Wednesday, March 31

Tips from British George: Spring Motorcycle Check List

British George at RevZilla here,

It's officially Spring, must be about time to do a thoro' check of the bike(s) before we do some serious riding. If you think your bike may be all 6's and 7's you can run down this list to make sure your bike is groovy and good to go.

Check those tires. When did you last look at your rubber? Remember, these are the only things holding us onto the planet!

I like to place the bike on the main-stand or pit-bull, just be sure it's stable and secure, spin each tire, check for any debris trapped in tire-treads. Do a good visual check of side-walls for damage or bulges, note if the wheel runs true and parallel, no unusual noises from bearings or brakes.

Rememeber to check tire-pressures, they WILL be off! After being kept in a cold garage for 3 months, you'd be losing pressure too. You do have a pressure gauge don't you ? I remember keeping one in the tank-bag, everyday.

Next check your controls & cables - Operate all controls including throttle, clutch, brakes front and rear, be sure each operates smoothly and feels as it should. If you want to get involved, I like to use a clear teflon-lube from the electrical/hobby store on all exposed controls, and cables.

Run down your lights, electrical systems -  Start at the battery. Connections should be clean, tight, secure. Operate all lights, turn-signals, brake-lights, with front and rear brakes, horn, side-stand cut-out switch, and handle-bar cut-out switch.

Lastly do your brakes and hydraulics systems. Check levels thru the sight-glass, check hoses for any surface imperfections or cracks. Same checks for clutch and hydraulics after you finish the breaks. Check on levels and condition of your hoses, where visible.

Remember, if you need any fluids or other shop supplies RevZilla should have you covered


Note: British George is really British and rides about 35,000 miles a year. 

Tuesday, March 30

8 Free Track Days left for the Weekend of 4/10/2010 in NJ, VA and WV

April 10th weekend is two weeks out and we still have 8 Free Track Days with Team Promotion to give away for that weekend. The 10 slots are part of the "Fresh Suit, Free Ride" program at (click for details).

Basically with the purchase of any regular price racesuit $800 or more we will pay your way onto the track. It's that simple.

Just pick out your suit then pick out the track and date you would like to attend. Drop both into your cart. The track day price will go to $0.

Click Here to find qualifying RevZilla's Leather Race Suits

Click Here to See Available Team Pro-Motion Tracks and Dates

For more information on Team Pro-Motion and it's Track Day Partnership with please visit our Team Pro-Motion Partnership Page

The available dates for the second weekend in April are as follows:

4/10/2010 - Saturday - Summit Shenendoah, West Virginia

4/11/2010 - Sunday - Summit Shenendoah, West Virginia

4/12/2010 - Monday - NJMP Thunderbolt, New Jersey

4/12/2010 - Monday - VIR North, Virginia (No School Offered*)

The slots are filling fast. Any questions call, 877-792-9455 or email cs[at]

You can also buy any of the track days at regular price from and earn TeamZilla Cash toward future purchases on them.

See you at the track,


**First time riders who have never done a track day before need to take the school for $50 bucks. The School is not offered at VIR on 4/12 so riders with some track experience only please.

Friday, March 19

How to Be Your Own Personal Motorcycle Gear Shopper

Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide and How-To by Joanne Donn of

As an avid RevZilla customer, you understand the level of customer service and product knowledge that TeamZilla strives to provide its customers both online and off. They even provide video reviews, including fit tips and how to measure yourself properly to order the correct size!

But with anything you purchase either online, or in your local dealership, it can be difficult to figure out whether or not something you've purchased fits right. After working the International Motorcycle Shows for the past couple of months, I’ve learned that places like RevZilla are few and far between, literally. Not all dealers have dedicated apparel employees, or knowledgeable sales staff to help ensure that you know what all the options are or can show you proper fit. So you may need to provide yourself a little customer service in order to get what you want. I hope these tips will help you get the most out of your shopping experience, and help you make the best purchasing decision when it comes to investing in gear. You might even teach your dealerships a thing or two about how to sell gear!

Tip #1: Try on everything ON a motorcycle. I cannot emphasize this enough. You’re about to spend your hard earned money for something that you plan to spend thousands of miles in. After you walk up to that mirror, check yourself out, then ask your significant other how you look, go sit on that gorgeous motorcycle, and then check fit. If you don’t have access to a motorcycle, I want you to assume riding posture, bring your arms forward and simulate your riding position. The slightest change in lean angle can really have an impact on the way you perceive fit. One jacket may not work on 2 different bikes, whether it’s the handlebar reach, longer wheel base or the placement of the foot pegs. Keep that in mind when you sit on different ones and try to find something that fits as close to your motorcycle as possible.

Tip #2 Try not to make fit decisions in front of the mirror. If something is properly articulated for riding, it should actually feel More comfortable on the bike, in riding position with your hands on the handgrips and ready to ride. If it’s the other way around, it may not be a ‘real’ riding garment. Anything can say that it’s “motorcycle” wear. But that might not mean that it’s meant for riding for more than 5 miles in a straight line.

Tip #3 Fit, then Budget. 
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to throw down a couple thousand dollars on your first trip to the dealer. I know how hard it is for people to make purchasing decisions, especially with how difficult the economy has been on everyone. However, if you limit yourself to trying on only the items you can afford, you’ll never know how they fit. I want you to pretend that you have so much money that you don’t know how you’re going to spend it all. Even if you find that the $800 Dainese gear won’t work with your budget, but fits you like a dream, at least you know how it fit. Now you can go shop for gear in the budget section, and find something that fits close to it. Dealers can only afford to put out 1 or 2 options from the catalog. Generally, you'll find that fit differs from one manufacturer to the next, so if you find "the one", you’ll find everything else they make will fit you too.

Tip #4 Ask to see the catalogs. Dealers can only put what they think will sell on the floor for display. They are choosing from dozens of options, and it can be difficult to make the right one. So ask to see the catalog or the dealers website, to see what else the dealer can order direct from the manufacturer. Chances are, whatever your size is in one style should be the same size in another within the same manufacturer. And, the manufacturer probably makes at least 50 other motorcycle jackets/pants that you *can* afford, and the dealer can special order just for you. Size charts will also be in there somewhere, and should help you figure out how the sizes run (European/American sizing, etc). You may notice that many American manufacturers cut everything to fit Americans. The cuts might be more generous in certain places and not others. For example, if you have ever tried on anything from Cortech or Tourmaster then you might have noticed how the shoulders are broad, the torso and the arms are cut short and wide. If you have a tall, lean frame, with narrow shoulders, a narrow waist and a long torso, then you know that a European fit from a company like REV'IT! or Alpinestars is going to fit you far better than either of those.

Tip #5 If it’s too comfortable, it’s probably too big. 
If you’re like most of us, the minute you get home from work, you change right out of those work clothes and get into something loose, comfortable, plush and easy to move around in. Then you jump on the couch and turn on the tv. I love that part of my day. But when it comes to riding my motorcycle a couple hundred miles every weekend, I need something that fits and works while I’m sitting on my bike. When you try on a protective jacket the first time, it’s going to feel awkward. It’ll feel nothing like what you’re used to wearing at home, work or school. The garment should feel *most* comfortable in riding position. It should feel short across the chest, weird when you stand up straight and a little more snug than you’re used to, and probably a little hard to put your hands in your pockets. Because you won't have time to do that while you're winding down the twisties!

I know not everyone *loves* to shop like me. I know it can be hard, tedious and difficult to find what you want/need in one trip. But I hope these tips will make the next trip a little shorter and simpler to help you decide whether or not something is worth spending your hard earned money on.

Joanne Donn is the founder of GearChic, an affiliate of She can be reached via email: joanne at gearchic dot com.

Tuesday, March 16

REV'IT!'s MotoGP Victory Suit, Jerez Glove and Gear Lineup for de Puniet and Bautista

This press release hit my radar this morning from REV'IT!. It basically breaks down the gear that Randy de Puniet and Alvaro Bautista will be rocking in the MotoGP this year. I know I have posted about it often before, but this is a press release right from the horses mouth, so I deemed it worth sharing.

From REV'IT! Holland:

When the REV'IT! R&D team set out to design the 2010 line, we aimed to make gear that could withstand every situation their customers might throw at it. This meant setting the toughest possible product specifications, to go above and beyond what average non-professional motorcyclists would need – whether they were everyday riders, track-day riders, or serious sports riders.

To find the most demanding conditions possible, there is only one place to look: the MotoGP. From this comes the REV’IT! design philosophy: if a product is good enough for a MotoGP racer, then it will definitely provide REV’IT! customers with the ultimate in safety, comfort, and performance.

In 2008 REV'IT! entered into its first MotoGP sponsorship, with racing star Randy de Puniet. During that year Randy crashed a record 24 times. Thanks to his gear, however, he escaped without a single severe injury. With results like these, there might not seem much room for improvement – but REV'IT! isn’t known for settling.

The combination of the new Victory one-piece suit with the Excellerator undersuit is a perfect example of how REV’IT! is constantly making improvements to its professional-level gear, which work in synergy for superior performance. Developed with the feedback of Randy de Puniet, the VICTORY and EXCELLERATOR offer unprecedented quality and safety to the public consumer market.


Our new VICTORY one-piece suit has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and protection. The suit features the brand-new REV'IT! knee protector and reinforced shin pieces for safety. Comfort and convenience are enhanced by suede in the collar, an extra calf-zipper for easy on and off, an inner pocket on the belly, and a full climate-control inner suit with aero cool 3D mesh panels on the back and underarms (including air channels for ventilation). The new VICTORY gives you great protection in comfortable style.


The lightweight EXCELLERATOR suit uses moisture-wicking and thermal-regulation technology to keep you comfortable in all seasons and under all conditions. Anatomically shaped to be worn under a leather one-piece suit, the EXCELLERATOR prevents overheating in summer and hypothermia in winter, with stretchable PE that offers comfortable support for the body and reduces muscle fatigue. For additional comfort, this under-suit features thumb and ankle straps to accommodate all types of racers.


The JEREZ glove is the number one choice for the serious racer who puts safety first. The JEREZ combines premium-quality materials like kangaroo leather and Superfabric with great protective features. The glove has a completely new range of dual compound hard parts, most prominent among them the hard-shell knuckle and hard palm slider. Inspired by Moto GP feedback, the Kevlar stitching is positioned on the outside of the glove, giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity every racer demands.


For great water-repellant properties during races, the TRITON rain jacket is the choice of professional riders. Worn by MotoGP rider Randy de Puniet during the 2009 MotoGP season, the TRITON shields the seams and perforations of your leathers to prevent them from getting soaked. The transparent design leaves the racing leathers visible, while the snug but flexible fit preserves your freedom of movement so you can perform at your best.

Two Wheels Down!

Friday, March 12

Jason Britton Joins Two Brothers Racing - and installs his full system!

You gotta love Jason Britton. We have all seen a million stunters at this point, but once you see Jason do a demo in person, you quickly realize why he has been at the top of the heap for some time.

I saw Jason ride up close for the first time a few years ago and was really impressed - and normally I think circle wheelies and stoppies are yawn inspiring after about 5 minutes. Not so with Jason. The doesn't just go out and ride haphazardly, he puts on a performance with charisma to spare. Credit where credit is due.

I hate to sound like a fanboy because I am by no means a die hard stunter, but I am genuinely impressed with Jason Britton as a brand and what it stands for in our moto-universe. The dude is also good to his fans. I have seen him in action. Bravo.

This morning a video of Jason's official 1st day with Two Brothers Racing hit my inbox. Its a well done video showcasing a gnarly new Two Brothers exhaust jovially being installed by Jason. Look at Jason work the wrench!

Go on with your bad self, Jason Britton. See you at the next GP.

Anthony Bucci

Wednesday, March 10

New 2010 REV'IT! Sand Gloves in Stock

The new adventure styled REV'IT! Sand Gloves have come in and the production version looks great. All we had previously seen was a pre-production sample.

Check out the candid.

I am a fan of the move to go black / safari vs black / silver. The production version also has some nice finishing touches on the palm.

They are mesh based, lightweight ad functional; geared toward warm weather dualsporting.


Tuesday, March 9

Vemar Helmet 48 Hour Flash Sale - Up to 57% Off

For the Next 48 hours we have pulled out pants down on 4 Vemar Helmets. It's a fact.

Our closeout prices were good, but when we start getting short on warehouse space its time for the stock to move. For the next 4 Hours or until the stock is toast you can save up to 57% on the Eclipse Carbon, CKQI, VSREV R&S and the Eclipse Under the Pillow. We're not being pushy, but these are some of the best deals we've given in a long time and they end promptly on Wednesday at 12pm EST.

Click to See the Vemar Helmet 48 Hour Flash Sale

Only the best for our loyal RevZillans...


Wednesday, March 3

RevZilla Core Value #19: Lend a Helping Hand

At RevZilla we believe in lending a helping hand.... even to washed up internet celebrities. See what happens when a washed up internet celebrity breaks into our warehouse and eventually wears out his welcome.

Note: This video is a satirical reenactment full of melodramatic dramatizations (think rescue 911 style circa 1992). No animals were hurt in the making of this joke film.

Tuesday, March 2

Nate Kern rocking Daytona on his BMW s1000RR in a matching 2010 REV'IT! Victory Suit

(img courtesy of Brandon Bones via REV'IT!)

Nobody ever said Nate Kern wasn't a stud on a bike. In 2010, he is just making it look that much better.

Most know Nate is racing the BMW S1000RR which in the red, white and blue color scheme which is a complete beast. What many folks don't know is that Nate is sponsored by REV'IT! this year and is wearing a matching red white and blue Victory Race Suit. It's a red, white and blue version of the same suit that Randy de Puniet and new for 2010 Alvaro Bautista will be rocking in this year's MotoGP.

Nate Kern took a 2nd place, and several 4th place finishes at Daytona during the CCS/ASRA weekend! Check out some of the shots we got from our friends at REV'IT! with Nate. We posted them to RevZilla's live blog

On another note, I got to spend some time with Nate at the IMS show in NYC last month and shoot the sh*t a little bit. It's easy to see why he has a solid following. He's great racer and a cool guy.

And, as we posted yesterday, we are giving away a free pair of REV'IT! Race Gauntlet's with every REV'IT! Victory or other REV'IT! Race Suit we sell. Check out the details on the Fresh Suit, Free Gloves Program Here.

Two Wheels Down, Nate!


Monday, March 1

Free Pair of REV'IT! Race Gauntlet's with REV'IT! Race Suit Purchase at

For a limited time when you purchase any REV'IT! Race Suit from RevZilla we will give you a pair of REV'IT! GT Corse or 2010 SLR Race Gauntlets for FREE. No promo or discount code necessary, just throw any REV'IT! Race suit in your cart and then add a SLR or GT Corse in your color and size. The price of the pair of gloves when in your cart will be adjusted to $0. (Click here for full details)

Our gift to our loyal customer base this Spring is helping them get race-ready for a little less coin than normal.

For those who are not familiar with the REV'IT! suit or glove lineup, please keep reading and I will break down the gear.

REV'IT! is featuring two new suits for 2010, the REV'IT! Victory Suit (Pro Level worn by De Puniet, Bautista and Kern) and the REV'IT! CR Suit (entry level). The Victory has all of the top-end bells, whistles and protective features. The CR, which stands for Cafe Racer and has a retro feel, has a few less space age technologies but is a solid suit in with a great look at a thousand bucks. REV'IT! is coming back this year with the REV'IT! TT Suit (pictured above being worn by de Puniet in '09 GP class). The TT has only a few less features than the Victory and was their previous pro model, the catch on the TT is that the price actually cam DOWN for 2010 to $1299.99 which we love it at. Check out the video below for the suit breakdown.

With regard to the gloves, the REV'IT! GT Corse (left) was REV'IT!'s top end glove up to 2008 and actually got Warm Weather Race Gauntlet of the Year from . It features a double cuff system, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Superfabric and external hardparts. The GT Corse is priced at $160 and was eclipsed by the REV'IT! Jerez Glove  for 2009 at the pro level. The Jerez uses some additional hard part TPU's, sliders and is slightly beefier which give it the edge.

Also available as the Free Glove with suit is the new 2010 REV'IT! SLR Glove (right) which will not be available until mid march and is slated to be $139 out of the gates. The SLR is newer with a slightly more forgiving cut than the GT, but it does not have some of the space age features like SuperFabric sliding panels. As a corollary, the SLR does have a new dual compound palm slider and styling that the GT Corse wished it had in its bag of tricks. Check out the SLR video below.

Either way, both gloves are a track-ready win. I think the decision comes down to availability and styling. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a ring for help. Navigating the suit buying waters can be tricky. We are here to help.

As always we have a limited supply of free glove inventory and we will run this deal until that stash is toast.

BoochZilla from RevZilla HQ - Out.
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