External Kevlar Stitching
  • Carbon Knuckles
  • Carbon Finger Sliders
  • TPU Palm Hardpart / Slider
  • Full Velcro
  • Cowhide / Goatskin Construction for Sensitivity
  • Available in Unisex Sizes in Black/White, White/Red and White/Blue

Preorders and questions to cs[at]

Two Wheels Down,


Tuesday, October 20

REV'IT! Tempest H20 and Kelvin H20 Winter Glove Video Review

We have been getting a ton of questions relating to the cold weather Tempest H20 and Kelvin H20 REV'IT! gloves - how they fit, how they stack up against each other and a ton about the features shared and not shared by both.

All in all they are our two most high end waterproof, cold weather gloves, although the Tempest does have a slightly better cold weather Temperature rating.

We shot a video detailing all of it if you just want to watch and absorb!

Check out the Flickr Gallery of the REV'IT! Kelvin H20 & REV'IT! Tempest H20

BoochZilla from Alcatraz - OUT!

Wednesday, October 14

Now Taking Pre-Orders on the 2010 REV'IT! Sand Jacket and Sand Pants

We are now taking REV'IT! Sand Jacket and Pants Pre-orders at They will ship Feb of 2010, but we have gotten a ton of requests for folks to reserve one now.

The Sand is a beefed up version of the now closeout and almost completely gone Offtrack Jacket. The Sand has new chest and arm ventilation using brand new technology for REV'IT! - 3D Bubble Lining and Two dual way arm zips.

Any questions on this new lineup are welcome. We also have a video on RevZillaTV about the Sand Pant and Jacket.

All questions welcome.


Monday, October 5

REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants Preview

2/1/10 UPDATE: REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants IN STOCK & SHIPPING

Buy the REV'IT! Sand Jacket and the REV'IT! Sand Pants from

We got to take a sneak peek at part of the new REV'IT! lineup at MotoGP about a month ago. We took some shots.

The REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants are the successor to the Offtrack and Dakar outfit. 4 Season, Offroad styled with a new ventilation configuration on both the chest and arms.

We wont start taking pre-orders at for another few months, but decided to release some of the prelim shots we have.

We have a whole REV'IT! Sand Photo gallery but here are a few good ones.

Shot of Jacket and Pants:

Sand Jacket

Sand Pants

Matching Sand Glove coming as well.

We will post more as we get it. Feel free to shoot me any questions about the gear. Here or on our REV'IT! FAQ thread.


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