Wednesday, December 28

Michelin Commander 2 Tires

Brand new for January 2012, the Michelin Commander 2 Tire seems to be the end-all be-all for cruiser tires. Studies conducted in the production phase of these tires using a Harley Electra Glide showed that the rear tire will last nearly twice as long as the Commander II's main competition from Metzeler and Dunlop. The brand new Michelin Commander 2 Rear Tires can cover up to 40,000km (nearly 25,000mi). Utilizing a more rigid tire casing than what is generally seen on comparable tires. This higher-density casing offers better handling and tremendous feedback with the road. At the back tire, aramid tread plies are used which resist centrifugal growth, provide extra stability and reduce the overall weight of the tire. In addition, the Commander II tires are using square bead wires which improve casing rigidity, overall handling and make them a cinch to install. The Michelin Commander 2 Front Tires and rear tires will also perform excellently in the rain, as their new rubber compounds provide unparalleled grip in the wet without sacrificing longevity. There are numerous longitudinal grooves in these tires that force water out. In addition, using Silica Rain Technology, Michelin has integrated silica into the compound of the tire to prevent uneven wear.

Stay tuned for a Michelin Commander 2 Tires Review coming soon. Update, check out our Michelin Commander 2 Tire Review below:


Held Gloves 2012 Overview

Held is releasing four brand new gloves for early 2012 which continues Held's long tradition of creating highly technical, protective and high-performance motorcycle gloves. For this new round of gloves, Held is dropping two sport-focused men's gloves, a ladies-specific sport glove and a dualsport/ADV glove that will go head to head in protection and comfort with the top offerings in this realm from other leading manufacturers. While we haven't shot our video reviews yet, what we can currently offer is a quick explanation and feature breakdown for what each of these gloves offers.

First up, lets check out the Held Agadir Gloves Review:

Our favorite gloves in this release are the Held Agadir Gloves, which appear to be the replacement for the extraordinarily popular Air Stream from Held. The Agadir gloves are designed for warm to hot weather sport riding, with airflow and protection being their primary focus. A full kangaroo leather construction, the Held Agadirs feature a ton of perforation along the backhand and fingers. The hard part knuckle protector also features vents to bring more air into the glove. Superfabric panels protect the two outer fingers and there is a large palm panel that wraps around for excellent abrasion resistance. More to come on the Held Agadir Gloves, but I would wager these will be hugely popular.

Next lets check out the Held Evo Thrux Gloves Review:

The Held Evo Thrux Gloves are an aggressive sport glove that can cross over to occasional track day riding. The backhand is premium cowhide while the palm uses Held's signature abrasion-resistant yet tactile kangaroo leather. These leathers are colorfast and sweat resistant and offer excellent protection and comfort. For protection, there is a ventilated hard part main knuckle protector with hard outer pinky protection, superfabric paneling at the fingers and palm, and double-layered leather in strategic areas. There are also Kevlar panels for added abrasion resistance. Leather stretch paneling allows for flew and mobility, there is a velcro microadjuster in addition to the main cuff closure and a visor wiper in the event that you need to clean off your shield. Our first impression is that these gloves are a great bang for the buck sport glove.

Third, we can check out the Held Sambia Gloves Review:

The Held Sambia Gloves have a straightforward mission: offer a high degree of protection and comfort for the aggressive ADV and dualsport rider. This is accomplished using a mix of construction materials and technologies. The backhand is a mix of lightweight nylon for breathability with leather inserts around the vented hard part knuckle armor and at the outer pinky. There is a stretch panel directly behind the knuckle armor for mobility and comfort. Kangaroo leather is used at the palm with leather overlays for abrasion resistance and durability with superfabric panels and foam inserts for added protection. These gloves go head-to-head with ADV offerings from other top manufacturers.

Lastly, the Held Rachel Women's Gloves are a multi-season cool to cold weather women's sport riding glove. Featuring a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane, the Held Rachel Gloves feature a goatskin palm with a high-tenacity stretch fabric backhand. The main knuckle features a hard part protector beneath the stretch fabric and there are leather accents at the tips of the fingers and side of the hand for durability and abrasion resistance. Additionally, the goatskin palm features leather overlays for durability and superfabric panels for added safety. There is a microadjuster at the wrist in addition to the main gauntlet closure. Held has also included a visor wiper for shield-cleaning convenience.

Stay tuned for our video reviews of these gloves which will be coming in the near future.


Tuesday, December 27

Spidi Race-Vent Gloves

Spidi has a history of creating great motorcycle products, such as their Spidi Race Vent Gloves. The Race-Vent Gloves are an excellent all around sport riding glove that can also be stretched into track days. Whether you're tearing up twisties and dragging a knee or shredding the tarmac on the weekend, the Spidi Race Vent Gloves will keep you cool, comfortable and protected.

First lets check out the Spidi Race-Vent Gloves Review:

They tend to have a rather tight European fit to them so ordering these in a size larger than your American glove size is definitely recommended. One thing that automatically sticks out after putting on the Race-Vents is how comfortable they are. The stitching is done in a way that it is almost impossible to feel the seams making it more smooth for your fingers to operate after putting them on. There is also a vent located on the back of the hand right below the knuckle protector to keep your hands cool and dry when riding. There is a full cowhide exterior to give the gloves great durability and abrasion resistant properties. It is a full gauntlet glove as race gloves usually are providing protection for your ulna with soft inserts located on the top of the gauntlet for that extra needed protection.

There is also a rubberized TPR Spidi logo located right beneath the soft inserts for both style and further protection. There are thermoformed titanium fiber and TPU protectors located at the main knuckle, outer hand and ulna. There are also PU protectors located on the fingers and the vent located on the back of the hand behind the knuckle protector. The fingers include a double layer of leather on the fingers between the index and pinky. There is a keramide, a kevlar derivative, reinforced palm for further added stability. This glove provides plenty of lateral side hand protection with soft inserts on the pinky and an extra seamless layer of leather that goes up the lateral side.

Overall for being a relatively fair priced racing glove, this glove is truly a bang for the buck product with all the comfort and protective features it touts.

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Friday, December 23

Dainese Street Tracker Gore-Tex Pants

Dainese has just launched their brand new Dainese Street Tracker Gore-Tex Pants. These pants are the cream of the crop in Dainese's textile pants line. Dainese is a popular manufacturer of great motorcycle products, and these pants being the best of the best of Dainese's textile pants should not disappoint.

Lets check out the Dainese Street Tracker Gore-Tex Pants Review:

These pants are 3-season cold weather pants so you will be able to wear them in the most brutal conditions and still be able to stay warm and dry. The Gore-Tex liner is built into the outer shell while the thermal liner is removable. The hidden feature on these pants is the amount of venting you are getting to further increase the evaporation factor and provide some direct ventilation in warmer weather conditions. There is an abrasion-resistant textile outer shell and CE rated knee armor which extends all the way down to the shins that will protect from impact in the event of a get-off.

The hips have upgraded CE rated proshape armor which was previously used only in the Avro suit, but is now making its way into other high-end Dainese gear. The pants are well lit with reflective panels located in various strategic areas up and down the pants. The sizing on the Street Tracker is like most European pants, you'd have to go up 14-18 sizes from your typical jeans size to get an appropriate estimate of your Street Tracker Pants size.

All in all, these pants are a bit pricey, but being Dainese's best textile pants and getting all the upgraded features you get with these, they are still a bang for the buck product and should be highly considered for those looking for cold weather motorcycle pants.

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Wednesday, December 21

Dainese Gator Gore-Tex Pants

Dainese has has come out with their Dainese Gator Gore-Tex Pants for 2011 as one of their top multi-season textile Gore-Tex options. As we all know, Dainese has earned a reputation of having extremely durable and fashionable products, and these pants are no exception. Second only to the Street Tracker in the Dainese line of textile pants, the Gator Pants offer a high level of technicality and will perform well with your favorite Dainese jacket in multiple weather conditions.

First lets take a look at the Dainese Gator Gore-Tex Pants Review:

Built for cool weather, these pants will keep you dry and comfortable during the fall, spring, and summer. They also include a removable thermal liner to keep you warm when temperatures dip. The pants are primarily composed of Comfort Cordura which is highly abrasion resistant but also has a nice degree of stretch to it for flexibility and comfort. The knees are primarily made up of Texas fabric which offers extra abrasion resistance to protect the more vulnerable areas.

Underneath the Texas fabric, there is CE Rated knee armor to further protect your knees in case of impact during a crash. The armor is removable and asymetrical meaning one piece is meant for the left knee while the other piece is meant for the right knee. There are temperfoam pads on the hips which provide an added protective element while allowing mobility. As mentioned in the title, there is a non removable gore-tex liner which will keep the elements out but allow you to breathe to prevent clamminess.

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Tuesday, December 20

Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants

Alpinestars has just recently come out with their brand new Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants to complement their line of GP jackets. With the emphasis on protection, the GP Plus pants are built for those riders who go out on the track or for gnarly street riders ripping through twisties on the regular. Alpinestars has been known to deliver the icing on their products and it should be no different with the GP pants.

First lets check out the Alpinestars GP Plus Leather Pants Review:

One thing to note about these pants is that there is no perforation, making it a hybrid which can be used on the track or for sport riding. The bottom of the cuffs on the GP Plus, unlike other Alpinestars leather pants, are composed of mesh to make it more lightweight and let the bottom of your ankle breathe. The GP Plus Leather Pants are also the first track pants from Alpinestars available in both short and tall sizes. The main element composing the pants is the 1.3 mm premium cowhide leather which offers a high degree of abrasion resistance. There are breathable textile stretch panels located in areas that require movement as well as accordion stretch panels on top of the the knees for flexibility. There are replaceable PU sport knee sliders along with floating CE rated GP-style knee and shin armor.

Additionally there is temperfoam to protect your hips and tail bone in case those areas are impacted during a crash. The way to calculate your waist size for these pants is to take your jeans size and go up 16 to 18 sizes. Don't hesitate to contact us at 877-792-9455 or for any sizing questions. These pants do have more of an athletic cut to them when it comes to fitting so they will feel a bit tight as track pants are supposed to.

To sum it up, for those who are looking for pants which fall between a track and aggressive street riding option, these could be quite a pick considering Alpinestars reputation with their products and the amount of features you are getting with these pants along with their versatility to fit the GP line of jackets.

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Monday, December 19

Held Calibur Gloves

Held, a household name when it comes to motorcycle gloves, has come out with their Held Calibur Gloves for 2011. The Caliburs are amongst that top end sport and sport touring gloves which provide more than ample protection for the casual rider. Held is known for creating high quality gloves, and with the Held Caliburs being one of their top end gloves, these should more than fit the bill.

First lets check out the Held Calibur Glove Review:

The base construction of the Held Calibur Gloves is derived from pittards leather which is thinner than the average leather, but receives a special tanning process for excellent durability and protection. There is also superfabric to protect the more vulnerable parts of your hands such as your knuckles, outside of the last 2 fingers, and down the ulna, the outer area of your hand. Held has smartly located a dual visor wiper on your left index finger to wipe away any moisture that builds on the outside of your face shield. The fingers that the superfabric does not cover have extra padding inserted for additional protection in case of a crash.

The thumbs are protected by suprotect material which is a type of memory foam that stiffens with impact to minimize the damage on your thumb if you crash. The palm is mainly constructed from kangaroo leather, which is one of the more durable and thinner leathers available. The heel of the hand being one of the more vulnerable areas of your hand, is also protected by superfabric. There is double reinforcement up the base curve of the thumb for durability. The gloves have a more generous american cut to them, therefore you can buy them in your typical handsize, instead of having to upgrade a size like you typically have to do with european gloves.

In the end, if you are looking for a good sport or sport touring glove which is affordable, the Held Calibur Gloves are definitely one of the options you should consider.

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Friday, December 16

Klim Summit Gloves

Klim, a constant snow gear innovator, has released a series of snowmobile gloves in the last year, with the Klim Summit Gloves coming in at the top of pile. The Summit Gloves are designed for the most exerting of snowmobile riding conditions. Klim is one of the most well known names in the snowmobile apparel department, assuring us that these gloves are properly equipped to keep you comfortable while riding your snowmobile in even the harshest of conditions.

Let's check out the Klim Summit Gloves Review:

The Klim Summit Glove is Klim's top end extreme cold weather and snowmobile glove. The key selling point of the glove is the Gore-Tex XCR membrane which allows the highest degree of breathability to keep you dry and warm at the same time. The sizing on this glove gives it that reputation to be more of an American fit glove with a more loose fit and bigger size for comfortability. The glove also comes with a removable poly fleece liner, which can be used on its own to keep you warm if you're off the bike or taken out entirely if it's warmer out.

The more vulnerable areas of the glove are protected by Pittards leather, which is specially tanned to be one of the most durable motorsports goatskin leathers out there, as well as being rather thin at the same time for comfort and tactile feel. Towards the front of the hand, there is further leather reinforcement, again for protection and durability. Klim has intelligently put a visor wiper on the left index finger to remove water droplets from your goggles.

Overall, the Klim Summit Gloves are still provide great bang for the buck with all the features Klim has put into them. Already popular in the snow community, we see these gloves as one of the top options for winter snowmobiling thanks to the XCR technology and high attention to quality and detail.

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Thursday, December 15

Schuberth C3 World Helmet

The first of the C3 graphics has arrived in the form of the Schuberth C3 World Helmet. The Schuberth C3 Helmet has been the most popular premium modular on the market since its release last year and this graphic option will surely only raise its fanfare. For now, we've got some photos to share of the C3 World Helmet that will be available to ship sometime in mid-January to February. They are currently available for pre-order from, and stay tuned for our graphic video review of this Schuberth Helmet when we can get our hands on one.

Check out the Schuberth C3 World Helmet Review:

Monday, December 12

Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Jacket & Pants

Alpinestars has come out with their new Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Jacket and Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Pants, both meant for long distance ADV touring. As you would expect from Alpinestars, both products have an array of features which separate them from the rest of the pack in terms of quality and style.

First up we'll take a look at the Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Jacket Review:

From a protection standpoint, you have CE rated bio armor to protect the elbows, forearms, and shoulders as well as abrasion resistant silver patches found in more vulnerable areas to provide coverage. The sizing on the jacket tends to have an european cut, making it a half size smaller than what we see from the usual tech touring jackets. As you would expect from a long distance touring jacket, the Drystar Jacket is loaded with vents and pockets strategically located throughout the jacket and a rabbit pouch located on the lower back side of the jacket to fit extra items. The jacket consists of both a removable internal thermal liner and a removable drystar waterproof liner to keep you both warm and dry while you cruise. The outer shell can be used standalone with its ventilation during the warmer seasons of the year. Additionally for your comfort, the jacket includes stretch panels on the collar, elbows, and sides to give you that flexibility to move around while riding.

Next up: the Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Pants Review:

The outer composure of the pants consists of a mixture of polyamide fabric and a higher-denier and stronger fabric in the knees, shins, and impact areas below the waist. Additionally there is CE Rated armor located on the knees that go down all the way to the shin as well as temperfoam in both hips. The lower inner sides of the pants have abrasion resistant inserts and there is a double reinforced seat. Just like the Long Range 2 Jacket, the pants have vents in key area to keep you cool in warmer conditions along with removable thermal and drystar liners to keep you warm and dry in more harsh conditions. There is an accordion stretch panel located on the upper backside of the pants to give you that flexibility to be mobile on the bike.

The Alpinestars Long Range 2 Drystar Jacket and Pants are some of the more technical gear Alpinestars came out with in the last year and should be a home run amongst long distance ADV riders.

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Tuesday, December 6

Dainese Supermoto Leather Jacket

Dainese is known for going above and beyond making products that are of the highest quality and also fashionable, and they have succeeded yet again with the Dainese Supermoto Leather Jacket. Dainese's main goal with this jacket was to make it simple and slick with a city vibe, sacrificing nothing in performance or protection. As you can tell from its sleek ergonomic design, this jacket is meant for both city and casual riding.

The Supermoto is composed of premium Italian cowhide leather which is extremely abrasion resistant yet also has a supple feel. At the shoulders and elbows, there are removable CE rated protectors while there are pockets for a G1 or G2 back protector and the Dainese thorax chest protector.

The selling point of the Supermoto truly lies in all the comfort features it possesses. The ergonomics on this jacket are designed specifically so that you can ride in an upright to 3/4 sport position. The jacket will move flawlessly with your body in either of these riding positions. Along with the cowhide leather, this jacket features S1 stretch fabric inserts for flex and airflow. It also comes with microelastic inserts, the newest flex tech from Dainese, featuring woven elastication into cowhide, retaining strength but allowing movement. Furthermore, there is a jacket-trousers fastening system, a removable thermal liner, and a sanitized internal liner. Rounding out the feature set are two outer pockets, an internal pocket, and a pocket on the removable thermal liner. There are also reflective inserts located throughout the jacket.

All in all, the Dainese Supermoto Leather Jacket is a new upper echelon casual and city riding leather, continuing a long tradition of such gear from Dainese.

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Monday, December 5

Bell Vortex Helmet Graphics

The Bell Vortex Helmet is Bell's mid-range Snell-2010-rated sport, track and race helmet. For late 2011, they've released a new batch of graphic options of this very popular helmet. For the amount of features you're getting, including the Snell safety standard, this helmet really offers excellent bang for the buck. Check out our brief video overviews of the new graphics below.

First is the Bell Vortex Flying Tiger Helmet:

Next is the Bell Vortex Archangel Helmet:

Next is the racer-inspired Bell Vortex B-54 Helmet:

Next is the Bell Vortex Siege Helmet:

Lastly, we could leave out the OG in the lineup, the Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse Helmet:

Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse


Friday, December 2

Bell RS-1 Helmet Graphics

Here we take a detailed look at three graphics of the Bell RS-1 Helmet. The Bell RS-1 is an extremely popular sport and street helmet that competes directly with the Shoei RF-1100. Excellent fit, aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort are what define this lid, and these new graphic options only add to its appeal.

First is our favorite, the brand new Bell RS-1 RSD Flash Helmet:

Bell RS-1 RSD Flash

Next up is one of the original graphics of this helmet, the popular Bell RS-1 Shattered Helmet:

Bell RS-1 Shattered
Lastly, the paisley and skull Bell RS-1 Panic Zone Helmet:

Bell RS-1 Panic Zone

Thursday, December 1

Motorcycle Shows in USA & Canada 2011-2012


OK, so you missed the impossibly huge 69th annual EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori) motorcycle show in Milan, Italy. Again. While missing the many delights of international travel (that’ll be an additional $50 for your checked luggage sir. How would you like to pay?), this, of course, also means that you didn’t get to ogle the new Ducati 1199 Panigale (or the lovely Italian young ladies who helped to introduce it!). And you have yet to lay your eyes on Triumph’s stunning big trailie, the 2012 Tiger Explorer. Suffice to say you feel as if you’ve missed a great deal of excitement and you really need a new motorcycle fix. Soon. Good news. Your time is coming. Just next week the 2011-2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show season kicks off in San Mateo, California.

The Progressive International Motorcycle shows are a traveling circus lasting from November to March that visits 12 locations around the US (see schedule below. Sorry Kansas City.) During the “colder” weather months the shows provide vital visual and tactile therapy for those of us who are fated to endure the “cooler” weather of northern climes. See new bikes. Touch new bikes. Sit on new bikes. It’s all there. The important manufacturers are present as are a large collection of purveyors of gear and equipment. Spend a few hours on the show floor and you will see the important new North American offerings that you unfortunately missed in Milan. Like the 1199. Like the Tiger Explorer. Not to mention the important new 2012 introductions from all the rest such as the new Night Rod Special from the Motor Company, and Kawasaki’s new hypersport, the ZX14R. You can attend focused seminars for female riders and enjoy fascinating presentations from riders like “Around the World Doug” Wothke whose recent ride across Russia to Magadan has been viewed over 1 million times on You can check out everything that’s going on at all the 12 International Motorcycle Show locations by going to

The 12 shows around the country, and their dates are as follows:

San Mateo, CA Nov 18-20
Dallas, TX Dec 2-4
Long Beach,CA Dec 9-11
Seattle, WA Dec 16-18
Detroit (Novi), MI Jan 6-8
Washington, DC Jan 13-15
New York , NY Jan 20-22
Cleveland, OH Jan 27-29
Minneapolis, MN Feb 3-5
Chicago, IL Feb 10-12
Charlotte, NC Feb 24-26
Daytona, FL Mar 14-17

You may have noticed that the Progressive Shows are a “US only” deal. Fear not Canadian brethren! You get your chance too. The Canadian Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council puts on a similar series of shows across the country. This year, their dates and locations are shown below and you can score ticket info and more at

Toronto, Ontario Dec 9-11
Calgary, Alberta Jan 6-8
Edmonton, Alberta Jan 13-15
Vancouver, British Columbia Jan 19-22
Quebec City, Quebec Feb 3-5
Moncton, New Brunswick Feb 10-12
Montreal, Quebec Feb 24-26

Then there is the flagship event. On January 6-8, the North American International Motorcycle “Supershow” is on at Toronto’s International Centre. Arguably North America’s biggest motorcycle show, the Toronto “Supershow” features over 500 exhibitors filling 7 halls and over 400,000 square feet of space in the massive International Centre. Maybe even worth a trip across the border for nearby Americans. Learn more at

Hey, if you attended every one of these shows you’d spend 60 days totally absorbed into the motorcycle lifestyle. And at the end of 60 days you’d be that much closer to the coming of spring! We can’t think of a better way to spend the winter!

-Jack Broomall

Jack Broomall is a lifelong motorcyclist. His motorcycle adventures have taken him across the North American continent several times, to Alaska, the Alps, the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. He is a member of the Iron Butt Association and also owns several motorcycle Land Speed Records set at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he is a member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club. He has been known to do occasional restorations of his favorite bikes from the 1970s and enjoys track days as well.
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