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RevZillaTV: Bi-Monthly Giveaway & New Youtube Channel

If you don't know, now ya know. We've got a couple of updates for you as far as our world of video is concerned, and there's also an opportunity for you to win twice a month for doing next to nothing.

First, we've completed redesigned our Youtube channel, RevZillaTV, giving it a fresh new look. If you don't know, we release between 10 and 30 HD video gear reviews each week, and we're quickly approaching 1000 total videos. We try our best to help you Watch, Decide and Ride, by giving our analysis of gear when we get our hands on it.

Next, and perhaps more significant, is the fact that we give away a $50 gift card to RevZilla twice a month to one lucky subscriber to our Youtube channel. All you need is to have a Youtube account, and click subscribe on our page. No minimums, no loopholes, we simply give fifty bucks away twice a month to our fanbase. Visit our Subscribe & Win on Youtube page for details.

Subscribe and you'll be the first to know about new products, sales, deals and gear guide videos.


Wednesday, June 29

Leatt GPX Adventure Jacket Review

The first enduro and adventure shell designed around a Leatt neck brace, the Leatt GPX Adventure Jacket is brand new for 2011 and certain to quell the complaints of long-suffering riders who've had to struggle with and potentially modify gear to incorporate neck protection into their setup. Equally suitable for the ADV or Enduro rider who wants to bulk this shell up with some armor, the Leatt GPX Adventure Jacket fills a hollow hole in community and is sure to be a rider-favorite. As Leatt continues to innovate in the protective realm, they've taken a big step forward with the GPX jacket.

Check out our Leatt GPX Adventure Jacket Review:

First and foremost, the Leatt is intended to work seamlessly with either the GPX or DBX neck braces. The brace is accommodated within the waterproof breathable, high-stretch brace cover that acts as the collar in this jacket. Beyond that, this is a highly-technical shell. The exterior is a coated and water-resistant nylon shell, highly abrasion resistant with double stitching in high-wear areas. Assuming you'll be putting this to the test in some of the most rugged conditions, Leatt has included interior pockets at the shoulders and elbows for optional CE rated armor. High-quality YKK zippers and spring-loaded snaps are used throughout for longevity, the main connection zip has a storm flap over it and each vertical zipper has a garage to
help water roll off and not penetrate.

The GPX Adventure is replete with ventilation as two large zip-open intakes interface with dual exhausts at the rear to keep the air flowing. The comfort nylon mesh interior helps to allow your skin to breathe when you're really expending energy. There are five exterior pockets, including a large rabbit pouch at the rear and a window pocket on the sleeve, in addition to two interior pockets for valuables. The large rabbit pouch offers a perfect place to store the zip-off sleeves if you're wearing a compression suit underneath and it simply gets too hot. There are dual adjusters on the sleeves for cinching, a drop tail to keep dirt and water out of pants, and two rubberized openings in the front through which you can snake hydration tubes.

This groundbreaking jacket has already started generating a lot of buzz in the community and we're certain that it will only continue as these start to come into stock. To check out some other comparable options, albeit without deliberate neck-brace-accommodation built-in, visit our Off Road Jackets page at


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Tuesday, June 28

Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boots, Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots Review

ICON has gone to all lengths to offer a full line of motorcycle gear to fit almost every rider out there. Very few manufacturers offer the amount of gear ICON does. Anything from helmets to boots and everything in between, ICON has you covered.

The ICON Tarmac Ventilated Boots and the Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots are two of the many great choices ICON offers in terms of motorcycle boots. The ICON Tarmac Ventilated boots are great for the summer rider looking to rock something that won't cook their feet when the temperatures rise to the triple digits. The Accelerant Waterproof boots are something that the everyday street rider can wear everyday, rain or shine.

Check out our video review of the ICON Accelerant Waterproof Boots:

The Accelerant Waterproof boot is a great choice for the rider looking for a boot that can go through almost any weather condition from Spring through Fall. The Accelerant boot is a mixture of leather and nylon to provide the optimum amount of protection, durability, and comfort. There's a steel shank in the sole to provide an extra amount of protection and to give the boot a little bit of extra stiffness and support. The buckle on the top of the boot offers more ankle support and protection while a hard ankle protector is sewn in to the inside of the boots. The laces are tucked into the boot to keep them from snagging or catching any parts of the bike either during a wreck or just in normal operation.

One of my favorite things about the ICON's Accelerant is that they don't just look like a pair of GI jack boots or like something you can pull out of a Storm Troopers closet. The Accelerant is a motorcycle boot styled like a standard work shoe. You can walk into the mall or grocery store while being comfortable and blending in. If you'er the rider looking for a boot that isn't styled from "Return of the Jedi" and need a boot for riding in everyday of the season then the Accelerant is a solid choice.

If ventilation is needed then check out our video review of the Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boots:

Basically the Tarmac is the ventilated version of the Accelerant boot. The Tarmac has ventilated panels going up both sides of the boot where the Accelerant has waterproof nylon panels. The Tarmac also loses the laces and instead has a set of Velcro enclosures and loses the buckle on the top of the boot. There's a little bit of a stiffer sole in the boot which adds protection in exchange for the all-day comfort of the Accelerant as they're not quite as easy to walk in.

It's actually really simple. If you're doing a lot of riding in the 90 degree heat then the Tarmac will probably be the best choice of boot. If you need more of an all-weather boot that can handle a wider range of temperatures, the Accelerant may be the better choice. No matter what you pick you're getting a good boot especially at the price of $125. Sizes go from 6 to 14 in both boots with black color schemes in both and a white color scheme available in the Tarmac.

Check out all of our Motorcycle Riding Shoes at

Fast Freddie

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BMW MOA Rally 2011 with RevZilla

BMW Riders, we have some good news for you. At this year's BMW MOA Rally, RevZilla will be there in full force and it should only spell happiness for you. Every attendee of the rally, upon entry, will receive a RevZilla bag within which will be a gift card to Yes, that is correct, you'll be receiving 15 bucks towards anything at RevZilla just for walking through the door. Beyond that, we're giving away a $100 gift card every hour at the Bloomsburg Rally. Simply visit our BMW Rally 2011 page and enter. After this, stop by our booth and check-in at any point during the rally and you're eligible to win. This also registers you to win the REV'IT! Tornado Jacket (at right) and REV'IT! Tornado Pants that we'll be giving away at the rally.

Check out the video below for details, and don't miss details on the ADV DREAM SUIT we'll be giving away at the closing of the ceremony!

Okay, this is major. At Saturday's closing ceremonies, we are going to choose one lucky attendee to win the ultimate Adventure dream setup. From head to toe, you can win a REV'IT! Defender Jacket, REV'IT! Defender Pants, an Arai XD-3 Helmet, REV'IT! Phantom Gloves, REV'IT! Apache H2O Boots and REV'IT! base layers. Over $2000 of gear that will battle the most treacherous of weather conditions and rugged of terrains. Here's the skinny: show up to the rally, check in at Event Registration and get your raffle tickets, and drop them in the RevZilla ADV Dream Suit box in the door prize area. Stay at the rally until the closing ceremony to see if you're the lucky Adventurer!

We're also a sponsor of the GS Giant, so you'll see us floating around shooting video and capturing all of the multi-part competition as folks tear through the mud.

See you in Bloomsburg in a few weeks!


AFX FX-50 Open-Face Helmet Review

AFX FX-50 Hi-Viz Helmet
Sleek, aerodynamic, and stylish are three of the important features to a buyer of an open face helmet. The AFX FX-50 Helmet is packed with high-tech features and is a very technical lid, designed to meet the needs of a ton of different riders. The Goldwing riders cruising on the weekend will appreciate the aerodynamics and drop down internal sun-visor. The scooter jockeys ripping through the urban sprawl will love the ultra modern open-face style and everybody will approve of the FX-50 after seeing the price tag is way below 100 bucks.

Check out our video review of the AFX FX-50 Helmet Review:

One of the best features of the FX-50 is its ultra modish styling. Its aggressive lines and mini sun-visor sitting above the face-shield makes the FX-50 look like something from the year 2050. These features do more then give this helmet a unique style. One of the major downfalls of open face helmets is poor stability and aerodynamics at highway speeds but the rear lip on the FX-50 is designed to act like a spoiler and remove some of the buffeting and stabilize the helmet without adding much weight. The visor on the front of the helmet helps keep the sun out of the riders eyes and has the most aerodynamic shape possible to prevent it from acting like a sail and lifting the helmet off the riders head.

The internal retractable sun visor makes the FX-50 even more protean and the ratcheting helmet strap makes the helmet that much easier to use. If you're having issues with the sun being directly in your face then just flip the sun visor down. This also helps give the helmet that futuristic look. If taking off your gloves to take off your helmet is an annoyance then the ratcheting helmet strap is going to be your best friend. Push the red clip to undo the strap and the helmet slides right off. It's simple and easy. Internally, the soft helmet liner and cheekpads are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, and everything is removable and washable. This helps to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the helmet's guts.

For under a hundred bucks you really can't go wrong with this helmet. If this helmet fits the style and design you're looking for then this will be a great choice. It's DOT approved which is as good as it gets for a helmet that's not a full face. Sizes go from XS to 2XL so there's a wide range of heads this helmet will fit and its intermediate oval head shape will fit a ton of riders.

To see other options in this realm, visit our Open and 3/4 Motorcycle Helmets section at

Fast Freddie

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Friday, June 24

Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpant Review

The Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket is one of the best selling jackets at RevZilla. It's light, breathes a ton of air, and is very well-priced. The Hooligan 2 Jacket has been such a great success that ICON has decided to complete the outfit with the ICON Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpants. These pants are for the everyday rider that is planning to ride through some serious summer heat. The pants are designed to do everything the jacket does which is provide a good about of ventilation, protection, and not cost an arm and a leg.

Check out our Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpant Review:

One of the biggest benefits of the Hooligan 2 Overpants is the enormous amount of ventilation that they offer. This is thanks to ICON's fighter mesh nylon material which is used in the majority of the pants' construction. This material is designed to have a very high amount of air flow while also being abrasion resistant. This Fighter Mesh is the same material seen in the Hooligan 2 mesh jacket. The stretch panels in the Hooligan 2 overpants also offer some additional ventilation.

These pants incorporate many other feature seen in ICON's pant lineup. These include a set of waist straps to help cinch the pants to your specific fit. The knees have Icon's proprietary CE certified Field Armor protectors to give impact protection in the knees in the event of a fall and slide. Stretch panels are built into the knees and lower back. These stretch panels keep the pants from binding or pulling in different areas when on the bike, allowing maximum ergonomics and mobility. The bottom cuff of the pants have an 8 inch zipper to make getting in and out of the pants possible without having to take on and off your boots. Zippered side pockets simply make sure you don't lose your cell phone or wallet while ripping down the interstate.

For 115 bucks, you're getting a solid overpant that has everything a rider would need and nothing over the top from a technicality standpoint. Two color schemes to choose from and they are a classic Icon stealth black and a white-black color scheme. Sizing goes from a very small 28 to a much larger 44. The fit of these pants is very generous (Icon's loose overpant fit pattern) to accommodate a pair of jeans easily.

To see comparable choices in our lineup, visit the Motorcycle Overpants section at

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Wednesday, June 22

Scorpion VX-34 Helmet Review

Scorpion VX-34 Oil Helmet
The brand new Scorpion VX-34 Helmet takes everything that its predecessor (the VX-24) was and escalates to a entirely new level. The shell has been completely redesigned, borrowing features and visual appearance from $500+ off-road helmets for an aggressive style. Internally, the liner and cheekpads have been upgraded, while externally we're seeing some features that we've yet to see in a dirt helmet. By pricing this lid south of $200, Scorpion is looking to capture a big portion of dirt riders who want a serious feature set in a high-performance off-road helmet but aren't looking to spend an exorbitant amount of coin.

Check out our Scorpion VX-34 Helmet Review, along with the full feature write-up below:

Scorpion VX-34 Victory Helmet
Starting off, the premium polycarbonate shell has been completely reshaped, and now bears a serious resemblance to some dirt helmets from the super-premium manufacturers. The ridges on the back provide an aggressive appearance but also a secure place for goggle straps. Scorpion has also included the AirFit air pump system, iterating on technology from a 90s shoe manufacturer, and adding an inflatable bladder behind each cheekpad, with a pump button and release button. This allows you to pump it up when the helmet is on, personalizing the fit to your cheeks, and quickly and easily release the air for helmet removal. We've seen this in Scorpion's sport helmets for a while now, and it's nice to see it cross over to the dirt world.

Scorpion VX-34 Scream Helmet
At the interior, Scorpion is now using its brand new KwikWick II cheekpads and crown liner. As with the KwikWick I, the interior is completely removable and washable. However, softer and more comfortable materials are used, and this version is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which will keep the funk out of this helmet. At the front of the helmet, Scorpion has made the metal roost guard completely removable and replaceable. There is a sponge dirt guard that sits behind that is removable, washable and replaceable. The replaceable roost guard is a big innovation, since rocks can easily damage this and render it less effective. It's nice to be able to swap to a new one in the event of damage.

Scorpion VX-34 Spike Helmet
The VX-34 is now DOT & ECE certified, leaving behind the Snell standard of the VX-24. The ECE standard is comparable in safety to Snell, but allows for a lighter shell. A medium Scorpion VX34 Helmet weighs in at a svelte 3.2lbs. Ventilation has been upgraded as well, with air intakes across the brow that channel into the EPS, and a nearly-20mm top vent that is drilled right through the EPS. This feeds two rear top venturi vents and two winglet vents for significant airflow. The peak is adjustable and replaceable, and utilizes plastic bolts for its attachment to ensure that in the event of a face plant, the bolts will sheer off and peak will not cause you any damage.

Scorpion VX-34 Helmet (Solid)
We're looking at mid-July 2011 release on the VX 34. The buzz has been huge surrounding this helmet so far, and our initial look has confirmed the speculation: this helmet offers excellent bang-for-the-buck and a major feature set under 200 bones. To see its competitors, visit our Dirt Helmets section.


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Tuesday, June 21

Abus Disc Lock Buying Guide & Overview

Abus Locks makes a full run of disc locks, and every one of the lock shares the same high-level of Abus quality in materials, design and technologies. As you go up the food chain in price, you find advanced innovations, higher levels of security measures, and thicker, more bombproof constructions. Ultimately, when choosing an Abus Disc Lock, you need to pinpoint the degree of protection you're looking for, whether you want features like sonic alarms, and if you want a brake disc lock that will work in conjunction with a chain lock. What you need to know about Abus is that regardless of which direction you choose to go in with an Abus lock, you're buying the most super-premium lock on the market, from a manufacturer with over 90% bicycle and motorcycle marketshare in Europe, the #1 padlock maker in the world, and a company that controls the entirety of its product production from the sourcing of the raw materials all way through the polishing of the final product. This eliminates any third parties, the need to incorporate additional costs to pay these third parties, and allows Abus to deliver the highest quality product with the most premium materials, at the lowest price they possibly can. All Abus locks and chains are completely weatherproof and extremely anti-corrosion; they simply won't wear out over time. With that said, let's dive into the various disc locks offered by Abus. (For more on what makes Abus the best in the business, read our Abus Security and Lock Buying Guide and Overview.)

Starting with the most basic, the Abus Provogue 300 Disc Lock and Abus Provogue 305 Disc Lock each offer a handy and quick way to keep your bike secure. The 300 series uses a 10mm hardened steel bolt while the 305 series uses a 5mm hardened steel bolt. The entirety of these locks use Abus' proprietary hardened steel found in all their products, which is tempered from -80º through 80º C and hammer-blow tested at these extreme temperatures to test resiliency to the most serious thieves' attempts. These locks also prevent the wheel from rotating a full 360º, thereby preventing a thief from simply walking away with your bike. Solid, secure, basic protection from Abus.

Next up is the Abus 330 Trigger Disc Lock, which offers a bulkier design than the Provogue series, requiring a longer period of time before a thief can use a cut saw to hack through. Using a 9mm hardened steel bolt and featuring the ability to lock with one hand, the Trigger features an anti-tamper body that uses the Abus proprietary steel for extreme security. This disc lock also comes with a reminder cable that both acts as a visual deterrent for thieves but also reminds the rider that the lock is engaged before driving off. The Trigger also comes with a handy pouch for convenient storage.

The Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Brake Disc Lock is one of the more unique designs in the Abus line, and it is designed for narrow brake discs. Using a rounded design, the 14mm bolt meets the lock and will spin even when attached, making it extremely difficult for a thief to get a stronghold and actually begin to get the teeth of a saw through the lock. The Victory also uses Abus' upgraded X-Plus locking system, which offers 1.4 million key differs (unique keys), laser-cut and lighted keys. The X-Plus system is anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-pull, and all the keys are anti-snapping. The Victory also comes with a memory cable and a handy pouch and is also available as the Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Chain Lock which includes a heavy-duty
chain designed to work specifically with this disc lock.

The Abus 77 Sledg Brake Disc Lock is the most premier non-sonic disc lock in the Abus lineup. The Sledg is loaded with every Abus high-end security features outside of the 110dB alarm found in other locks. The entire construction is Abus' proprietary hardened steel with a 13mm closing bolt. The Sledg can be completely operated with one hand for the utmost convenience. This lock also uses the Abus X-Plus technology which is their most pick-proof and secure cylinder. Wrapped around the steel is an anti-sliding rubber cover that makes the Sledg easy to operate and hold with one hand. This lock also comes with a handy carry bag and a memory cable to remind you the lock is engaged and also deter thieves.

Detecto 8000 Disc Lock
The most premier of the Abus disc lock series is the Detecto line, fully sonic-alarmed disc locks that blare a 110dB signal if tampering is evident. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS3 Disc Lock is the most basic of this group, which uses a motion detector to identify attempted theft. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS2 Disc Lock steps up the functionality with the addition of an LED light that indicates the lock is engaged. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 Disc Lock offers the big step up as it uses a 3D position system, which is gyro-activated, reducing the chance of false alarms and offering the most intelligent tamper-triggered alarming. The Abus Electronic Granit Detecto 8000 Disc Lock takes all of this to the next level, utilizing the RS1's position change and shock detection capabilities, but constructed entirely of hardened steel (this thing weighs a ton) with a 14mm steel bolt and the Abus X-Plus locking system. The Granit series refers to products that are deemed as strong as granite. Also available as the Abus Granit Detecto Electronic Chain and Disc Lock with a matching chain.

Don't forget that detailed video reviews are available for every single lock in the Abus lineup. Visit or the product pages at to learn more about each individual lock.


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May 2011 Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our May 2011 contest winners! Kenny Maslak was our grand prize winner for the month, taking home a brand new REV'IT! Sand Jacket and REV'IT! Sand Pants. Our two second-prize winners were Ken Blasor and Ian Betts, each of whom received $50 RevZilla gift certificates to be put to use however they see fit.

Check out our June AGV Helmets Giveaway! If you've entered before, all you need to do is submit an answer to our "Question of the Month" to be re-entered to win! If you haven't entered before, simply create a rider profile to automatically be entered.

Good luck in June!

Abus Security & Lock Buying Guide & Overview

Abus Granit Detecto Electronic Chain and Disc Lock
Abus Security is the #1 padlock manufacturer in the world and has 90% of the bicycle and motorcycle security marketshare in Europe. Founded in Germany in 1924, Abus has retained its family-company vibe over the years. What that means is that Abus still controls the entire process from start to bottom. While they've always been headquartered in Rehe, Germany (where their main plant resides), they now have plants in China as well which are also fully owned, managed and controlled by Abus. The fact that they control the entire production process means that they can deliver an extremely high-value and super-premium product without having to incorporate costs in order to pay a third-party.
We'll get to that later. For now, you can watch our
Abus Security Lock Buying Guide & Overview:

Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 Disc Lock
As discussed in the video, Abus produces three types of locks for motorcycles: disc locks, chain locks and folding locks. Within the full line, we see similar characteristics in the locks, as far as quality of materials and technologies are concerned. Abus retains control of every stage of the manufacturing process. Starting with the sourcing of the raw materials, the steel that Abus uses is superior to the competition, who generally use Abus as a template, and produce similar locks with lower-quality materials and farmed out production. Abus locks and chains are 40-60% lighter than comparable pieces from other lockmakers, yet they are significantly stronger. Using proprietary steel, Abus-made tooling and machining, and their rigorous tempering and hardening processes, they are able to
Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Chain Lock
produce an incredible product at an excellent value, that is lighter and stronger because the materials used are high quality. All Abus locks and chains are tempered from -80º through 80º Celsius, and hammer-blow tested at these extreme temperatures to ensure the resiliency of the locks in their most brittle state. The softer medium core and rigid exterior shell of the steel makes them overwhelmingly resistant to bolt cutter or saw attacks.

The plastic and rubberized plastics that are used by Abus are similarly tempered and hardened to be resilient to all modes of attacks. Plastic parts can be seen as coatings on products like the Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 Disc Lock, which has proprietary steel as the core of the lock. Disc
Abus 77 Sledg Brake Disc Lock
locks are available from the most basic, Abus' Provogue series, all the way through to the most heavy duty disc lock on the market, the Detecto 8000, which has a 110dB sonic alarm that utilizes a 3D position system to detect any attempted attacks while minimizing the all-too-common false alarm found in lesser quality locks. All of the Abus chain locks use the same proprietary steel and are wrapped in an anti-scratch heavy-duty textile covering that eliminates the chance of doing damage to your bike. In their line of folding locks, the same steel is used, and a lock like the Bordo represents Abus' forward-thinking and ability to continuously innovate and push their R&D since they control everything and have a full team of engineers.

Abus Granit City X-Plus 1060 Chain Lock
As far as the actual locking mechanism is concerned, Abus goes far beyond the security of the competition. In the most basic of their locks, Abus lock cylinders have over 250,000 key differs, or unique keys. With their X-Plus cylinder system, there are over 1.4 million key differs. Compare this to the competition, who generally have between 200 and 800 key differs, and the Abus advantage is staggering. Every Abus lock is anti-pick, anti-pull, and anti-drill, and every laser-cut key is anti-snapping. Abus also uses the Power Cell, Power Link and Comfort Plus technologies in their higher-end locks. The Power Cell technology integrates the locking cell in the lock body, which basically traps and encapsulates all force within the locking mechanism. This keeps the force away from the
Abus Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock
cylinder, thereby eliminating damage to the cylinder. Power Link technology is the locking mechanism itself, which uses two bars that carry an equal load of the locking force. If one of these somehow fails, the other bar will withstand the force. Finally, Comfort Plus technology, on the higher end chain locks, keeps the chain in position after the lock has been opened, requiring a slight pull to be removed. This cuts back on the possibility of scratching or other damage being done to the bike.

As has been made pretty clear, the Abus advantage exists across the board when comparing to the competition. Stay tuned for the next few blogs, which will detail each of the divisions of Abus locks, breaking down the individual
products within each family.


Wednesday, June 15

Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants Review

The Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants provide the sport and long-distance touring rider with the ability to stay dry and comfortable in multiple seasons and all weather conditions. Dainese is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to producing stylish, sporty, and high-performance textile gear. Think FJR, Tiger 800, Moto Guzzi and the like. While the Dainese New Drake Air Textile Pants are a top pick for Spring-Summer-Fall, consider the Tomsk Pants their complement as they will handily get you through Fall-Winter-Spring and all foul weather.

Check out our Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants Review:

The shell of the Tomsk is constructed of Cordura Comfort fabric, an extremely abrasion-resistant fabric with a great deal of stretch that assists with overall mobility and, yep you guessed it, comfort for long-distance rides. Above the knees, elasticated panels stretch across and provide unrestricted movement when tucking the legs in and out of the riding position. They also help to keep the CE rated knee armor in place. In addition to CE protection at the knees, there are soft inserts at the hips to help pad in the event of a get-off. Microflection panels at the upper side and lower side of each leg ensures that you'll be seen at night time. Microflection is reflective paneling that is woven into the pants' shell, maintaining style but being highly functional.

The Dainese D-Dry waterproof breathable membrane is bonded to the outer shell. This ensures that no water can penetrate the pants, but allows sweat to escape through its tiny pores, providing all day cool-and-dry comfort. At the ankle, a water outflow system gives a place to escape for any excess water that may collect. The removable thermal liner can be used when the temperatures dip, but can also be taken out when it's hotter out, letting the zip-open thigh intake vents do their job by flowing air and keeping you cool. Waist adjustment straps help you to cinch these down for a snug fit, the sliding waist closure keeps them securely closed, and the 360º zip accommodates attachment to any Dainese jacket with a complementing 360º zip.

With home run after home run, Dainese continues to shine with every new wave of products. We are big fans of these sport and long-distance touring pants, and believe that many like-minded riders will feel the same. To see other pant options in this range, visit our Dainese Textile Pants and Textile Motorcycle Pants sections.


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Tuesday, June 14

Dainese Women's Shotgun Jacket Review

One of our top picks for warm weather sport riding for the female motorcycle community, the Dainese Women's Shotgun Jacket delivers the same attention to quality, performance, protection and style that we see across the board in the Dainese line. A great deal of emphasis is put on comfort and ensuring the proper fit to accommodate and flatter a woman's curves and shape. Dainese designed this jacket to be a go-to option in the hottest months of the year, and the Shotgun delivers on all fronts.

Check out our Dainese Women's Shotgun Jacket Review:

The main chassis of the Women's Shotgun is Dainese's Mugello fabric, a proprietary material with a high degree of abrasion resistance but a good amount of elasticity for true form-fitment. There are two types of mesh used in the Shotgun jacket that allow a tremendous amount of airflow. The larger panels at the side of the torso a wide-gauge nylon mesh for intake and exhaust, while the tightly-woven boomerang mesh that runs along the inner arm flows air and provides solid resistance to abrasion. With these materials, you're guaranteed all-day comfort in hot weather. Within the jacket, the liner is treated with silver ions that provide long-term protection from bacteria, microbes, and overall funk.

For protection, the shoulders and elbows are armed with Dainese's proprietary CE rated protectors, while there is a pocket in the back that will accommodate any Dainese Size G1 Back Protector. Dainese uses microflection in this jacket for style and visibility. Microflection is a subtle, tightly woven reflective material that actually integrates with the jacket's material; it is found at the top of the back and the backs of the elbows. Small details like the anodized collar snap and anodized main zipper pull, leather rolled cuffs and collar is what differentiates Dainese from other brands. Lastly, there is adjustability and the neck, wrist and waist to ensure proper fitment in the riding position.

In our opinion, this is a premier sport riding hot weather option. To see similar jackets, visit our Women's Motorcycle Gear page and Dainese Women's Gear section at


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Monday, June 13

Teknic Freeway Textile Jacket Review

It can be very tough to manufacture a jacket that meets all the demands of an adventure or touring rider. First, the jacket has to be able to take anything mother nature can throw at it. This includes the hot, the cold, and the wet. Next, a good ADV jacket needs to be protective and keep the rider safe in the event of a wreck. Tough abrasion resistant materials are a must as well as having quality armor in high impact areas. A good adventure touring jacket needs to be comfortable, look stylish, and have a ton of technical features. Finally, the price needs to be less then an arm and a leg.

The Teknic Freeway Textile Jacket is made to meet the high demands of many ADV and touring riders while not breaking the bank. Teknic designed this jacket to be able to handle any kind of riding condition, including the summer heat, the winter cold and the heavy rain that can spring up anytime. This is a true all-season all-weather motorcycle jacket designed for the rider that wants to be able to tackle just about any challenge thrown his way.

Check out our Teknic Freeway Textile Jacket Review:

Starting off, this jacket is completely waterproof and breathable thanks to the Powerskin Z liner system and Labyrinth main zipper entry system. This is a waterproof flap that zips up behind the first main zipper to keep water that penetrates the first zipper from reaching the rider. The Powerskin liner is bonded to the outer shell meaning you'll always be covered without having to fumble with a zip-in liner the weather goes from dry to wet or wet to dry. When ventilation is needed, there are massive YKK zipper vents that run over the chest and biceps and large exhausts at the back of the jacket. This gives the rider a degree of airflow. All the exhaust vents are waterproof so when the wet stuff
starts coming down, zip them closed and you're covered.

The removable Alufoil thermal liner is a full sleeve liner with a smooth shiny texture with 5oz. Polyfil insulation. The reflective material is going to retain heat much better then a standard jacket liner. It is also extremely comfortable against the skin. When the liner is removed, it can be folded inside a compact sack and attached to the outside of the jacket. When the liner is removed there are adjustment straps in the arms and torso to tighten the jacket back up.

Protection in this jacket is very impressive. CE Rated Knox armor is standard in the arms, shoulders, and back. Knox is upgraded over standard CE armor, is comfortable and does a very good job at dispersing impacts. The armor is removable via a zipper enclosure
on the outside of the jacket and velcro slit at the bottom of the back
protector. The Knox TP2 CE Back Protector is generally a $30 upgrade for other jackets.

The Teknic Freeway Jacket is packed with a ton of other features that you don't see on every jacket. An 8" pant connection zipper is incorporated in the back of the jacket, and a ton of storage pockets cover the outside and inside of the jacket. Reflective material sewn into both the black and the Hi-Viz versions of the jacket makes the rider more visible at night when hit with headlights. The soft collar can be put on and taken off very easily for added temperature versatility. A headphone grommet and internal MP3 pocket are thoughtful additions to this jacket from Teknic.

It's hard to find a reason not to love this jacket. Everything on it is simply done the right way. It has everything a ADV or touring rider could want.  It's sizing isn't super snug like the european jackets and it's not as generous as a lot of the American stuff. It falls right into the middle and fits true to size. Sizes go from 40-54US. This is just simply a great jacket providing solid bang for the buck.

Check out all of our Textile Motorcycle Jackets at

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Friday, June 10

Arai XC & XC Ram Helmet Review

Constantly innovating the approach, materials and technologies involved in helmet manufacturing, the newest move forward from Arai Helmets is a new approach to the open face helmet. Truly a 3/4 helmet in construction, the Arai XC Helmet and Arai XC Ram Helmet features a longer and "extended coverage" (hence the XC) chinbar, providing an additional 3cm (1-3/16") of length to each chin bar (compared to other open face helmets) for overall greater protection. With their newest helmet, Arai gives riders a significant boost in facial protection, while maintaining the wind-in-your-face nature of an open face lid.

Check out our Arai XC Helmet and XC Ram Helmet Review:

First, let me detail the differences between these two helmets to avoid any confusion from arising. The first difference is pretty straight forward: the ventilation. The XC Ram borrows its venting scheme directly from the Corsair V, Arai's super premium race helmet, and features a horseshoe intake pattern beneath two cowls that add stability at speed. The ventilation scheme on the XC comes directly from the RX-Q, Arai's long-distance touring lid. Internally, the XC Ram uses Arai's premium guts, a completely removable and washable DryCool liner and cheek pads, which is antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. The XC's interior is a more basic moisture-wicking interior with only the cheek pads being removable and washable. That's it for the differences.

The shell is Arai's Super Fiber Laminate which is lightweight yet extremely strong. Arai always builds to a self-imposed safety standard that all of their helmets meet. The multi-density single-piece EPS liner manages impact energy extremely well, while maintaining its lightweight nature. Beyond the fact that these helmets are open face and will flow air in that manner, there are also extensive venting schemes in both of these lids that will keep your head cool and dry all day long. Moisture-wicking liners and cheek pads help to maintain the comfort levels. The shield is an advanced flip-up that is pre-curved, scratch-resistant and allows a wide range of vision and solid coverage.

For aerodynamics, the Fixed Air-Wing gives a high degree of stability and limits buffeting when traveling at high speeds.The faceshield is also completely removable and there are Smoke and Light Tint shield options available. These helmets are primarily designed for the cruiser and tourer but will also be a great choice for the city rider and commuter looking for the wind-in-your-face feel of an open face. Couple that with Arai's extreme attention to safety and performance, the extended coverage of the chin bars, and you've got one of the most premier choices in the open face realm. The XC and XC Ram each meet DOT and Snell 2010 safety standards.

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Wednesday, June 8

REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket Review

There are a ton of leather motorcycle jackets at RevZilla that are absolutely gorgeous. Bright race replica styling, huge shoulder and elbow protectors, and graphics really do look awesome when blasting down your favorite canyon road or when you pull up next to a mini van at a stop light. The only problem is that when you step off the bike and start walking around town, you're going to look like you're wearing a Power Ranger Halloween costume. REV'IT! hopes to cure complication with their retro styled REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket. This jacket is really designed to look great on anything from the cafe racer and rat bike to the Ducati and Harley. This is simply a jacket built to look great on and off the bike and still offer a ton of protection.

Check out the REV'IT! Hawk Leather Jacket Review:

The REV'IT Hawk's design focuses around its throw back 1960s styling. The elk leather on the Hawk feels much lighter and is not nearly as stiff as something like the REV'IT! Tarmac Leather Jacket. The elk-hide just feels looser and has a more casual feel and look to it. The metal zippers give the jacket that real old school 60s leather jacket vibe. The snaps on the waist and collar of the jacket also have that unique look and feel. The stitching looks really cool and continues the overall vintage vibe.  On the lower back of the jacket is a really cool quilted pattern that keeps your skin covered all the way to your pants belt when on the bike. If Johnny Ramone were still alive, this jacket would have his name written all over it.

This jacket has a ton of safety and protection features built into it with ProLife CE protection in the shoulders and elbows and a foam insert in the back that can be replaced with a CE back protector. The seams on the jacket are double safety stitched to help prevent any bursting in a wreck. All in all, you're getting a lot of protection from a jacket that's this well styled. The Hawk leather jacket includes a removable thermal liner to help extend the use of this jacket further into the Fall and earlier in the Spring. Unfortunately there is very little venting on this jacket so when the temperatures climb closer and closer to the triple digits this won't be the jacket you want to be wearing, but that's true for a lot leather jackets. Outer pockets are easy
to access and give you a little bit of room to put your wallet or cell phone. The inner pocket is also very nice for putting an MP3 player in so you can listen to the Clash or the Rolling Stones while cruising around town.

Black on black on black is the only color scheme available on this jacket, but honestly would you really want any other color? I don't think so. Sizes go from 48-60 in Euro sizing. The fit on this jacket is a more casual and loose fit so you don't have to go to the gym for 6 months before you can fit this jacket. This really is one of the nicest retro styled motorcycle jackets you can get.

To see more options from REV'IT!, visit our REV'IT! Leather Jackets section at

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Tuesday, June 7

Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boots Review

Inspired by fashion, but built for motorcycle protection, the Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boots offer another option in the AStars lineup that will keep you safe on the bike, but look excellent under a pair of jeans walking around town. Alpinestars has carved out one of the most paramount reputations in the moto gear industry thanks to their consistent delivery of top-notch products for all realms and styles of riding. The Soho Gore-Tex Boots are no different and will definitely appeal to the rider who doesn't like the entire world to know he just hopped off a motorcycle.

Check out our Alpinestars Soho Gore-Tex Boots Review:

The shell of the Soho Boots is a premium full-grain Italian leather that is soft and supple and inspired by the fashion world. Backing this leather is a fully waterproof breathable Gore-Tex membrane that is guaranteed for life. If this boot ever springs a leak, contact us, Alpinestars or Gore-Tex, and the boot will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked. Gore-Tex is serious about their waterproofing and breathability, and they stand behind their product for life. Internally, the moisture-wicking comfort liner will keep your foot cool and dry all day long, and the velcro-and-zip closure is backed by a Gore-Tex gaiter to guarantee the waterproofing remains in tact.

In terms of protection, this boot has everything needed to keep you safe during all sport touring and commuting scenarios. There is reinforcement in the heel cup and toe box in addition to double density injected TPU protectors that can be found layered under the leather at the ankle, medially and laterally, in addition to a double density TPU shin plate to protect the common footpeg-to-tibia bone break in a get-off scenario. The EVA foam footbed, which is completely removable, provides a high level of shock absorption and protection from impact, while the unique 3D tread pattern on the rubber sole adds to the comfort and grip.

These boots will perform phenomenally for the sport tourer, city rider and commuter. We've heard reports from riders that these can be easily worn around town for multiple hours, at the office all day, and the comfort stays in tact. And of course, the clean design and lack of buckles and external hard parts, prevents anyone from ever knowing you've got a moto boot on.

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Monday, June 6

Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket Review

One of the more versatile textile jackets in the Dainese lineup, the Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket is a high-performance hot weather jacket that can also be stretched into some cooler temperatures. Aside from the classic Italian style we see in every Dainese product, the Air-Frame utilizes premium materials and an innovative construction and the result is one of the most unique summer jacket choices in their arsenal.

Check out our Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket Review:

The shell of the Air-Frame is comprised of a few different materials. In all impact areas, a high-denier textile is used which offers excellent abrasion resistance in the shoulders and elbows. At the chest, back, and inner arms, a combination of boomerang mesh and standard, wide-gauge mesh is used for excellent air flow. However, the unique feature on this jacket is the removable windbreaker liner. With your standard hot-weather-focused jacket, you'll get summer functionality out of it and that is all. With the Air-Frame, you can really stretch it through a solid portion of Spring and Fall thanks to the windbreaking properties, something unique within the Dainese lineup.

For protection, there is CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, with pockets that can house either the Wave or Shield Air CE back protector from Dainese. This jacket is also loaded with adjustment possibilities for proper fitment. There are snap adjusters at the neck and the bicep, adjustment at the wrist and waist, so you really can cinch this down for a snug sport fit. Additionally, there is a full 360º zip to connect to something like the Dainese Drake Air Pants. The liner is sanitized to keep the funk out as well. Also, we shouldn't leave out the fact that at the back of this jacket, the boomerang & regular mesh are designed to replicate the Dainese demon logo's eyes. Pretty neat attention to detail.

We're big fans of this jacket and think it will make many a happy sport rider with its versatile nature. To see similar choices, visit our Dainese Textile Jackets and Summer Motorcycle Gear sections at


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