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Firstgear Gloves: Fall 2011 Overview

For Fall 2011, Firstgear has revamped their mesh glove lineup, paring it down to only four and making improvements in each of them. For this year, what remains are the Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves, Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves, Firstgear Sedona Gloves, and Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves. Each of these has its own specific design and intended application, and they're all designed to keep you as cool as possible on the most trying of hot weather rides. Below, you will find our video reviews of the new Firstgear gloves in order of technicality.

First up, our Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves Review:

Relatively basic but designed to keep you cool and protect from abrasion, the Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves feature a mesh backhand construction with an abrasion-resistant leather palm. The fingers feature a slight pre-curve in addition to a box finger construction in order to reduce fatigue and keep you comfortable on the bike. Good for the commuter, tourer or light enduro rider, the price is definitely right (bob barker) on the Ultra Mesh.

Next, the Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves Review:

Offering a boost in protection over the basic Ultra Mesh, the Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves are a solid summer choice for the tourer and even light dualsport rider. With added leather and TPR reinforcements at the backhand and across the fingers not seen in the Ultra, these will provide greater abrasion resistance. The backhand is still primarily mesh for airflow, while the Amara (synthetic suede palm) has foam-backed leather reinforcements for vibration dampening and durability. These gloves also feature an articulated and pre-curved box finger construction to reduce fatigue and aid in all-day comfort.

For the dualsporter, check our Firstgear Sedona Gloves Review:

Bulking up a bit, we arrive at the newly redesigned Firstgear Sedona Gloves. Here, we find a primarily mesh backhand with leather reinforcements on your two control fingers in addition to Amara-coated foam protectors on the index and middle fingers. Further reinforcement on the backhand is provided by additional leather panels, a neoprene panel and TPR inserts. The chassis of the palm is abrasion resistant leather, with foam-packed Amara overlays in the control areas and at the heel of the hand. Again we see a box finger construction with articulation, and a single velcro cuff closure.

For maximum protection, check out our Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves Review:

With an improved design over last year's model and hard part PU knuckle protectors, the Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves give you the best chance at combating injury in a get-off scenario. The Mesh Tex gloves are the most protective summerweight option in the FG lineup, featuring a mesh, leather and neoprene backhand that provides the perfect mix of lightness, protection, airflow and comfort. The full leather palm features double layer leather overlays with foam backing that will provide added abrasion resistance, durability and vibration dampening. The mesh cuff features a single microvelcro closure and the pre-curved fingers use a box construction for comfort.

Another solid batch of products from Firstgear to complement their new run of redesigned jackets and pants.


Monday, August 29

Firstgear Jackets: Fall 2011 Overview

Brand new for 2011, Firstgear is releasing three new redesigns of staple jackets in their lineup, two of which are for the men and one for the ladies. The Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket has been a perennial contender going toe-to-toe with the multi-season touring and commuting jackets from other leading brands. For the redesigned model, there are significant upgrades and improvements, while the price has remained the same. The very popular Firstgear Kilimanjaro Women's Jacket has received these same updates. The Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket and Firstgear Kathmandu Overpants, a favorite of the all-season all-weather ADV rider, sees improvements over the previous iteration that will please all the dualsporters out there.

First up, our Firstgear Kilimanjaro Review:

With premium d3o molecular-level armor previously only seen in their TPG line, the Firstgear Kilimanjaro right off the bat is lighter and more protective. They've also switched from a 600D polyester shell to a 400D nylon shell with 640D high-density nylon in the shoulders and elbows. The 400D nylon is actually lighter, more abrasion resistant, and more resistant to heat from the sun than the heavier polyester material of yore. Further upgrades include: a more tailored and streamlined fit to combat the "tent" effect that many riders complained of and a redesigned ventilation system with front vents moved to the upper chest and back vents changed to a vertical design to optimize airflow.

Next, our Firstgear Kilimanjaro Women's Jacket Review:

Receiving the same upgrades as the men's version yet designed and cut specifically to accommodate a woman's curves and contours, the Firstgear Women's Kilimanjaro represents the same big step forward in features, functionality and comfort as the men's does.

For the adventurer, enduro, or dualsport rider, check out our Firstgear Kathmandu Review:

The Firstgear Kathmandu has seen solid upgrades over the previous iteration of this popular all-season all-weather ADV choice. As with the Kilimanjaro, Firstgear has upgraded the Kathmandu's armor with d3o molecular-level protectors in the shoulders and elbows that are fully adjustable for height to ensure proper placement. This is a big step up over the standard (and uncomfortable) CE armor used in the previous model. The backpad is also upgradeable to the d3o CE back protector for added safety. The venting has been redesigned with the large horizontal back exhaust being replaced by two vertical exhausts to improve venturi-effect airflow. In keeping the price point the same but packing new features, FG hit a home run with this one.

And the mate for the Kathmandu jacket, check our Firstgear Kathmandu Overpants Review:

The new redesign of the Firstgear Kathmandu Overpants also touts the same molecular-level armor found in the jacket that bears its name and the Kilimanjaro jacket. In the pants, adjustable d3o armor can be found in the knees and hips for maximum comfort and protection. New pockets have been added to the Kathmandu, including a waterproof cargo pocket and two pass-through pockets that will allow you to access whatever you're wearing underneath. The entry zip configuration has also been changed from the rear of the calf to the side-leg, utilizing two-way YKK zippers and extending above the knee to allow accommodation of bulkier ADV boots. Again, improvements abound but price remains the same.

Good work across the board, Firstgear.


Saturday, August 20

Alpinestars Koln Jacket & Bregenz Pants

The brand new Alpinestars Koln Jacket and Alpinestars Bregenz Pants are an all-season all-weather long-distance touring and commuting choice designed for the upright or 3/4 riding position. The Alpinestars Koln uses the brand new Alpinestars 4-in-1 system, which uses multiple liners and affords the rider a ton of versatility in terms of waterproofing, insulation and airflow. Loaded with adjustability, storage space, and everything you'd expect from a true all-season touring outfit, the Alpinestars Koln and Bregenz will get you through any weather conditions or temperature range in which you choose to ride.

Check out our Alpinestars Koln Jacket Review:

Built with a soft polyamide shell that features 600D polyester in impact and abrasion areas, the Alpinestars Koln Drystar also has CE rated Bio Armor in the shoulders and elbows with foam padding in the chest and back that can be upgraded to beefier protectors. The 4-in-1 system refers to the four possible configurations of this jacket thanks to the removable Drystar waterproof breathable membrane and removable insulated full-sleeve thermal liner. Adjustability can be found via the waist belt, and at the biecep, forearm, wrist and collar. Two large cargo storage pockets are at the front of the jacket and there are zippered intake vents at the arms and chest that feed a large exhaust vent at the top of the back.

Next up is our Alpinestars Bregenz Pants Review:

Similar to the Koln, the Alpinestars Bregenz feature a brushed polyamide construction with 600D polyester reinforcements in impact and abrasion areas. These feature a Drystar waterproof breathable membrane bonded to the shell and a removable quilted thermal liner for cooler times of the year. There is CE rated Bio Armor in the knees with foam hip padding that can be upgraded to CE protection. The Bregenz pants also come with a removable suspender system, feature two external pockets, strategic elastication and a pre-curved and articulated leg design. Reflective piping graces both the Bregenz pants and Koln jacket and each garment exclusively uses YKK zippers throughout.


Alpinestars Fall 2011 Tech Touring Preview

Friday, August 19

Alpinestars Stella Anouke Leather Suit

Brand new for 2011, the Alpinestars Stella Anouke Leather Suit is a women's-specific race suit that touts all of the features and technicality that the AStars men's suits do. In an industry where women are often the outsiders, we're happy to see Alpinestars starting to pay more attention to female sport riders. The Alpinestars Stella Anouke Race Suit is inspired by the Anouke leather jacket, one of the all-time bestselling Alpinestars female leather jackets. This is designed and built from the ground up to contour to a woman's shape and curves. The result? A suit that will perform extraordinarily well on the race track.

Check out our Alpinestars Stella Anouke Race Suit Review:

The Stella Anouke Suit is built from premium 1.3mm full-grain leather that is safety stitched throughout for exceptional abrasion and tear resistance. There are perforated areas of this leather that allow a good amount of airflow with additional ventilation being provided by the aramidic stretch panels that can be found at the arms, backs of legs, and at the crotch. These panels are reinforced for abrasion resistance but also allow a great deal of mobility. Adding to the ease of movement are accordion leather stretch panels, located at the side of the torso, the shoulders (and underarms) and the lower back. There is a sport back hump that assists with aerodynamics and also protects in the event of a get-off.

For armor, there is CE certified proprietary GP protectors at the shoulders, elbows and knees. These are AStars' pro-level protectors, constructed of an injection-molded hard shell and backed by a dual-density foam padding. This suit also features the snap-in system for Alpinestars Bionic Race Back Protector which provides CE level 2 protection. There is additional protective foam padding that can be found in the hips, tailbone and chest of this suit. The PU sliders are completely replaceable and the comfort mesh liner (which has built-in flex zones) is removable and washable. This suit uses flat YKK zippers throughout with autolocking zippers at the cuff. Alpinestars truly didn't spare a penny with the brand new Stella Anouke Suit.


Alpinestars Venture Jacket BNS & Venture Pants

Brand new for Fall 2011, Alpinestars has a released a jacket and pant combo that is prepared to fully integrate with the Alpinestars BNS neck protection system. The Alpinestars Venture Jacket pairs up with the Alpinestars Venture Pants to create an excellent enduro, offroad and even ADV option from AStars. Designed to work in conjunction with the neck system and also a compression suit, the Alpinestars Venture BNS is a highly technical piece that will offer you excellent performance in offroad and enduro conditions.

Check out our Alpinestars Venture BNS Jacket Review:

Constructed of a durable polyester and nylon fabric combination, the Venture BNS uses multiple-stitched main seams to ensure tear and abrasion resistance in a get-off situation. In order to integrate with the BNS, there is a removable zip-off collar that will accommodate either the AStars or most other neck protection systems in the industry. Again, this is for the compression-suit wearer, and only features light padding built into the shell at the elbow for additional impact protection. The jacket also features detachable sleeves in the event that you want to utilize it as a vest in the hottest of enduro riding conditions. It also features a pocket for a hydration system bladder and an integrated hole to loop your drinking pipe.

Beyond that, there are large zip-open front intake vents that feed large rear exhaust vents for exceptional airflow. In addition, the main entry is in three sections and can be configured to be open and flow even more air. Large cargo pockets are found at the lower front of the jacket with a big utility pocket on the lower back. There is a flip-out pass holder (with a clear window) on the front of the jacket that tucks into its own pocket when not in use. There is adjustability at the waist and wrist, with neoprene tipping on the cuffs for comfort. This is a great new addition to our enduro and offroad collection at RevZilla.com.


Alpinestars Lucerne Drystar Jacket & Switch Drystar Pants

Brand new for Fall 2011, the Alpinestars Lucerne Jacket and Alpinestars Switch Drystar Pants form a solid sport and sport touring combo for four-season riding in all weather conditions. Complements to the touring-focused Koln Jacket and Bregenz Pants, this combo gives the sport and sport touring rider an opportunity to ride through the worst of what mother nature has to offer. Constructed of premium materials and using the foremost technologies in the industry, the Alpinestars Lucerne and Switch Drystar are ready to tackle any and all weather challenges.

First up, our Alpinestars Lucerne Jacket Review:

The Lucerne uses Alpinestars' new 4-in-1 system, which refers to how many configurations this jacket can be transformed. There is a removable Drystar waterproof breathable membrane and a removable full-sleeved quilted thermal liner and you can use these together or separately, or remove both entirely. The shell is a soft PU-coated brushed polyamide with 600D polyester in impact areas. The jacket features a full kit of CE rated Bio Armor with upgradeable areas in the chest and back. Loaded with adjustability and ventilation possibilities, the Alpinestars Lucerne Jacket is an excellent choice for the multi-season all-weather sport rider.

Next up is our Alpinestars Switch Drystar Pants Review:

A true crossover that can be used in the city or for sport touring rides, the Alpinestars Switch Drystar Pants combine comfort, style and protection for Fall 2011. Constructed of a brushed polyamide shell, with a waterproof breathable Drystar membrane, a removable thermal thigh warmer, and removable CE rated knee armor, the Switch Pants are a technical piece that do not sacrifice anything in the style department. There are additional pockets for hip armor if you'd like to upgrade the hip padding that comes standard. Also, there is a removable bottom hem for adjustability if you have shorter legs.


Alpinestars Fall 2011 Sport Preview
Alpinestars Fall 2011 Tech Touring Preview

Alpinestars Boots: Fall 2011 Overview

Brand new for Fall 2011, Alpinestars has released a slew of new boots to the motorcycle riding world. Within this collection are boots for everyone: the racer, the commuter, the sport rider, and the city rider. Here is our look at the new 2011 Alpinestars boots.

First up is our Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots Review:

At first glance, the new Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots look identical to last year's model. That is because all of the changes to this boot happened on the inside to the inner booty. The new dual hinge system within the boot is redesigned to flow with the natural motion of the ankle and to prevent any movements that would cause damage, including hyperflexion and hyperextension. The actual mesh used on the inner booty is now 3D bubble mesh which allows for more ventilation and better wicking properties. AStars also added a suede panel across the front of the toe which is a comfort feature that prevents this area from wearing out resulting from rubbing against the outer boot. There is also a crazy fly colorway with fluorescent yellow that you can see at the right.

Next, check out the brand new Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boot Review:

Right away, there is no way that anyone would think the Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots are designed for motorcycling based on the fact that they look exactly like your standard hiking boot. When you get beyond the Gore-Tex waterproof breathable XCR membrane (the most durable of the Gore line), the rugged sole, and the external leather and suede construction with hiking boot style metal eyelets and top hooks, you find serious motorcycle functionality. An EVA foam midsole for shock absorption, internal toe box reinforcement and an internal heel cup, a dual shank system (TPU in the arch, metal in the heel) for increased shock and impact protection, and a designated PU shifter pad all define this new piece as a true motorcycle boot.

For the sport and city rider, take a look at our Alpinestars S-MX 1 Riding Shoes Review:

The Alpinestars S-MX 1 Riding Shoes are the home run out of this new boot run from AStars. With a newly redesigned style that offers weight savings and more technicality, Astars hit this one out of the park. The new version has a toe slider, velcro strap adjuster across the instep, and a textured TPU shifter pad. This version is also going to ventilate better than the predecessor with strategic perforated zones. This boot can have legitimate application for a range of riders, from the city guy to the hardcore sport rider, thanks to its extensive technicality and protective features.

Next is the Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes Review:

Touting F1-inspired design, the brand new Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes are about to make a splash in the US market after spending a decent about of time enjoying popularity in Japan and Europe. Aside from the eye-catching style with the hi-viz yellow and red accents (also available in a black version), the Fastlane packs a lot of technicality into a high-top riding boot. A lightweight microfiber upper with a lightweight rubber sole that has a laser-ablated textured grip pattern, the Fastlane has double density protectors on each side of the ankle, a reinforced toe box and heel cup, metal shank in the sole, TPR toe and ankle protectors, and a shock-absorbing EVA foam footbed. Not too shabby for a slick-as-hell sport and city riding shoe.

Last up is the newly redesigned Alpinestars Blacktop Shoes Review:

The Alpinestars Blacktop Shoes have received a makeover for Fall 2011, with the first obvious one being the style, which has been improved. These boots are extremely lightweight, with a microfiber upper and mesh inserts that will flow air. There are dual density ankle cups both medially and laterally, with a reinforced toe and heel counter. These boots use the vulcanized rubber compound sole for added durability and protection, and the multi-density shock-absorbing EVA footbed is completely removable. This year's model also features reflective piping for guaranteed nighttime visibility. They will work well for the commuter and city rider and really look great when you're walking around town off of the bike.

So, here we are again, with another run of standout products from Alpinestars. They simply continue to impress. Good on ya, Astars.


Alpinestars Fall 2011 Sport Preview
Alpinestars Fall 2011 Tech Touring Preview
Alpinestars Carver Suit 2011 Preview

Alpinestars Carver Race Suit Review

The replacement for the Trigger arrives in Fall 2011 in the form of the Alpinestars Carver Race Suit. This is Alpinestars mid-level race suit that will work extremely well for the track noob or even regular trackday rider. Leaving out some of the super technical specs that adorn some of pro-level race suits, the Alpinestars Carver is still bundled with a lot of features and technologies. Available in multiple colors, including a colorway that is accented with hi-viz fluorescent yellow, and also available as the Alpinestars Carver 2 Piece Race Suit, we think that this will be a very popular suit for the next few seasons as it goes head-to-head with comparably-priced options.

Check out our Alpinestars Carver Race Suit Review:

Built with premium 1.3mm full-grain leather with safety stitching throughout, the Carver is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. CE rated GP armor is in the shoulders, elbows and knees with additional foam padding at the chest, hips, upper arms, side of torso and tailbone for impact protection. The back features the snap-in system for the CE level 2 Bionic back protector for added protection. Accordion leather and aramidic stretch panels can be found in strategic areas of the suit to allow unparalleled mobility. The dual density back hump is aerodynamic and ventilated and the PU knee sliders are fully replaceable. YKK zippers are used throughout, and the removable washable mesh liner features stretch inserts that match those on the exterior.

Also, don't miss our Alpinestars Carver 2 Piece Race Suit if you're seeking more road and track versatility:


Alpinestars 2011 Sport Preview
Alpinestars Carver Suit 2011 Preview

Alpinestars Cape Town Drystar Jacket Review

Brand new for 2011, Alpinestars is filling a void in the multi-season commuting and long-distance touring market with the brand new Alpinestars Cape Town Jacket. AStars, ubiquitous as one of the premier racing gear manufacturers in the industry, has been charging into the technical touring market for the last couple of years, and the Alpinestars Cape Town Drystar is further proof of it. They listened to their riding community and as a result, developed one of the very few mesh-based 3/4 length jackets with a removable waterproof breathable membrane. This spells a jacket that will perform in the hottest riding scenarios but is also versatile enough to get through wet and nasty conditions as well. Consider this your new three and a half season all-weather long-distance jacket. Oh, it's also available in a hi-viz colorway. Can you say homerun?

Check out our Alpinestars Cape Town Jacket Review:

The shell of the Cape Town Air uses multiple fabrics to fuse the ideal amalgamation of safety, comfort and durability. At the elbows and seat, highly abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon panels are used for protection. There is textile at the shoulders and a portion of the arms and the rest of the jacket is mesh. That is a ton of abrasion-resistant mesh paneling at the chest, sleeves and back that will flow all kinds of air in the hot weather. For impact protection, CE rated Bio Armor can be found in the shoulders and elbows, with chest and back pockets for the Bionic Chest Guards and either the Alpinestars Bio Armor Back Protector of the Alpinestars Bionic Air Back Protector Insert. Additional external 3D foam padding is found at the shoulders and elbows for added reinforcement.

Inside the jacket, you'll find a completely removable Drystar waterproof breathable membrane. This is the key to staying dry and comfortable, and also features microfleece inserts to keep you warm when the temperatures dip. There are two large cargo pockets at the front with an even bigger rabbit pouch pocket at the back for a solid amount of storage. Adjustability can be found at the biceps, forearms, wrist, and natural waist so you can truly cinch this jacket down. The Alpinestars Cape Town Jacket also uses premium YKK zippers and microvelcro throughout, in addition to a 360ยบ zip for textile pants attachment and a pre-curved articulated sleeve construction. This jacket, unique by nature and crammed with features, is a winner all day long.


Alpinestars Fall 2011 Tech Touring Preview
Alpinestars Cape Town Jacket Preview
Alpinestars Tech Road Gore-Tex Preview

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Icon Jackets & Pants New for Fall 2011

Get the pole, it's Icon time. Unleashed are five new Icon Jackets and one pair of new pants. Two Jackets are on a completely new frame for the Fall. As always, aggressive and protective is the mantra. If Kumite took place on motorcycles, Van Damme would be wearing an Icon leather. Write that down.

The Icon Brawnson Jacket is textile, relaxed and burly. It has a removable liner and can probably still punk you out. It's a nice retro / classic inspired Icon Jacket to make it entrance into the mix. The Icon Brawnson also comes in a murdered out black color scheme, jawnson. Look for it to make appearance on a ton of rides and riders.

If the Icon Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket was fully sponsored, was born of Randy Savage and Sarah Connor and had a license for baddassery we would end up with the Icon Brawnson Sidewinder Jacket. No joke. Three colors including a sweet orange available - and we heard that Sam Kinison helped design it - from the grave. You could tread lightly in your other moto jacket or - you could incite a riot in your Brawnson Sidewinder of course. Dig it! Ooooh Yeaaah.

The Icon Victory Hard Luck Jacket - Limited Edition - Details to the teeth and impervious to RPG's. (ok we made the RPG part up) The Victory Hard Luck Jacket succeeds the wildly popular Metal God from 2009. You know the Metal God, the leather that Dio and the old man in our RevZilla Videos used to wear. Sure you do. Bottom line: Icon made 100 of these snappers. Snap it up quick or snap yourself out.

The Icon Contra Torrent Jacket is the aptly named and welcomed match for the Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet. If you like to go all matchy-match while your Lid, Jacket and Gloves make you able to bend light like the Predator, well sir, this buds for you. Based on the perpetually popular Icon Contra chassis, we have no doubt that the Contra Torrent Jacket will lead the aggro-draggers into 2012.

As Icon would have it, the Icon Overlord Type 1 Jacket is designed for the Type A personality. Direct, ambitious, unyielding and unfettered, the Overlord Type 1 Jacket will take you into two wheeled battle whether you are Jason Britton or Johnny from 5th street, whose circle-wheelie is no doubt the best in the hood. Like all Overlord Textile Jackets the "attack fit" is a nicety for the spirited riding position.

Jack Johnson is not permitted to wear the Brawnsons. Sorry dude. The Icon Brawnson Overpants are beefy, 900D abrasion resistant, beefy. Beefy like a Manwich, a stage four turbo or like your girl's BFF Krista after the holidays. Sorry girl. You have been called out. The Brawnson pants are the best match for either of the Brawnson Jackets (above). On top of the armor and protection comes the added curb appeal you would expect from a classic muted style.

As you have seen in the past, new Icon Jackets & Pants will be released for shipment in late August to a predicatively hot reception from the riding elite.

It's Festivus for the rest of us, and it's only August.


Icon Helmet Fall 2011 Preview

They never cease to amaze us, but Icon continues to come out with edgy, meets cool with a dash of sexy, all rolled into a new paint scheme on their Helmets. Fall 2011 is no different at RevZilla.com

Icon recently released 5 new helmet styles for the Fall standing on the shoulders of the chassis which have performed so well in the past. One new Airframe and four new Alliance Helmets.

First up is the Icon Airframe Guardian Helmet, a tribute to our troops and a bit of social commentary on where we are as a nation in 2011. There will no doubt be many service men and women who will have this set of guardian helmet's angel wings just slightly over their shoulders in the tuck this season.

The Icon Alliance Torrent Helmet is one of our favorite standouts in the new bunch if for nothing else but its monochrome subtlety in grey. The White Icon Alliance Torrent with accents of blood red adds a complimentary head turner color scheme nicely to the mix.

Next up is the Icon Alliance Harbinger Helmet. The bringer of death makes his entrance stage right in a classic but updated design. As Icon says, "Drawing skulls is our business, and business is ridiculous." Hilarious, Icon. Thy know thyself well, at least.

The Icon Alliance Shakki Helmet is a throwback to the Shogun style. The Shakki Helmet adds a nice stylish and indigenous touch to any Japanese machine's #1 accessory: The rider.

The Icon Alliance Enchanted Helmet is meant to be on drugs. Fact. There is nothing subtle about Cheshire Cats, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Grateful Dead or the Icon Alliance Enchanted. Don't tell your mom, but if that's your kind of thing, I guess you win.

Don't fret if one of these bad mama jammas rings your bell and you're jonesing for one immediately. They will all be available late August at RevZilla.com in the Icon Helmets section.

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PS. If you aren't convinced yet, learn more about ICON vs Scorpion.

Icon Reign Waterproof Boots

Icon's new Reign Waterproof Boots are the latest installment from the skull and bones brigade hailing from the PNW. All weather breathable protection mixed with a sport / touring style should be exciting for the riders who really liked Icon's all weather lineup for last Fall. The Icon Reign Boots should do a great job for the commuter or tourer who gets hit with frequent and inconvenient precipitation as their running the road.

Let's check out the Icon Reign Waterproof Boots Review:

Also TPU plastic moulded shin and ankle protection is an undoubtedly welcomed addition for anyone who has ever had a foot slip off the footpeg at speed in the wet. Icon Boots, you've made us proud again.

Look for the rest of the Icon Fall 2011 Collection to make a splash this fall, from sport, to ladies, to touring to stunt.

Two Wheels Down,

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Icon Gloves - the 2011 Batch

Smell the glove. Smell it's newness. Smell the Icon in the air. Smells like burning clutch and awesome. Duh.

Icon has come out with 4 new gloves for their much anticipated Fall release for 2011. What we are primarily looking at is a new short cuff sport glove in three variations called the Justice. Complimenting that is Icon's next iteration of the waterproof glove, this time called the PDX in all its waterproof splendor.

The Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves immediately jumped out at us because they are not just a pretty face; they're functional. With the prevalence of GPS systems with touchscreen controls on bike mounts, the annoyance factor of having to pull your glove off to work the damn thing, adjust your music or pick up a call has gone through the roof. Using Icon's new "nano-leather" the finger tips on the Justice Touchscreen allow you to work the display without having to use your teeth to rip the mitts off your hands while moving. Amen brother. Amen.

Taking the core elements from the Touchscreen model, the Icon Justice Leather Glove cement their place as a nice leather glove sport upgrade to the Icon glove line without snagging the extra cost of the Touchscreen. Pittards Microvent, Goatskin 4 colors and a split knuckle slider add a nice swagger to this option.

The Icon Justice Mesh Glove is the same almost 100%, we promise. Key difference: Mesh vs Leather. Mesh = hot weather performance = better Summer only glove. the con Justice glove will prevail in climates which see the tipping point North of 85 degrees. Did we mention 6 colors?

Tag all-season touring collection. You're it. The Icon PDX Waterproof glove is meant for those who see cold and rainy, not as a challenge but as a typical day occurrence. Textile and neoprene chassis with a built in waterproof / breathable liner. Pick one of the 4 colors to pair with your other Icon PDX gear and you are all set. Bring it PNW.

Available for pre-order now and beginning to ship late August 2011, look for the new Fall Icon Gloves to come up roses.

Here come the hot-stepper,


Monday, August 15

Klim Snow Gear Video Reviews

As promised, here is the supplemental followup to our Klim Snow Gear 2011 Overview with video reviews of each of the new products. Check them all out below.

First up is the Klim Extreme Bib Review. The Klim Extreme Bib is designed for boondocking and features Gore-Tex three-layer performance shell.

Next is the Klim Free Ride Pants Review. The Klim Free Ride Pants are the definitive backcountry pant, designed for shredding hard and riders who give themselves no limits.

Pair the Klim Storm Parka, designed for boondocking, up with the Storm Bib. Check out our Klim Storm Parka Review if you're looking to get reckless (within reason, of course) in the snow.

Go anywhere, rip anything in the powder with the Klim Tomahawk Parka. Boondockers sweat hard when they're shredding the powder, and the newly redesigned Tomahawk gives you the best chance of staying cool, comfortable and dry all day long. Watch our Klim Tomahawk Parka Review:

Moving into the sport side of things, the Klim Kinetic Jacket and Klim Kinetic Pants are built for the snowmobiler that spends most of his time flying through the clearings. Check our Klim Kinetic Jacket & Pants Review if speed courses through your veins.

The Klim Vector Parka and Klim Vector Pants lead the charge of the Speed series from Klim Snow, designed to get you on the podium every single time. Abounding with technicality that will keep you warm and let your body breathe, check out our Klim Vector Parka & Pants Review if you want medals around your neck.


Klim Latitude Gore-Tex Jacket & Pants

As the little brother to the Badlands Pro, the Klim Latitude Jacket and Pants delivers a mean punch within the ADV segment for slightly over $1000 all-in. Using the Gore-Tex two-layer performance shell in the jacket and three-layer in the pants, which bonds the Gore waterproof breathable membrane to an 840D Cordura exterior that is used throughout the entirety of the outfit (an industry first). You combine the best of both worlds here as you get the waterproof breathable nature of Gore with the extreme abrasion resistance offered by Cordura. Pair this up with the new Klim Element Gloves and you've got all seasons and all weather conditions covered with the Klim Latitude.

Check out our Klim Latitude Jacket and Pants Review:

Beyond the Gore two-layer performance shell which is guaranteed waterproof breathable for life, the Klim Latitude has a full kit of CE rated armor, in the shoulders, elbows and knees for impact protection. This is a modular system, so how you choose to layer up underneath is your call, although we (and Klim) recommend using Klim base and mid layers to properly insulate yourself and allow your perspiration to escape. For the warm months, the jacket features two large arm and two pit zip intakes with one large back exhaust. The Klim Latitude Pants have two thigh intakes and two rear leg exhausts so you know that there will be plenty of airflow both at the top and bottom of this outfit. Storage? Not even close to a problem with six external and four internal pockets on the jacket, and an additional pocket on the thigh.

A quick run through the rest of the features yields the following: industrial-grade 3M Scotchlite reflective piping and stripes; adjustability at the waist, hip, forearm, bicep, and wrist with additional zip-open expansion gussets on the jacket; adjustability at the waist on the pants; mesh comfort liner; full zip to connect the jacket to the pants; anti-heat and anti-wear premium leather at the inner knee and lower leg; comfort-fit stretch paneling for mobility; Klim's "high-mobility" active fit patterning;
rubber coated buttons for durability; and a full run of YKK zippers.

An industry-first in many respects, the Klim Latitude is going to be an absolute grand slam in the ADV touring realm.


Klim Latitude Jacket & Pants First Look
Klim Latitude Jacket & Pants Preview

Klim Badlands Pro Gore-Tex Jacket & Pants Review

Brand new for Fall 2011 (after being announced in February 2011), the Klim Badlands Pro Jacket and Pants is finally here, representing one of Klim's most crowning achievements to date. A brawny ADV touring option for all seasons and all weather conditions, the Klim Badlands Pro is going to easily go head-to-head against the top-billed offerings from any of the other highly technical ADV gear manufacturers out there. Using a blend of premium materials and innovative technologies, the Badlands Pro is ready to tackle the most trying situations out there.

Check out our Klim Badlands Pro Jacket and Pants Review:

Using Gore-Tex three-layer pro shell, the Badlands Pro is guaranteed for life to be waterproof and breathable no matter how much abuse it takes. Using Gore Armacor in strategic areas for the highest possible degree of abrasion resistance (Armacor is a blend of aramid kevlar and Cordura) alongside d3o molecular-level armor at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, with a Viper Pro CE level 2 back protector and Dow Corning molecular-level chest armor, you can be certain that this outfit gives you the best chance you'll have at being protected in an impact scenario. The Badlands Pro is also using a new technology from Gore which is the Gore-Tex stretch panels at the shoulders and seat. This maintains waterproofing but allows full mobility.

The jacket features seven external pockets, four internal pockets, one secret internal pocket, four arm intake vents, two pit intakes, and two large vertical exhaust vents. It also is compatible with a hydration system and has an adjustable and removable kidney belt support system. Adjustability can be found at the waist, in four places at the sleeves, and there is a comfort lined collar and the inside of the jacket features a soft breathable mesh lining. 3M Scotchlite reflective piping and paneling graces both the jacket and pants ensuring full nighttime visibility. The Klim Badland Pro Pants feature two thigh intake vents, two rear leg exhaust vents and two cargo pockets at the thigh. The pants also have Cordura in the most abused areas: at the leg cuffs, lower leg and the internal knee. There is also a full-grain Italian leather panel at the inner knee and lower area of each pant leg which acts as a heat shield.

We could go on and on and on about the features and benefits of this combo, as it really is one of the most technical pieces we carry at RevZilla.com. We have been pleased with what Klim has done since the ADV Rally came out a couple years back and they continue to impress with this new run of gear.


Klim Latitude & Badlands Pro Jacket & Pants Preview
Klim Badlands Pro Jacket & Pants Brief Review
Klim Element Long & Short Gloves

Thursday, August 11

Arai Signet-Q Helmet Review

The long-awaited answer for Arai Signet wearers who simply couldn't find a helmet quite ergonomic enough for the head shape has finally arrived. The brand new Arai Siqnet-Q Helmet has arrived in a major way for Fall 2011, bringing with it seven years' worth of features and technologies that Arai Helmets has been developing and implementing into their other lids. It is a full 5mm longer front-to-back than Arai's current long-oval, the Arai Profile, and should be the solution for riders whose heads are simply too long and narrow for anything on the market at present. Boasting all of the features and functionality that have made the Arai RX-Q such a smash hit across multiple riding styles, the Arai Signet Q is almost guaranteed to be a grand slam.

Check out our Arai Signet-Q Helmet Review:

At first glance, it may be a bit hard to tell the Signet Q apart from the RX-Q. What really separates them is the interior and a couple of other key features. Again, there is a full 5mm front-to-back additional space, but this helmet is also using an upgraded comfort liner and cheekpads. Still using Dry-Cool antimicrobial and moisture wicking materials and still completely removable and washable, what you now have is 5mm peel-away foam zones on each side of the comfort liner. This is a feature first seen in the Vector 2 from Arai, and really allows for another level of customization in terms of the internal shape of this helmet. The comfort liner also has all seams and connection points moved away from areas that would cause pressure and discomfort. In addition, the cheekpads now use the Facial Contour Support system, which utilizes a dense foam insert along the jawline which creates a snugger fit and a better seal against wind noise.

Another huge upgrade here is the incorporation of a Pinlock Max-Vision face shield. Arai teamed up with Pinlock, the leader in fog-free shield systems, to make an OEM faceshield (the Arai SAI) that incorporates both Arai's signature brow vents that pull air in and cool the temporal artery, in addition to the Max-Vision Pinlock lens, which offers the highest top-to-bottom field of view that they offer. The pinlock posts are built into the shield, and the installation of the lens, which comes in the box, can take place in a matter of seconds. Pinlock has perfected the fog-free lens, utilizing a chemical coating on the surface that is hydrophilic, and also creating a a window pane effect between the two layers that simply will not allow your visor to fog up. This is a major upgrade for the long-distance touring rider.

Beyond the upgrades, you're looking at a ventilation system very similar to the RX-Q, with top intakes, rear exhausts, and side exhaust cowls that offer diffusing and stability. 10mm vent holes are channeled through the multi-density EPS liner for maximum head cooling on seriously hot rides. The Signet-Q is both DOT and Snell certified, using the Arai Super CLC shell construction, which is an amalgamation of exotic fibers to create a lightweight yet extremely resilient shell. Arai's signature hyper-ridge can also be found along the bottom edge of the helmet, which is essentially a speed bump for energy, keeping it within the shell and not allowing impact shock to transfer to your body. Arai builds every one of their helmets to a safety standard, with each price increase essentially paying for more premium materials lending to a lighter shell. The Signet-Q is no different.

There is no question that this helmet is going to be extremely popular amongst former Signet wearers. However, it will also help out all the riders who haven't been able to find the helmet that perfectly fit their long oval headform. Welcome to the party, Signet Q.


Arai Signet-Q Helmet Preview
Arai Vector 2 Helmet Review
Arai RX-Q Helmet Review

Wednesday, August 10

Nolan N104 Helmet Preview

Just announced and slated for a January 2012 release, the brand new Nolan N104 Helmet is a graduation from the immensely popular years-running N103. Nolan has addressed many of the common quibbles from owners of the N103 and the Nolan N104 is a lighter helmet with a more streamlined design that results in better aerodynamics and a more comfortable ride over the long haul. Nolan has consistently been a leader in the modular helmet realm, and as they continue to innovate and iterate, their products get better and better, and the N104 represents their crowning achievement to date. Stay tuned for our detailed video review to come some time down the road, but in the meantime check out the upgrades and the full feature list below.

Nolan is now using an injected polycarbonate GE Lexan shell construction for this helmet. Lexan is a nearly indestructible compound that also lends lightness to this helmet, resulting in a shell that is expected to be 7oz. lighter than the N103. Another big complaint about the N103 was the noise which Nolan has also addressed in the Nolan N104 Helmet. The side pods have now been streamlined, eliminating the bulk interference from wind that caused so much of the noise in the N103. The Nolan N104 Modular Helmet is also using a brand new shield system, with an ultra wide and tall eyeport that is bigger than anything in the Nolan lineup. Each Nolan N104 also features a Pinlock shield, the leading anti-fog lens in the industry.

Upgrades abound in the new N104 which only jumps in price slightly from its predecessor. With all the new features and technologies, this helmet will be worth every dime. Look for the N104 to be available in the following versions: Nolan N104 Outlaw, Nolan N104 Voyage and Nolan N104 Action. Of course, the Nolan N104 Solid will also be available.

More news and reviews as they become available..


Tuesday, August 9

Klim Element Gloves, Long & Short

Brand new for Fall 2011, the Klim Element Gloves  - Long and Short -  have arrived as the ADV touring glove complement to the brand new Klim Latitude and Klim Badlands Pro combos. These gloves are loaded with innovative technologies, comfort and performance features, and premium materials that will enable them to easily compete head-to-head with the top-end offerings from other leading ADV gear manufacturers. Video reviews will be coming in the extremely near future, but for now, we will discuss some of the features and functionality of these brand new gloves.

The shell of the Klim Element Gloves is Pittards Armor-Tan, a premium proprietary leather that offers higher abrasion resistance than traditional cowhide thanks to a unique treatment and tanning process. Within the leather, there are microscopic fibers woven together and encased in ceramic plates for extreme resistance to abrasion and ease of sliding in a get-off scenario. The main knuckle is armored with a titanium hard part protector that is backed by Poron XRD, all of which is on its own panel for mobility. Poron XRD is a molecular-level padding (similar to d3o, SaS-Tec) that is soft, malleable and comfortable but becomes extremely rigid upon impact and disperses the energy, preventing damage to the body. Poron can also be found at the palm, finger knuckles, and protecting the pisiform bone. Aramid-reinforced sliding zones can be found in common slide areas to protect in a get off situation.

At the palm, the pre-curved box fingers use external stitching to prevent pressure points and fatigue. Strategic accordion stretch panels can be found across the fingers, at the crook of the thumb, and across the back of the hand on full gauntlet Klim Element Long. 3M Scotchlite reflective accent panels at the backhand and fingers offer high visibility for nighttime riding. There is a visor wiper on the left index fingers on both versions of this glove to easily clean a shield, lens, or goggles. The Klim Element Short uses a single cuff neoprene wrist closure while the long version has an adjustable double velcro gauntlet closure system. Both of these gloves features a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane, guaranteed for life to keep you dry and let your skin breathe.

Stepping up to the full gauntlet version gets you a few more features than the short version. First, there is additional Poron XRD padding along the outside of the pinky finger to protect from that all-too-common pinky injury in a get-off-and-slide scenario. The Klim Element Long Gloves also feature ulna protection in the form of Poron XRD padding beneath an Aramid sliding zone. Of course, you also get the protection via leather of a full-length gauntlet. Depending on your riding style and overall preference, one of these gloves is sure to be a homerun for you this season.


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