Wednesday, November 30

RevZilla's Favorite Fall Alpinestars Shoes for 2011

Over the past year, Alpinestars has had raving success in popularity with all their products. Alpinestars Shoes in particular attracted a lot of interest. The three most popular Alpinestars riding shoes amongst customers were the Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes, Alpinestars Miglia Shoes, and the Alpinestars Blacktop Shoes and it comes as no coincidence as Alpinestars is known to engineer well built products which have a certain flare to them at the same time.

First, we'll take a look at the Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes Review:

These shoes are designed from F1 inspired construction and are lightweight, offering a great deal of protection for a riding shoe. For example they include TPR toe and ankle protectors along with a foam backed, double density impact protector on both sides of the ankle. The internal toe and heel counter are layered under the microfiber while there is an extremely lightweight rubber sole that has laser-ablated textured grip. The shift pad is lined with a debossed texture for added grip while there is an integrated metal shank for enhanced sole rigidity. Comfort-wise, the shoe is constructed from lightweight microfiber synthetic leather upper with a plush moisture-wicking 3D mesh on the collar and tongue along with a breathable mesh liner.

Next, we can view the Alpinestars Miglia Shoes Review:

The Alpinestars Miglia Shoes have a 1.6 mm oiled suede upper which resists abrasion and water along with a reinforced toe for shifting and a stiff riding sole. There are shift pad channels that flex while dissipating pressure over the toe and an offset speed lace system which provides a quick and easy closure. Furthermore, the lateral pocket stows the end of the lace away from the bike while there is an interior heel reinforcement which protects and supports the heel.

Lastly, we'll see the Alpinestars Blacktop Shoes Review:

The Alpinestars Blacktop is a high-cut casual riding shoe that features mesh inserts for cool summer riding. The exclusive rubber compound sole offers excellent grip and works with the EVA foam foot bed for supreme comfort when riding and walking. Designed to be extremely lightweight, protection is provided by dual density lateral and medial ankle cups as well as extra protection from a padded stripe that wraps around the back of the ankle. The midsole contours to the foot and features a structured high modulus shank reinforcement. There are internal toe and heel counters along with reflective piping around the upper for improved night-time visibility.

Alpinestars continues to iterate on products that have already been successful in the past. Rather than resting on their laurels, they come up with new technologies and designs to enhance the rider's experience. Expect to see this to continue from Alpinestars through the foreseeable future.


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Tuesday, November 29

Arai RX-Q Graphic Helmets 2012

Brand new for late 2011 and the 2012 riding season, Arai has released a slew of new graphics for the every-popular Arai RX-Q Helmet. For the last few years, this has been one of the most super-premium lids in the industry, covering a range of applications, and most popular in the upright riding position. While the stock photos often don't do helmet graphics justice, we've done our own brief reviews of these new graphics, in which you can get a close-up look at the detail and intricacy therein. Check them out below, and stay tuned for more as we release them.

First up is the Arai RX-Q DNA Helmet:

Next is the Arai RX-Q Glaze Helmet:

Arai RX-Q Glaze - Note: In the video, as in person, this helmet is a pure white, not a silver.
Next, we have the Arai RX-Q Japan Helmet:

Arai RX-Q Japan
Lastly, the Arai RX-Q Mamola Helmet:

Arai RX-Q Mamola

Stay tuned for new graphic looks as they are released.


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Dainese Philip Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese has an absolute handle on their products when it comes to looks, protection, performance and safety. The brand new Dainese Philip Gore-Tex Jacket remains true to these principles, offering riders a new long-distance riding jacket that will perform in all weather conditions and multiple seasons. This jacket is primarily meant for touring riders with its lightweight nature, flexibility and long-distance comfort. The Philip is also available in a hi-viz version, something certain to appeal to tourers and commuters alike.

Lets check out the Dainese Philip Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

The protective features on the Phillip GTX include removable composite protectors certified to CE standards as well as a high-tenacity polyamide fabric shell, offering a high degree of abrasion resistance. The seller for this jacket though lies in all its comfort and flexibility features. This jacket vaunts a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex membrane bonded to the outer shell. The shell itself has a water repellence treatment to offer the lightest weight with quick drying time, working in conjunction with the Gore membrane. There are air intake vents on the chest for the warm months and a removable thermal liner for the cool months, along with adjustment at the sides, collar, and cuffs, the hem, and a jacket-pants fastening zip.

The Philip also features a pocket for a CE rated back protector and has strategic and stylish reflective panels for night visibility. Overall, this is one Dainese's top jackets when it comes to touring jackets and soon enough will be amongst fan favorites.


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Monday, November 28

Arai Vector 2 Helmet Graphics

The Arai Vector 2 Helmet replaces the original Vector as Arai's mid-priced model. It is a do-it-all helmet that will perform in multiple riding situations and positions. While it doesn't have some of the space age technologies found in something like the Corsair V, but it performs to the Arai standard of safety and protection, and does it well. Here is our brief video overview of some of the newer Vector 2 graphics available.

First up is the Arai Vector 2 Neevsey Helmet:

Arai Vector 2 Neevsey
And the new Arai Vector 2 Thrill Helmet:


Dainese Gator EVO Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese has a reputation of coming out with products that meet the highest standard of quality, in terms of protection, performance and comfort, and they always look great as well. This is all true of the brand new Dainese Gator EVO Gore-Tex Jacket. The Gator EVO is uniquely designed for long distance riding in all weather conditions (thanks to the Gore membrane) so whether you are going from San Fran to LA or NYC to Philly, this jacket will keep you comfortable the entire ride.

Check out our Dainese Gator EVO Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

The Gator EVO is equipped with removable CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows. The shoulders also feature TPU inserts on the outside and the elbow armor gives great coverage down the forearm as well. Because this is a long distance commuting jacket, it is loaded with comfort features. The shell is a comfortable and very abrasion-resistant Cordura comfort material. It also vaunts elasticated inserts in FK fabric and ample adjustment straps located throughout the jacket. One of the factors setting it apart from the rest is the breathable waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, guaranteed for life to keep you dry. To keep you warm, there is a removable thermal liner with a removable double neck thermal lining. The jacket also has a convenient sleeve adjustment drawstring and air inlets on the shoulders. The main closure is protected by a storm hydraflap fastener to ensure waterproofing.

More features in the Gator EVO include pockets for a CE rated G1 or G2 back protector and a thorax chest protector along with ten outside pockets, two of them being waterproof. There is also aa jacket-trousers fastening system to connect motorcycle pants to your jacket. Overall, this jacket is basically the works and more when it comes to price, and further reinforces Dainese's brand name with its superior quality and sleek appearance.

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Friday, November 25

Dainese Contact Gore-Tex Gloves

Dainese has earned a reputation of creating highly protective yet fashionable gear for all motorcycle riders just like the brand new Dainese Contact Gore-Tex Gloves. These gloves will provide you with ample protection, comfort and an aggressive look.

Lets check out the Dainese Contact Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

The main feature of these gloves is the X-TRAFIT technology with its a GORE-TEX membrane glued directly to the outside of the glove, which helps to avoid the slipping over the internal padding on the palm whenever the hand turns, giving you that strong grip you need to steer your bike in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow. As usual, Dainese has loaded these gloves with tons of protective features such as hard part carbon knuckle protectors and TPU distortion control protection on the little finger. The gloves themselves are composed of goatskin leather and come with a reinforced palm to protect your hands in the event of a get-off.

Comfort features on these gloves include strategically placed elasticated inserts and an adjustable cuff strap. These gloves come with pre-curved fingers, soft inserts for protection and vibration dampening, and reflective inserts. Overall, these gloves are amongst Dainese's top of the line gloves for both touring and adventure riding and will provide you with more than enough protection and give you some pizzazz at the same time.


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Wednesday, November 23

Alpinestars P1 Drystar Jacket Blowout Sale

Alpinestars has built a reputation of manufacturing products that scream both style, protection and performance; these qualities are exemplified in the Alpinestars P1 Drystar Jacket. This jacket is one of Alpinestars best jackets yet when it comes to touring and sport riding. The P1 is primarily meant to be worn during warm and cool temperatures, namely during the spring, summer, and fall.

Lets check out the Alpinestars P1 Drystar Jacket Review:

The main feature of the P1 Drystar Jacket is its Alpinestars exclusive waterproof and breathable Drystar internal lining construction which is Alpinestars prime waterproof lining material to keep you dry while riding your bike in wet conditions. Protection-wise, the jacket is multiple-stitched in the main seams for maximum tear resistance, Alpinestars removable CE certified soft protectors are in the shoulders in elbows, and there are foam chest pads that can be upgraded to the Alpinestars Bionic Chest Pad. The foam back pad can also be upgraded to the CE rated Alpinestars RC Back Protector.
For your comfort, Alpinestars has loaded the P1 Drystar with multiple features to keep you comfortable while cruising. First off, they have constructed the jacket with a 500D Cordura Texland Airguard fabric which is lightweight, highly abrasion resistant and highly breathable. Along with the breathable Drystar membrane, this provides comfort in both warm and cool conditions. There is also a removable thermal full sleeve liner, with three pockets mimicking the internal jacket pockets. There are snap-operated arm adjustment tabs, zip-open intake and exhaust vents, and a soft, neoprene flap at the neck closure for additional comfort. Other features include a front center dual flap closure system for waterproofing, 360º zip for attachment to your favorite leather or textile pants, and 3M reflective panels for night time visibility.

All in all, we believe this is one of Alpinestars premium touring and sport jackets and should be a serious consideration for the casual riders.


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Tuesday, November 22

Shoei Qwest Helmet Graphics

Three new graphics for the touring-focused Shoei Qwest Helmet for late 2011. Known for extreme quiet, excellent ventilation and aerodynamics, the Qwest is Snell 2010 certified and comes it at a very reasonable price point considering the extensive feature set. Below, you can check out our brief video overviews of the new Shoei Qwest graphics.

First up is our favorite, the Shoei Qwest Passage Helmet:

Shoei Qwest Passage
Next is the hi-viz Shoei Qwest Overt Helmet:

Shoei Qwest Overt
And finally, the Shoei Qwest Diverge Helmet:

Shoei Qwest Diverge

Monday, November 21

Arai Signet-Q Helmet Graphics

The Arai Signet-Q Helmet is the long-awaited replacement to the original Signet, built specifically for riders with a long narrow oval head shape. For many riders, the Arai Profile simply wasn't long enough compared to their beloved Signet. Arai responded, releasing the Signet-Q to much acclaim from fans of the predecessor. Check out our brief looks at some of the graphics available in the new Arai Signet Q Helmet.

First, take a look at the Arai Signet-Q Super Star Helmet:

Next up, the Arai Signet-Q Racer Helmet:

Finally, the Arai Signet-Q Mask Helmet:

As always, stay tuned for when new graphics drop and we can deliver a video graphic overview.


Thursday, November 17

Bell Star Helmet Graphics

Brand new for late 2011, Bell has dropped some new graphic versions of its high-end Snell 2010 race helmet, the Bell Star. The Star was lauded when it first came out for its superior aerodynamics, ventilation and overall performance. With some fresh graphics for this season, the Bell Star Helmet remains a top contender in our race helmet lineup. Below, we have some video overviews of these new graphics.

Check out the Bell Star Hess Carbon Helmet:

Next, take a look at the reckless style of the Bell Star Miss Behavin Helmet:

Next is the limited edition Roland Sands Design Bell Star Speed Freak Helmet:

And, for good measure, the staple Bell Star Rally Helmet:

Bell Star Rally

Wednesday, November 16

Cardo Scala Rider G9 & Powerset

Cardo Systems moves forward again this season as we get a sneak preview of the brand new Cardo Scala Rider G9 and Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset. The G4 has consistently been one of the most bestselling communication devices and its successor adds a bunch of innovative features that will doubtlessly change the way we think of bluetooth communicators. Everything, including videos and photos, is still extremely hard to find at this point, but for now we can share the bullets of some of the upgrades. Check them out below and be sure to stay tuned for photos, more information, and our eventual video breakdown once these actually go to production.

Innovations for the Cardo Scala Rider G9 unit:

  • One + 8 Pairing: Communicate with up to eight other riders in full-duplex toggling mode
  • Voice Recognition: Allows communication with all eight riders by simply speaking their names
  • Full Duplex: Full Duplex communication with up to 4 riders
  • Group Signaling: Allows you to send a signal to everyone in your group at once as an alert
  • Social Networking: Set up a social group based on physical location, riding groups and find other G9 users
  • Flash Pairing:  Quick pairing of devices, simply touch the two G9 units and in less than 1 second they are paired
  • Mobile Phone Conference Calls:  Full duplex telephone calls between a caller and both the rider and passenger
  • Larger Buttons:  Easier to navigate the device with gloves
The G9 retains all the features of the very popular G4 including:
  • A2DP and MP3 connectivity to stream stereo music
  • Built in FM radio with RDS smart scan
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Weather and dust resistant design
Again, be sure to stay tuned as we'll be rolling out information as it becomes available.


Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi is known in the industry for producing durable and technical boots for a multitude of riding scenarios, from street to track to dualsport. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots, Sidi's extremely popular ADV option, they've decided to finally bring the Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots stateside. Originally only available in Europe, the Adventure Gore-Tex Boots replace the Sidi proprietary Rain liner with the industry-leading Gore-Tex membrane for the highest degree of waterproof breathability. This boot is mainly meant for dualsport and touring adventures on your bike.

Let's check out the Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots Review:

As I mentioned before, these boots are meant for offroad and touring adventures, therefore they are very rugged and durable. However with Sidi being the boot gurus they are, they have also built this boot to be extremely protective and comfortable also. Protection and durability-wise, these boots have come with a full grain leather construction to give you that tough rugged exterior as well as a rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel cup for maximum protection. Hard part protectors are found at the shin and medial and lateral ankle to protect from impact. The reinforced toe box is topped with a high-grip shifter panel as well. These boots are also equipped with a fully waterproof Gore-Tex membrane which is also very breathable to keep the inside of the boots dry and comfortable in the most active scenarios.

The sole on this boot is composed of a soft rubber compound for maximum grip while the patented cam lock buckle system provides an easy, secure and adjustable fit and adds another degree of impact protection. The split grain leather panel at the inner side of the boot provides anti-wear and anti-heat protection. Internally, the Cambrelle lining provides antibacterial protection in addition to excellent moisture-wicking. These are the beasts within the ADV and dualsport boot market. By taking a bestselling boot and equipping it with the industry-leading waterproof membrane, Sidi has changed the game again.


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Tuesday, November 15

Powerlet Rapidfire Proform Heated Jacket Liner & Kit

Powerlet burst onto the scene with their innovative approach to heated gear in late 2011. The Powerlet Rapidfire Proform Heated Jacket Liner is a standout release within this season's mix of products. With a maximum of 105 watts of energy, this liner will become extremely warm and keep you comfortable on the bike. It is also extremely compact so you can store it away into its very own built in stuff sack. Comfortable, lightweight and delivering plenty of heat.

Lets check out the Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner Review:

The main feature that separates the Proform liner from its competitors is the fact that it uses FAR Infared technology which is a carbon nanowire which generates infrared waves. These waves can heat the body just below the top layer of your skin similar to the sun's rays, so unlike other heated apparel which must be touching your skin in order to produce heat, you can wear Powerlet gear with a more casual fit. Heating elements are located in the chest, sleeves, collar, and in the back. The Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner also features variable wattage, with either 105 Watts or 60 Watts used, which is controlled via a cable near the right hem. This is a great feature for bikes with weaker electrical systems.

Powerlet Rapidfire Heated Jacket Liner Kit
Additionally, there is a wireless dongle which transmits the signal to regulate the power to the jacket, giving you the option of either using the wireless supply or just straight up connecting the jacket to your bike. The Proform contains many flexible stretch panels which allow you to wear a base layer under the jacket, allowing you the flexibility to not only wear it like a normal jacket, but also let the infared technology heat your body without being crazy snug. The jacket is available standalone or as a kit which comes with a wireless controller so you can control the amount of heat you are receiving from the jacket. The Rapidfire Proform contains some very advanced technology, and it won't be long until other manufacturers follow in its path.



Monday, November 14

Shoei X-12 Graphic Overviews

Brand new for late 2011, Shoei has unveiled fresh graphic versions of their high-end racing helmet, the Shoei X-12. Check out our video overviews of the new graphics below. Favored by the likes of Alvaro Bautista and Toni Elias, the X-12 provides all of the extreme functionality required by the serious trackday rider and racer.

First up, the wild look of the Shoei X-12 Vermeulen 5 Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Vermeulen 5
Next up is our look at the Shoei X-12 Reverb Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Reverb
Next we have the Italian-flag-inspired Shoei X-12 Laseca Helmet:

Shoei X-12 Laseca
If your a track day fanatic, or just love carving those canyons, keep your head in a Shoei X-12 Helmet.


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Shoei RF-1100 Graphic Overviews

Shoei has released some dope new graphics for one of the all-time bestselling helmets at The Shoei RF-1100 has been a sport favorite for its performance and versatility since its release a couple years ago. Check our videos featuring the new graphics of the RF-1100 below.

First is the Shoei RF-1100 Merciless Helmet:

Shoei RF-1100 Merciless
Next is the Shoei RF-1100 Pious Helmet:

Shoei RF-1100 Pious
For lady riders, the Shoei RF-1100 Corazon Helmet:

Shoei RF-1100 Corazon
The successor to the Hadron, the Shoei RF-1100 Hadron 2 Helmet:

Shoei RF-1100 Hadron 2
Lastly, the Shoei RF-1100 Chroma Helmet:


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Friday, November 11

Schuberth SR1 Helmet

Talk about highly anticipated. The Schuberth SR1 Helmet is slated to arrive in early 2012 and promises to be a strong contender for top racing lid on the market. Schuberth brought the C3 to the States last year and it almost immediately became the most popular super premium modular on the market. For this year, Schuberth worked in conjunction with Michael Schumacher to perfect this helmet's design and performance. With Schumacher, they were able to tap into not only important motorcycle helmet features, but also Formula 1 racing helmet features. The result is an extremely lightweight helmet with stable aerodynamics, crazy ventilation and surprisingly low noise levels (a quality that defines the C3).

While we've not had the opportunity to ride in this yet, early reports from around the globe are excellent as the Schuberth SR-1 is in the midst of its DOT certification process. Webbikeworld lauds it for its comfort, immense airflow, low noise, and the fact that it is shockingly lightweight. Schuberth claims 1290g for the XS and SM, 1350g for the MD and LG, and 1400g for the XL and XXL. Each of these is give or take 50g. That said, comparing this to two of the bestselling high-end race helmets, the Arai Corsair V comes in at 1758g for an XL and the Shoei X-12 comes in at 1766g for an XL. These aren't particularly heavy lids, and they are the two most popular racing helmets, so this truly shows how stunningly light the Schuberth SR 1 Helmet actually is.

Since we've not actually ridden in the Schuberth SR1 yet, we can't speak with a ton of authority on its performance. Stay tuned for our detailed breakdown when we get our hands one. In the mean time, here are our curated write-ups of the most important features of the SR1.

Continually tested, weighed and put through a wind tunnel through each stage of development and production, Schuberth Helmets are ensured premium aerodynamics. Through testing, Schuberth has found the SR1 to have zero upward lift, no oscillatory tendency, no buffeting, and feature true directional stability. At the rear, the "D-Force" spoiler is adjustable and can be changed to match your riding position. This maintains aerodynamics, stability and airflow no matter your riding stance.

Every racer and serious trackday rider understands the importance of low noise levels to help maintain focus. For the SR1, they again test in a wind tunnel, utilize anti-noise technologies, and install a wind deflector that maintains low noise levels. This results in only 88dB of sound at 100km/h. These low noise levels are also aided by a thicker neck roll and the optimization of the vents.

The venting properties of this helmet are born from the Formula 1 level of airflow necessity. There is a three-way chin vent, visor vent, and two top intakes that feed two exhausts. The top vents are open/close, feed the channels, and exhaust out huge rear vents. The chin vent is actually two parts and provides a great deal of air intake in addition to keeping the visor free of fog. The ventilation is evidently immense, and we look forward to testing it.

Outer Shell & EPS
The outer shell is made of a compound of Schuberth's S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber and carbon fiber for extreme strength and weight savings. They form the shells by compressing this compound in a vacuum which creates extreme sturdiness. Inside, the Schuberth's exclusive optimized EPS foam is used with multizone and variable density composition for the best possible shock absorption.

Inner Liner
The padding of the SR1 also contributes to not only extreme comfort, but also ventilation qualities. The double-coated CoolMax interior provides moisture-wicking and antibacterial qualities and everything is fully removable and washable. The densities of these are variable to allow effective ventilation. A nice safety feature is the reflective material used on the neck padding which allows drivers to see you more quickly at night.

Visor & Visor Mechanism
Finally, every SR1 comes stock with a Pinlock visor. Pinlock is the leader in fog-free visors, as their advanced double glazing guarantees condensation-free riding. The visor mechanism allows shield changes to happen in seconds with its push button system, the first we're seeing on the market.

Overall, the Schuberth SR-1 Helmet is stacked with features and functionality that will make every racer, sport and trackday rider happy to own one. Its lightweight nature, premium ventilation, and insanely low noise levels will make this an instant hit on the market. Stay tuned for our full video breakdown, coming as soon as we can get our hands on one.


Shoei Neotec Helmet

Featuring vast improvements over its predecessor, the brand new and highly-anticipated Shoei Neotec Helmet can be considered an upgrade over the popular Multitec. For many years, the Multitec has been a favorite amongst riders who prefer the flip-up versatility, and the Shoei Neotec has simply taken everything that made the Multitec such a success, made refinements and additions, and produced a helmet that is superior and sure to be just as, if not more, popular. Shoei simply continues to improve with each new model.

While we've not yet gotten our hands on one for a full video review UPDATE: our detailed video review can be found below.

Notable upgrades for the Shoei Neotec over the Multitec:

  • Retractable Sun Visor
    • Easily operable lever mechanism
    • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, 99% UV blocking
  • Improved ventilation and aerodynamics
    • Newly designed vortex generators pull air through helmet
    • 276% more airflow than Multitec
    • Added inlets and outlets
    • Vents are flush against helmet to maintain aerodynamics
  • 5-Ply Shock-Absorbing Fiber Shell
    • AIM Multi-Composite construction
    • Lightweight yet strong
  • Dual EPS Liner
    • Multi-density EPS for optimal protection



Thursday, November 10

Dainese Theodore D-Dry Jacket

Dainese has earned a reputation of coming out with great looking products that are well built at the same time just like their Dainese Theodore D-Dry Jacket. The Theodore D-Dry is meant for daily use, but at the same time, has a casual sport and city look that is extremely stylish, a word synonymous with Dainese at this point. Dainese has a history of creating high end products that perform extremely well on the road, and the Theodore D-Dry is no different.

Let's check out the Dainese Theodore D-Dry Jacket Review:

Protectionwise, the Theodore D-Dry comes with composite protectors certified to the CE standard, an abrasion and tear resistant high-tenacity polyamide shell, and reflective inserts for visibility. The goldmine in this jacket however lies within its waterproof system. It contains a D-Dry waterproof breathable membrane laminated to the outer fabric that creates an excellent waterproof seal but allows breathability with quick drying in case of rain. It also has a storm flap over the main closure to prevent leakage and a waterproof napoleon pocket tucked in to the front chest. There is a removable hood to keep you dry and warm as well as a removable thermal liner to be used in colder temperatures. For your comfort, they have included adjustment possibilities for the sides and cuffs and waist elasticated inserts.

This is one of our favorite new jackets from Dainese as not only does it feature comfort and style that are off the charts, but it is also highly functional with subtle add-ons like the removable hood and thermal collar that really take it to the next level. It is bound to be a favorite amongst casual and city riders in no time.

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Wednesday, November 9

Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket

Gerbing's has a history of coming out with great quality products which provide you with more than ample warmth, and the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket is no exception. Built with a sleek, sporty design in mind, this jacket is meant to catch some eyes along with keeping you comfortably warm while you ride your bike around in the colder months. It is available in both men's and women's sizes. For protection, Gerbing's has equipped it's Hybrid Heated LT Jacket with a Cordura outer shell with ballistic Cordura impact panels on the shoulders and elbows and removable CE-rated armor. 

Let's check out the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket Review:

As we all know though, the most attractive features about this jacket are all its heating functions and capabilities. The Hybrid Heated LT has heating agents located in the shoulders, chest, arms, and collar to heat parts of your body that are known to get cold relatively easily. Unlike the Gerbing's Core Heat jackets though, the Hybrid Heated LT as mentioned above is meant for motorcycle riders. The difference between the Hybrid Heated LT and Core Heat Jackets is that the Hybrid comes with a 12V Rechargeable battery while the Core Heat products in general come with a 7V battery. The extra volts in the hybrid are meant to keep you warm while you ride against the cold winds in generally low temperatures.

The reasoning for the hybrid name is because you can connect your jacket directly to your motorcycle for power while riding it around; you can also power it using the FlexPack when you're away from your bike for up to three hours depending on which power settings you are using. The FlexPack (sold separately) replaces the included CE rated back armor and will actually charge once you plug in to the bike. Overall the Gerbing's Heated Hybrid LT Jacket is a great buy for the colder seasons such as the upcoming winter and current fall, and is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm while you're riding around.


Tuesday, November 8

GoPro HD Hero2 Camera - Motorsports Edition

The next generation of motorcycle riding cameras is in the house with the GoPro HD Hero2 Camera. GoPro cameras have a history of being a favorite among motorsports professionals, race teams and core enthusiasts. The HD Hero2: Motorsports Edition is the most advanced GoPro camera yet as well as its most versatile as it can be used in all instances whether you want to capture footage of a spirited rip through backcountry roads or you want to capture and study lapping footage to learn how to set a new track record and everything else in between.

The HD Hero2 is waterproof up to to 197 feet(60m), capable of capturing professional full 170º wide angle 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second. One unique feature of the GoPro HD Hero2 Camera, which is very rare in not only cameras, but just about most if not all battery powered electrical devices, is an integrated battery warmer to give your battery longer battery life in colder temperatures. It is also compatible with the Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote along with GoPro expansion accessories and BacPacs. Additionally the HD Hero2 has a very easy to use LCD interface and LED lights which let you view it from any angle. You can even recharge the battery while recording with a USB cable as well as enable time lapse photography every 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds.

Included are all the mounting necessities you will need when recording your motorsports activities as well as plenty of optional accessories which can be used with the camera for shooting in a variety of other settings. And for those on a road trip or away from home, the Hero2 lets you stream videos through your smartphone, laptop computer, or tablet along with the option of streaming it through your desktop computer if you are near one. Furthermore, there is a Long Range Remote Control for up to 50 GoPro Cameras. According to your HD specifications which you are using, here is a list of the estimated amount of time the Hero2 will be able to record:

•1080p30: 4 hours
•960p30: 6 hours
•720p60: 4 hours
•720p30: 6 hours
•WVGA 120: 4.5 hours

In the end, this is the best camera GoPro has to offer in the motorsports market and for the price, it is an absolute steal with both its versatility and clarity. It won't be long until other manufacturers adapt and come out with cameras similar to the HD Hero 2.


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Friday, November 4

How To Winterize Your Motorcycle

Bears have famously earned a reputation for hibernation. Following a summer of chowing down on berries (or hikers, campers, ...whatever), theirs is a simple matter of ambling into a den and dozing right off. After a summer of big mile adventures, prepping our bikes for their own winter hibernation is just a bit more complicated. Here are a handful of tips if you are going to put your scooter away for the foul winter months. An aside: if the weather will allow it, and you have the right winter gear, then simply riding year-round is the very best solution. But I digress...

Gonna put your bike away for the season? Then the very first thing to do is fire on down to the gas station and fill that baby up (right to the top mind you!). While at it, think about adding a fuel stabilizer (Sta-bil comes to mind. There are others.) Why a full tank? Simple. You are trying to minimize the air volume in the tank. Air contains moisture. Moisture can cause corrosion on the inside of your (steel) gas tank. `Nuff said. The purpose of the fuel stabilizer is to inhibit the fuel that will be sitting there all winter from becoming the goopy, sticky, varnishy stuff that is famous for clogging up ports, jets, and all those tiny orifices in fuel systems. If you have a carbureted bike, you would also be well-advised to shut off the fuel valve and then run the bike till it quits, leaving the float bowls empty for their long winter’s night. Another thing you might want to consider just after arriving home from the filling station is a quick oil change before you put your baby to sleep. Most riders know that oil both lubricates and cools your engine. Fewer know about your oil’s role as a place for nasty stuff like combustion gases and acids as well as particulate dirt and crap to collect. Stir up all that stuff with your short pre-hibernation ride, then drain it out while it’s still warm. Replace with fresh new oil and all the bad stuff goes away to the recycling center rather than falling out of suspension and ending up in the bottom of your crankcase.

Then there is the issue of batteries. Discharged and/or frozen batteries are definitely bad news. If the battery is allowed to discharge too far, sulfation of the plates can occur and this is the beginning of the end for your battery. The very best solution is to remove your battery to a warm location (basement?) and leave it connected to a battery maintainer like a Battery Tender, Optimate, or Battery Minder for the duration. These microprocessor-controlled devices actually do a great job keeping the battery fully charged, but not overcharged as can happen with a simple trickle charger. Some even have a conditioning mode that can further reduce the disabling accumulation of sulfur on the plates. If you don’t want to remove the battery from the bike, so that you can more easily go riding on that freakishly warm 70 degree day in January, then connect your tender/charger directly to the bike; be careful with some modern bikes that have CAN bus controls integrated with the charging system (can you spell B-M-W?). Some of these bikes may require special charging hardware or routines. Check your owner’s manual.

Let’s not forget your tires. First of all, make sure the pressures are set to the recommended values or even a bit higher. Then, if possible, get the load off the tires. Sitting in one spot for the winter can leave you with flat spots that can sometimes take quite a few miles to work out. If you have a center stand, by all means put the bike up on it. If you have both front and rear stands, like a Pit Bull, then use those. If you can’t get the bike up in the air, you may want to consider pushing it around periodically to reduce the risk of flat spotting.

Then, if you really want to prep your bike for the off-season, I’d recommend the fall as a great time to do a brake fluid change. Brake fluid is this amazing liquid that works so well because it’s both incompressible and resistant to heat. It does have, however, this one tiny little undesirable characteristic. It likes to absorb moisture. Left to sit over several months, any absorbed water will end in the lowest parts of the system and will be the start point for corrosive activity in those pretty Brembo Calipers.

You’ll find that other operations, like a coolant change, are often recommended but let’s just call it good here. Spring will come soon enough, and if you just take care of these few items, you’ll be ready to go when the time comes. Unless, of course, you neatly avoid all the nuisance by becoming a year-round rider. Join us. It’s fun!

-Jack Broomall

Jack Broomall is a lifelong motorcyclist. His motorcycle adventures have taken him across the North American continent several times, to Alaska, the Alps, the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. He is a member of the Iron Butt Association and also owns several motorcycle Land Speed Records set at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he is a member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club. He has been known to do occasional restorations of his favorite bikes from the 1970s and enjoys track days as well.
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