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HJC RPHA X Helmets Announced

HJC RPHA-X Helmet - SolidThe HJC RPHA X helmet is a totally new line that bridges the gap between HJC's current helmets and other high end helmets currently on the market. With RPHA, Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage, they've designed a shell made of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, aramid epoxy, and organic fibers that's incredibly lightweight and strong. Features include full front to back airflow with lightweight, "Cool4Ever" moisture wicking, antibacterial liner, and wide eyeport design for maximum lateral visibility. This helmet is available in black, matte black, white and 3 graphic colorways.
HJC RPHA-X Tempest Helmet

The HJC RPHA X Tempest helmet is available in black/white/silver,  black/green/silver, black/white/silver and orange/white/silver.

HJC RPHA-X Airaid Helmet

The HJC RPHA X Airaid helmet comes in a striking white/silver/red combination.

HJC RPHA-X Factor Helmet

The HJC RPHA X Factor helmet is available in white/black/blue, white/black/silver and white/black/red.

Don't miss the upcoming video reviews coming as soon as these bad boys arrive.

HJC RPHA 10 Helmet Introduction

HJC RPHA-10 Helmet - SolidThe HJC RPHA 10 Helmet is a totally new line that bridges the gap between HJC's current helmets and other high performance helmets currently available. With RPHA, Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage, they've designed a helmet made of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, aramid epoxy and organic fibers that's incredibly lightweight and strong. Notable features include a fog resistant clear pinlock Max-Vision shield with an included pinlock insert, RapidFire ll shield replacement system (ultra-quick shield replacement), and full front to back airflow with a lightweight, "Cool4Ever" moisture-wicking/antibacterial liner. With its wind tunnel rear spoiler, turbulent air is sent away from the shell, improving aerodynamics and dramatically reducing drag and wind noise. This helmet is available in black, matte black, white, silver, anthracite and dark yellow. In addition, there are three graphic options.

HJC RPHA-10 Spies II Helmet

The HJC RPHA 10 Spies II is a Ben Spies Replica helmet, which is matte black with white and the monster energy logo.

The HJC RPHA 10 Evoke helmet comes in two colors: white/grey/silver and black grey/silver. It's angular lines are reminiscent of something from "Aliens."

HJC RPHA-10 Cage Helmet

The HJC RPHA-10 Cage helmet is available in two colorways: white/black/blue and white/black/red.

  Look for our video reviews when the helmets arrive!

HJC RPHA Max Helmet Released

HJC RPHA-Max Helmet - Solid
The new RPHA (Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage) line of HJC helmets was created to bridge the gap between their current product line and other premium helmets on the market. The HJC RPHA Max Helmet is the first modular with the styling and look of a full face sport bike helmet. It's constructed of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, aramid epoxy and organic fibers, resulting in a strong and extremely lightweight helmet.  In fact, it's the lightest modular helmet HJC has ever made! Some of the notable features include the integrated sunshield, Max vision shield with an included pinlock insert, RapidFire ll shield replacement system (ultra-quick shield replacement), full front to back airflow with lightweight, "Cool4Ever" moisture-wicking/antibacterial liner and is the 5 available solid color options.

A full video review will follow as soon as we have the helmets in house. 

Friday, August 24

AGV Horizon Helmet Review

AGV Horizon Helmets - SolidsThe AGV Horizon helmet is an aggressive evolution of the Stealth-SV and has added a number of new features. The internal sun visor retracts fully into the shell and is released by a lever on the outside of the helmet that's easy to use with gloves. Also new is the Dri-Lex liner that has a hygienic treatment that wicks away sweat. The new CarbonGlass shell is a mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber construction that makes for a lightweight, yet strong outer shell. It's in the mid-range of the food chain for the AGV lineup and is a neutral-oval to round head shape. The integrated ventilation system is low profile but works well in venting and extraction. Listening to their customers, AGV continues to improve their products and provide value well beyond expectations. Also available in graphic versions: AGV Horizon Absolute, AGV Horizon Absolute Italy.

AGV Horizon Helmet Review:

(Note: Graphic pictured above is the AGV Horizon Racer)

ICON Device Leather and Textile Jacket Introduction

Icon Device Leather JacketOne of the newest additions to the Icon brand are the Device Jackets, available in leather or textile. 

The Icon Device Leather Jacket is made from the finest Brazilian cowhide, both high quality and durable in the event of a get-off. The jacket has CE-approved armor to absorb impact while stretch panels provide movement and mobility. With the leather Device, you can look boss and be well protected.

Icon Device Textile Jacket

With a durable textile chassis, the Icon Device Jacket has a rough-n-tumble exterior which includes CE-approved, removable elbow/shoulder impact protection with a dual-density foam back pad. This jacket has a removable vest liner that's also built with flex areas to increase mobility for premium fit and function.

Check out our freshly filled fall lineup of Icon gear! Look for more videos coming soon.

Shark Evoline 3 ST Graphic Overview

Several new graphics color the anticipated arrival of the Evoline 3 ST lineup: the Hakka, Century, Century HV and the Moovit. The upgrades of the Evoline 3 series include a new quieter design and improved interior ventilation, the easyfit system for use with glasses, and more comfortable interior with high quality washable fabrics, all can be viewed at Shark Evoline 3 ST.

The Shark Evoline 3 Hakka graphic is offered in two versions, in matte white/black and gloss white/black/red. The design hints at masked bandit motif and the gloss version has a distinctive red line at the chinbar. It's simple, aggressive stance makes it one of our favorites.

Shark Evoline 3 ST Hakka Graphic Review:

Shark Evoline 3 ST Century Helmet

The Shark Evoline 3 Century graphic is more subdued than the Hakka and is available in three colorways: matte black/white/anthracite, matte black/orange/anthracite and white/brown/blue. Subtle texturing in various sections of the helmet make this a refined choice.

Shark Evoline 3 ST Century Graphic Review:

Shark Evoline 3 ST Century Hi Viz Helmet

The Shark Evoline Century Hi-Viz adds this great high-viz graphic to the lineup for the safety conscious rider. In addition to the fluorescent yellow accents, there is a crosshatching of light silver/white metallic-flaked etching bordering several portions of the design.

Shark Evoline 3 ST Century HV Graphic Review:

Shark Evoline 3 ST Moovit Lumi Helmet

The Evoline Moovit graphic, with stellar orbiting accents lines, comes in matte black/orange and white/black/silver. Another offering in the same graphic is the Evoline Moovit Lumi that uses luminescent paint to make it glow in the dark and guaranteed to make you visible at night.

All these options make for the most exciting generation of Evoline so far!  As always you can find them at

New ICON 1000 Jackets and Pants for 2012

Icon 1000 Outsider Jacket
Brand New for 2012, the Icon 1000 lineup uses premium materials in their street and sport gear.

The ICON 1000 Outsider Jacket is a unique convertible that can be worn as a full length riding jacket or as a short-sleeved option via its nifty zip-off leather forearms. The base materials are antique-finished drum-dyed brazilian cowhide and waxed denim. The Outsider has a full complement of D30 CE-certified armor for the back, shoulders and elbows and contains a removable insulated vest liner.

Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants

Cut from the same premium 1.3mm cowhide as the Chapter jacket, The ICON 1000 Roughshod pants have a relaxed fit.  Sewn together by triple-stitching and a YKK zip fly, these are fully equipped with removable D3O impact knee protectors. The inseam is the same for all sizes at a long 36", so you can cut to length for customization.

Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants Review:

Icon 1000 Hoodlux Hoody
The ICON Hoodlux Softshell Hoody bridges the great divide between riding jacket and casual apparel. Assembled with stretch-woven 330 gram softshell fabric, the Hoodlux incorporates wind-resistance and a modified raglan sleeve.  The outer layer is bonded to a the inner fleece material for an extra measure of warmth and protection. The elbows are reinforced with a washable synthetic overlay. When worn in tandem with the Field Armor Stryker rig, the Hoodlux is, as ICON puts it, 'a tactical cover in a world of exposure, the nomad of the ICON 1000 line.'

See the full lineup of the ICON 1000 Fall 2012 collection and watch for our videos coming soon.

ICON Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet Preview

The ICON Variant Carbon Cyclic helmet weighs in at a mere 1650 grams, the perfect balance between engineering and design. Through Icon's proprietary molding technology, carbon is strategically placed throughout the shell to ensure structural integrity while minimizing weight. The shell is fitted with a removable and washable interior. In addition, there are multiple air-intake and exhaust ports for climate management. This is a great dual sport crossover helmet if you're in the market for balancing light weight with strength and engineering.

Don't miss the other Icon Variant Helmets in the lineup like the Icon Etched Variant or the Icon Variant Construct.

Icon Variant Carbon Cyclic Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Candy (Graphic) Lineup

So the Icon Airmada comes new to the party, brings the grain, and refuses to open the front door for the police. He's got his rowdy friends with him (not Hank Williams though) and they all have their own styles. Imagine they are all Airmada helmets.

Dazzleship anyone? The Icon Airmada Stack helmet was the first leaked picture we saw as part of the Brammo project. It's on fire with electricity (is that possible?) it also comes in 6 colors including the Hi-Viz we're showing here.


Icon Airmada Stack Hi-Viz Helmet Review:

The Airmada Sportbike SB1 helmet definitely has "pseudo-mechanical tendrils" in its description. I call that organic gnarliness with a touch of fear and loathing. 6 colors including a sweet orange. It almost hearkens back to an age of Duke Nuke'm.

Icon Airmada Sportbike SB1 Helmet Review:

The Icon Airmada 4 Horsemen helmet is quite the apocalyptic statement - and there isn't even a shot of Dean Malenko on the lid. Think greyscale white-walkers on a graphic sending Jon Snow back to the wall. One color of this bad boy. All ghosted and grey, all the time. The skull on the back is boss.

Icon Airmada Four Horsemen Helmet Review:

Tried and true, the Airmada Gloss Helmet is for those of you who aren't into post apocalypyical-electrified-gnarly-lids. Do you know what this means? You have good taste in a helmet which will vent well and be rock solid at speed. Bravo.

All in all the Airmada is looking to replace the Alliance and with all of the same features but even more umph, we should see a solid push. Looking forward to beating on one (I am an Airmada Rubatone man myself), at first glance the style and features look like a win.

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ICON Airmada Helmet Launched!

The ICON Airmada is the next evolution in technical advancements, which the Alliance has been building on for 10 years. The first thing you'll notice is the new low-profile shell, which comes in four separate sizes to better fit a variety of head shapes. The dual-density EPS liner comes in five additional sizes to offer a personalized fit. ICON made an effort to reduce the helmet size and if you combine this with the polycarbonate shell, you've created a helmet that fits better, is absurdly light and still maintains all the standards for which ICON helmets are known.

Bringing function and fit together, the designers of the Icon Airmada Helmet have focused on bringing rider comfort to a new level. The Supervent system has been revamped with better ventilation and exhaust ports. The shield system has been redesigned to expand the eye port and changing out the shield takes a fraction of a second.

Graphics, solids, and H-Viz, oh my! We can't wait to ride in the next iteration from an already progressive company.
Icon Airmada Helmet Review:

Stay tuned for the graphic lineup.

Wednesday, August 15

Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet Review

Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet - Solids

The Scorpion VX-R70 is the big brother to the VX-34. It has an intermediate head shape with a new shell, called TCT, which is tri-composite and results in a lighter, stronger shell.  A size medium helmet weighs in at 3.1 oz. Most of the tried and true features you'd expect to find in a dirt helmet from Scorpion exist in the VX-R70: kwickwick liner, and the AirFit system means you can pump up your cheek pads for a custom fit. A tool-free grill can be popped out and easily cleaned. The larger eye-port increases your field of vision. Three new air scoops above the brow and below the visor vent lots of air. This helmet is available in black and in two different graphic versions, the VX-R70 Fragment and the VX-R70 Flux.

Scorpion VX-R70 Helmet Review:

Tuesday, August 14

New Alpinestars Cold Weather Gloves 2012

The New Alpinestars Cold Weather Gloves stick it to mother nature and make peace with the multi-season sport and sport touring community. There is no Twix, but welcome to your candy lineup.

Alpinestars Tech Road Gore-Tex GlovesThe Alpinestars Tech Road gloves are the top of the line in Gore-Tex waterproofing, cold weather gloves. Made of goatskin leather for abrasion and tear resistance, a leather and suede reinforced construction makes them extra durable.  Insulation has been added to the top and side surfaces of the fingers for added warmth while a taffeta lining makes entry and exit from the glove easier. The index finger has a touch screen stylus for use on a GPS. The EVA inserts have increased impact absorption and palm sliders for abrasion resistance. A TPR visor wiper is on the left thumb and the wrist has a double closure.
Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex Gloves

The Alpinestars Jet Road  Gore-Tex gloves are a waterproof, gauntlet glove built with a blend of leather and textile. Made of a high abrasion fabric and goatskin leather for abrasion and tear resistance, the Jet Road also use advanced EVA inserts to increase impact absorption. The molded knuckle protectors have built-in shock resistance. The gauntlet has a twin-wrist designed to close the jacket sleeves and seal out the elements while a water drain eyelet system on releases any water caught in the double-cuff. As with the Tech Road, the Jet Road gloves also have the TPR helmet visor wipe and touch screen stylus.

Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Gloves

The Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex gloves don't look wintry at a 3/4 length. Instead, they have a sportier appeal and were made to be worn under your jacket sleeve. Constructed of goatskin and a high abrasion fabric, suede reinforcements provide superior durability and grip. These gloves also have high-density padded inserts, a touch screen stylus, and a double wrist closure. A chamude (type of leather) snot patch lines the outside of the left thumb along with a visor wiper.

Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Gloves Review:
Alpinestars WR-3 Gore-Tex Gloves

The Alpinestar WR-3 Gore-Tex gloves are made of goatskin and have a full gauntlet that's intended to be worn over your jacket. It's not as heavily insulated as the Tech Road, Jet Road or Polar gloves, but it does have enough insulation on the top of the glove and the sides of the fingers  to serve well as a three season glove. Like the other gloves in the line, it has a visor wipe, knuckle protectors, reflective strips and accordion inserts on the fingers and top of the hand for flexibility. This glove is available in women's as well, the Stella WR-3.

 Alpinestars WR-3 Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

Alpinestars Overland Drystar Gloves

The Alpinestars Overland gloves are a Drystar waterproof glove without medium strength insulation. Made of goatskin with suede reinforcements, they are highly abrasion resistant. EVA inserts increase the impact absorption. Other features that mirror Astars other gloves include accordion inserts on the fingers and top of the hand, molded knuckle protectors and reflective details.

Alpinestars Overland Drystar Gloves Review:

Don't miss the jacket and boot lineup.

Alpinestars Leather Glove Updates for Late 2012

Rock solid and brand new for this Autumn, Alpinestars brings us two completely new gloves, which are redesigned for hardcore riding, just in time for those crisp fall rides!

Alpinestars GP Pro GlovesThe Alpinestars GP Pro, already a premier and popular glove in the line-up, has implemented a number of improved features. Included in these advancements is K-Tech Kevlar, bringing together Kevlar, leather and foam to create a wall of protection and superior abrasion resistance to the most vulnerable phalange: the pinkie. Kevlar is also used as the inner lining on the top of the hand and thumb. Another new feature is found in the L-shaped PU slider for even more abrasion resistance. Other niceties on the glove include ventilation via an abrasion resistant backhand vent and a patented racing finger bridge (which keeps the little finger in place). This bridge feature also helps eliminate abrasion of your finger and the surrounding exterior seams.  The New GP Pro is available in five colors.

Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves Review:

Alpinestars GP Plus GlovesThe Alpinestars GP Plus is a hair less technical from the GP Pro, but is also a track worthy glove. The new changes to this glove incorporate the addition of the PU palm slider and two new colors. Other attributes of this glove you may already be familiar with include a full grain bovine leather construction, goatskin leather inserts, and DFS Thermo injected finger (and knuckle) protectors. This glove, like the Pro, also has the Alpinestars patented racing finger bridge that prevents finger separation and stops twisting around the fourth finger in the event of a slide. The Plus is available in four colors.

Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves Review:

Alpinestars Boots for Fall '12

Boots are what put Astars on the map. Stomp! This Fall they have expanded their family.

Alpinestars Montreal ShoesThe Alpinestars Tech 3 aren't new, but the gnarly graffiti graphics are! These boots that are designed for off-road enduro riders and ATV folk who need all-terrain soles and high impact protection. The Tech 3 are value packed with leather uppers, high-grip double density compound rubber outsoles, and a contoured steel shank over-injected inside the assembly insole. The buckles are made from a techno-polymer and are highly impact resistant so they don't break on you mid-ride. An extended gaiter prevents water from entering the boot and the anatomic footbed is removable. This new graphic is available in 2 colors: green, blue and solid white.

Ultra-lightweight, the Alpinestars Montreal Shoes take design inspiration from Alpinestars Formula 1 driving shoes. Internally, a toe box and heel counter are built into the shoe to provide a solid form.

  Alpinestars Montreal Shoes Review:
Alpinestars Classic Casual Shoes

The Alpinestars Classic Casual Shoe is a lifestyle sneaker that is lightweight, breathable, and made of suede upper with vulcanized soles. The inner liner is a breathable mesh with a soft heel counter.

Alpinestars Classic Casual Shoes Review:

Alpinestars Monster Energy Gloves Preview

Alpinestars GP-M Gloves
Alpinestars Monster Energy Gloves are "so" better than Red Bull gloves. You know this! Go tell your mom.

The Alpinestars GP-M Gloves are essentially GP Pros with the addition of the Monster logo. The new features for this year's GP Pro update include ventilation via an abrasion resistant backhand vent. Also, Alpinestars patented racing finger bridge was added, keeping the little finger in place and eliminating abrasion of finger seams. Lastly, you may notice new L-shaped PU sliders that feature better impact and abrasion resistance. The GP-M gloves will be available in black/green and black/white/green.

Alpinestars GP-M Monster Energy Gloves Review:

Alpinestars M1 Gloves

The Alpinestars M1 gloves, the ultimate in urban styling, are the S1 glove with the addition of the monster logo. Like the S1, the gloves have external side wrist protectors and little finger reinforcement for abrasion resistance. They are anatomically designed with pre-curved fingers to assist with grip and reduce muscle fatigue.  Not only does the palm has superior grip and feel, the thumb and finger are also reinforced with Clarino and use external stitching to improve the feel and comfort.

Alpinestars M1 Monster Energy Gloves Review:

Alpinestars M10 Air Carbon Gloves

The Alpinestars M10 Air Carbon Gloves are definitely motocross inspired. With carbon protection, they are the original SMX 2 Air Carbon gloves with (of course!) all the Monster DNA added. The combination of leather and a mesh upper, offers durability, abrasion resistance, and comfort. The Carbon fiber knuckles are a great protective feature as well adding a bit of flash to this sub-$80 mesh glove.  The M10 Air Carbon comes in black/green and black/white/green.

Alpinestars M10 Monster Energy Air Carbon Gloves Review

Alpinestars M20 Air Gloves

Originally the SMX 3 glove (before the Monster transformation!), the Alpinestars M20 Air Gloves use goat skin leather with a mesh upper construction for superior comfort, flexibility and feel. The knuckles have EVA foam while the palm uses suede micro-fiber. The M20 Air gloves are available in black/green and black/white/green.

Alpinestars M20 Monster Energy Air Gloves Review:

Don't miss the rest of the new lineup of Alpinestars Gear, available at 

Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket and Race Suit Jacket Revealed

The Alpinestars Atem family of gear leads with a new level of comfort and protection. Are you ready? Can you feel the tension?
Alpinestars Atem Race Suit
The Alpinestars Atem Race Suit cometh! We predict it will hit hard and replace the Tech 1R as the second most technical suit in the entire Astars line. It's made of 1.3MM full grain leather for high performance, impact and abrasion resistance. New elements showcase Alpinestar exclusive DFS (dynamic friction shield) technology: hard polyurethane protectors over the knees, shoulders, elbows and tibia. An Aramidic stretch panel has been added to the chest and the entire suit is now CE certified (not just the armor). Other new features include a Velcro adjustment at the wrist and ankles, and the addition of spring loaded zippers. Aside from these new features, this race suit showcases many of the technical innovations as tested by MotoGP racers. The Atem delivers exceptional levels of safety, comfort and weather protection that maximize quality and performance.

Alpinestars Atem Race Suit Review:

Alpinestars Atem Jacket

The Alpinestars Atem is identical in style and features to the Atem racing suit -- it's just the track ready version in jacket form. With the same new enhancements as the full suit, the Atem jacket falls in as the upgraded version of the Tech IR jacket. The Atem jacket is 1.33MM full grain leather, has DFS armor shoulder and elbow protectors, full sleeve Aramidic stretch panels, 3D Tech mesh wrist and neoprene collar to prevent skin chafing. This garment is also CE certified with removable security straps to maintain the jacket position in case of a feet first slide. The 3D Tech mesh liner increases comfort and ventilation by creating a space between the liner and leather, allowing for better air flow.

Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket Review:

Alpinestars Monster Energy Jackets Announced

The lineup of new Alpinestars Monster Jackets are "flippin' sweet" (Napoleon voice) and can be viewed with complimentary video at  Your Welcome!

Alpinestars GP-M Leather JacketThe Alpinestars GP-M Leather Jacket is 1.3MM full grain leather, with perforated inserts on the front, back, and sleeves for ventilation in warm weather. Integrated Aramidic stretch panels in the shoulders allow for a full range of movement and extra comfort while riding. The chest and back compartments have PE protective padding that can be upgraded to CE certified Bio Armor back and chest protectors. This jacket is available in black/white with the green Monster logo on the sleeves and back -- a GP-R with a monsterful flavor.

Alpinestars GP-M Monster Energy Leather Jacket Review:

Alpinestars T-Scream Jacket

The Alpinestars T-Scream Monster Energy Jacket is 600D polyester for strength and durability, and is PU coated for water resistance. With removable CE-certified Bio Armor protectors in the shoulders and elbows, the back protector is made out of PE padding that can be CE  upgraded at a later date. Available in Black/green with the Monster logo on the back, think 3-season, warm weather for this vocal new garment.

Alpinestars T-Scream Monster Energy Jacket Review:

Alpinestars Howler WP Jacket

The Alpinestars Howler WP Jacket is cut from 600D polyester and also uses a PU coating. Strong, durable and waterproof, the Howler is also breathable and has a removable long sleeve thermal liner for the warmer months. The shoulders and elbows have removable CE-certified Bio Armor, the back protector starts out as PE padding, which you can beef up down the road. This jacket has integrated high-visibility reflective stripes across the front and back, with a universal style and a nasty green attitude.

Alpinestars Howler Monster Energy Waterproof Jacket Review:

Alpinestars Cloak Fleece Jacket

The Alpinestars Cloak Fleece Jacket is a lifestyle garment which offers some minor protection in the form of elbow and shoulder PE foam inserts. The outer shell is a windbreaker while the inner fleece lining offers comfortable thermal insulation. The Cloak has a removable hood with shock cord adjusters as well as a small Velcro trim tab to house the hidden cords inside the fleece lined collar. Other niceties include a longer rear profile, three external pockets and a bike-key holder hook inside the right pocket.

Alpinestars Cloak Monster Energy Fleece Jacket Review:

(Growl Noise) Monster Energy and Alpinestars had a baby (woot!). It's this gear. Watch out for gnarly green gloves as well.

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants Released

The Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex jacket and pants released for Fall '12 are now available at These new reveals fit squarely in the Tech-Touring category for Alpinestars

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex JacketThe new Alpinestars Tech ST Jacket is a waterproof tool for ADV/Sport-Touring and is the only jacket in the Astars lineup with the Gore-Tex membrane laminated to the outer shell of the garment.  This allows for both direct venting and the ability to be entirely waterproof. Though primarily textile, it utilizes Gore-Tex leather for added abrasion resistance. This jacket has a full sleeve thermal lining with a windbreaker neck extension. Fully adjustable, with width straps on the sleeves, waist, and neck, the Tech ST is sure to give a precision fit. The frontal climate control system is optimized to accommodate a touring mid-layer beneath while the back of the jacket provides an elongated lumbar region. Neoprene tipping, Luminex piping, and SAS-TEC
elbow and shoulder armor are additional features that make
this a great touring piece.

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex PantsThe Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex pants tout all the same technical features and fabrics as the jacket. The climate control system for the pants is installed on the thigh and calves. These pants come with a removable bib as well as a removable thermal liner. CE knee protectors can be adjusted vertically for proper fit and protection. At the bottom cuff, deep side zippers allow for precise fitting over touring and sport boots. Waterproof pockets, adjustable waistband, and detachable braces are just a few of the other features that make us want to 'geek-out' on the new Tech ST.

Alpinestars Tech ST Gore-Tex Pants Review:

New Alpinestars gear is afoot in Fall 2012!

Alpinestars Vika Leather Jacket and Pants Preview

Alpinestars Women's Vika Leather JacketThe Alpinestars Vika Jacket and Pants are part of the City Collection; defined by their blend of fashion and protection. The 1MM full-grain leather is buttery to the touch and is specifically selected and treated for the ultimate in softness and comfort. Ergonomic aramid stretch inserts give the Vika a body-hugging fit and improved flexibility. For its armor, the Vika sports high impact performance CE-certified PU elbow, shoulder and knee protectors. The jacket has seamless neck and wrist construction for form-fitting comfort.
Alpinestars Women's Vika Leather Pants

The Alpinestars Vika pants have extended aramid stretch inserts to improve fit, comfort and flexibility. As with the jacket, the pants are specifically designed to offer a feminine profile.

Alpinestars Women's Vika Leather Jacket and Pants Review:

Monday, August 13

Airhawk Seats Overview and Buying Guide

Airhawk Seat Pad

The Airhawk seat pad was originally developed for the medical community to equalize weight-bearing areas of the body and relieve pressure points. Made of either neoprene or more affordable polyurethane plastic, interconnecting cells flow air from one cell to another at a controlled rate, reducing vibration and absorbing shock.

Airhawk2 Cruiser Pad
The seat cushion designed for motorcycle riders facilitates longer riding days with increased comfort. It's also a less expensive option than a custom seat and transfers easily from one bike to another. Several different shapes are available for the rider seat, in addition to a pillion pad. The Airhawk comes with an air bladder, a cover with a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping off your OEM seat, and straps to secure it in place.

Airhawk Seats Overview & Buying Guide:

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