Tuesday, October 30

New SIDI Boots Blew In!

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, three new boots have just blown in from SIDI! Best defined as cross-overs by design, these new options certainly look like they could have been frankenstormed together with high winds and a cyclone. Their multi-function properties will make them a flexible choice for several different riders and riding styles.

The first arm of the storm brought us the SIDI Nitro boots, mixing elements of sport and shoe. Caught somewhere between the Streetburner and Blade boots, the Nitro use Sidi's own Techno 3 wire entry closure system. This ratcheted fastener keeps the fit snug, while still allowing for a quick exit. Without traditional laces, you won't have to worry about anything flapping in the wind. Stylistically, the Nitro look a bit more shoe-like, though their sharp lines and textures will certainly allow them to stand out amid the fray.

Perhaps created in the eye of the hurricane, the SIDI SDS New York shoes carry a calm, serene facade with furious intent. SDS stands for SIDI Design Series and indicates an additional level of care and detail in their makeup. Though they could easily fit into your everyday routine with suavity, the SDS New York have all the protection and reinforcement of a full riding shoe as well as a non-slip sole and a strap to hide your laces.

High surf and flooding won't scare you away with the SIDI Armada boots. Appropriately equipped with Gore-Tex and both external and internal ankle protection, the Armada provide a sport-touring solution akin to the Adventure Rain Gore-Tex. Made to be more comfortable, more flexible, and more versatile, these boots will protect from wind and weather like their older dual-sport brother. However, they are much lighter and offer a snug, custom fit with several expansion panels and adjustments for your calf and ankle. These agile companions will give you the edge against mother nature.

We've survived the worst! When the high-winds, flooding, and downed trees subside, we fully expect these boots to have landed firmly on higher ground.

-- ckZilla

Tuesday, October 23

New Dainese Protection and Base Layers 2013 Collection

In the vast world of motorcycle gear, base-layers and protection layers often get lost in the shuffle. However, they do play an important role in keeping your ride safe and focused. A proper base-layer keeps your mind on the road and off the windchill, while protection will supplement the existing armor in your jacket for a more complete package.

Putting protection first, lets strap on the Dainese Gilet Wave back protector. The new fitment system is its greatest asset, using a waist strap and zipped vest in combination. These extra details make the Gilet Wave more comfortable and more stable, staying in place better in the event of a crash. In addition, this CE Level 1 garment uses aluminum honeycomb construction and a segmented plate design for maximum energy absorption. The interior of the back plate uses 3D bubble foam to optimize for airflow. Complete with pockets along the chest and hip, this back protector makes no compromise.

Hitting the dirt with pizzazz, the Dainese Tutore Cross knee guards bring color and style to the world of knee braces. Reinforced with Pro-Shape and Crash Absorb, this triple-density joint support system will protect you from impact while simultaneously providing a rigid structure to brace your knee. Full adjustability coupled with an eccentric joint allows the Tutore to move with the rider and keeps the armor in place at all times. Don't worry, we aren't crazy - 'eccentric joint' just means you can extend your knee.

If you've been riding for very long, sooner or later you'll get the memo that cotton is the worst thing to wear under your jacket. Preventing moisture from evaporating combined with an affinity for odor and bacteria make the classic 't-shirt' a bad choice. Fortunately, Italy has had no shortage of Polyamide fibers as they add the Dainese Dynamic Cool LS and Dainese Dynamic Cool SS shirt to their menu. These seamless shirts moisture-wick like nobody's business and has an antibacterial treatment to fight odor and grunge.

Of course, they didn't stop there. If you can cough up an extra $5, Italy will grace you with the Dainese Dynamic Cool Tech LS and Dainese Dynamic Cool Tech SS shirt - key word being tech. The difference here is the addition of Polypropylene, which is basically a five-syllable way of saying "it keeps you dry." Woven with the moisture-wicking properties, the "it keeps you dry" fabric assists in preventing water from soaking into the material.

On the other side of the thermometer, the Dainese Evolution Warm shirt is meant for freezing temperatures. This anatomic creation is sculpted to fit the posture of a rider, stretching in all the right places. Best used between your skin and a wind-blocking layer, this shirt helps to regulate your body temperature so your body doesn't have to. As your skin lets off heat, the thermal properties help retain, but when you start to sweat the moisture is carried away. Dainese also released an Evolution Warm Pant to accompany this selection.

If you run into some really 'foul' weather, try the Dainese Goose-D Vest on for size. Stuffed with Goose down and feathers, this water-repellent vest works as an excellent mid-layer, retaining gobs of heat. Side inserts give enough stretch for a flexible fit and two exterior pockets make this the most convenient goose you'll ever wear. Seriously, when is the last time a goose has offered to hold onto your phone? This vest also comes in a women's version.

If you don't sweat the details, you'll likely be hot, or cold, or unprotected. Take some time to flesh out your collection, or get familiar with the basics in the rest of the Dainese 2013 release.

-- ckZilla

Friday, October 19

New Dainese 2013 Textiles Just Announced!

Alright! You've got us, we admit it: We are addicted to Dainese gear! But really, I mean, who wouldn't be with a line-up like this one? 2013 looks like as good a year as we've seen yet for Dainese.

Warning: addictive content to follow. Further reading may result in drooling, twitching, and other obsessive behavior

The first libation to feed your habit comes in the form of the Dainese Super Speed jacket. If you've been shamelessly following our feed today, you'll probably recognize this name from its leather counterpart. The Super Speed textile is an aggressive warm weather option that takes the best cues from the Air-Frame and the Avro Textile. With silver aluminium shoulder sliders and the strategically placed mesh panels, this jacket gives you the protection of the Avro with the ventilation and feature set of the Air-Frame.

Dainese Super Speed Jacket Review:

Pour the next shot! The Dainese Stradon Gore-Tex jacket is the latest uber-jacket prepped for 2013. This Gore-Tex waterproof jacket is built to withstand the coldest temperatures, while still allowing for direct ventilation by means of the coveted Gore Lockout Closure zippers. This ziplock is legal to open and consume in public, while keeping you 100% dry when closed. Other details include: a removable collar and double collar, as well as a removable thermal lining, but it doesn't end there! Add a helping of leather on the back of the arms and shoulders along with another injection of aluminium shoulder sliders. We can't wait to get our hands on these for a full video breakdown and investigate some of the juicy new terms associated with the Stradon like "Dragon Fabric", or "Anti-floating sleeve adjustment." Aimed at the most hardcore of consumers, this drug of a jacket will likely fix any two-wheel condition.

Dainese Stradon Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

Cooling off with a more palatable chaser, lets have a look at the Dainese Crono jacket. Perched just under the Avro textile, with a slightly less aggressive stance, the Crono has many of the same perks. Intake and exhaust vents contrast with a removable thermal liner to make for a wide-range of temperature adjustability. The Crono comes in four colors - Black, Red, Silver, and Blue.

In other news, the Talos GTX jacket now has a counterpart with the Dainese Talos Gore-Tex Pants.

Dainese Crono Textile Jacket Review:

Now that you've had a breather, it is time for the Dainese Aspide D-Dry jacket to pack a punch. Perhaps one of the motosexiest jackets of last year, the original Aspide was the ultimate style statement for a protective sport textile, however, admittedly it lacked the much needed dose of functionality that the D-Dry version offers. Much like the Avro and Avro D-Dry, the Aspide D-Dry comes with a built-in waterproof membrane in the outer shell along with a front Idraflap fastener. The added material over the zipper helps to keep water and wind out.

Dainese Aspide D-Dry Jacket Review:

Moving over to the new women's textiles, we have a tempting Dainese Women's Vintage jacket to announce. Filling a void in the women's vintage department, this classically-styled jacket aims to please with its soothing lines and relaxing colors.

Dainese Women's Vintage Textile Jacket Review:

The closer for this evening should leave you with that warm, comforting feeling, quite literally. Made from stretchy, yet protective Mugello fabric, the Dainese Women's Zima Gore-Tex jacket serves up a substantial all-weather option for the serious female rider. The Zima mixes thermal lining and Gore-Tex waterproofing with chest and shoulder vents for a versatile riding solution. This gem for the discerning female rider will allow her to ride unshaken in changing weather conditions, while stirring her onlookers with the crisp fashion and graceful style that only Italy can offer.

Dainese Women's Zima Gore-Tex Jacket Review:

As we have come to realize, you can never really get enough of Dainese. If you need more to satiate your urges, check out the entire 2013 Collection at RevZilla.com.

-- ckZilla

Dainese Leather Jackets : Spring '13 Collection

Known for their premium leather and hand-crafted care, Dainese never lets us down with their exquisite leather jackets. 2013 will bring some additional perforated options to existing models as well as a plethora of new jackets that will challenge your reserve.

Beginning with our perforated additions, please welcome the Dainese Razon Perforated leather jacket and the Dainese Racing Perforated leather jacket. These pre-proven options carry all the benefits or their non-perf predecessors, however, the added flexibility to choose between models will open these jackets up to a wider climate range. The other bonus to these two is that they are available in almost all sizes and colors now! The rest of the 2013 selection will keep you waiting through the new year.

The Dainese Frazer leather jacket is an intriguing new option that combines leather and textile in a refined composite. The added strength of the leather is contrasted with the lightweight flexibility of the Cordura 750 fabric. Using perforated leather panels and micro-elastic inserts in key areas allow this jacket to fit you best and look the rest. The Frazer proudly displays Dainese's sexy aluminum shoulder inserts making it a unique combination of style and protection. Also unique, is the use of what Dainese calls 'washable cow leather' in its construction.

Next up, is the Dainese Speed Naked Leather jacket, which is available in a perforated option as well. This bad boy touts vintage leather and clean lines along with Dainese's aluminium shoulder inserts. This classic, relaxed-fit design is certainly not basic in features! There are several things that separate it from the competition, including strategic use of S1 fabric for flexibility, air inlets on the chest, a Nanofeel liner, and 3D Bubble fabric inserts (for interior climate control). As with all of these new Dainese jackets, the Speed Naked will accept your Dainese back protector or Thorax chest protector.

To take it up a notch, Italy brings us the aptly-named Dainese Super Speed Naked Leather jacket, which is also available in a perforated option. Produced with Dainese's proprietary D-Skin leather and riddled with style and feature details, the Super Speed Naked is the sport alter ego of its classic counterpart. Two high-contrast color schemes give the perforated version a striking impression. An additional two red and blue options decorate the non-perf jacket. An aggressive fit, and an aerodynamic speed hump pin it directly in the high-adrenaline sport world.

Stay tuned for more Dainese 2013 updates soon to follow!

-- ckZilla

2013 Dainese Boot Lineup

In predictable Italian style, Dainese has introduced a whole new smashing line of boots for you to drool over all winter long. The 2013 selection sees a reboot to some existing killers as well as a healthy addition to both men's and women's protective footwear.

Refreshing the Torque line-up, Dainese brings us the Torque RS series, which includes the Dainese Torque RS Out, Dainese Torque RS Out Air, Dainese Torque RS In, and Dainese Torque RS Out D-WP boots. If you need a reminder on what "In vs. Out" boots are all about, check out the Dainese FAQ page for more info. The real advantage to this new "RS" series is that the entire boot is now CE-rated, as opposed to just the armor pieces only. This means that they pass tests that require the entire boot to withstand an impact as well as being particularly resistant to dis-lodging from your foot in the event of a crash. In addition to the protection upgrade, Dainese is gracing us with a few extra colorways, including a bright White/Red/Blue.

Dainese Torque RS Out Boots Review:

Paying respect to the American V-Twin crowd, as their namesake implies, the Dainese V-Twin D-WP boots bring a sturdy, waterproof boot that will look right at home on Route 66. Buckles, traditional cowhide, and attitude, make this rattlesnake killer ready for the long haul, the straight shot, or anything inbetween. Perhaps Dainese intended this to be paired with this year's R-Twin Leather Jacket?

Dainese V-Twin D-WP Boots Review:

My personal favorite, the Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex boots, are roughly translated from Italian to "armored tank." Made with the long-distance tourer in mind, the Carroarmato are a well-supported upper-calf length boot that is reinforced on all sides. Using D-Stone fabric, cowhide, aluminum buckles, TPU shin plates, and Nylon ankle inserts, this boot is "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" by Gore-Tex and sure as hell to keep you safe.

Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex Boots Review:

After a well-received Dainese Technical Sneaker in 2012, the Dainese Forge Shoes provide a lower cut casual shoe that comes at a lower price point as well. Cleverly combining leather, rubber, and fabric, the Forge shoes give subtle protection in an incognito package and the thermoplastic heel reinforcement allows you to 'kick back' with confidence.

Dainese Forge Shoes Review:

Moving on to women's footwear, Dainese has brought four brand new models to the house. Beginning with the Dainese Women's Garde S-RS shoes, ladies will now have a low-cut option from Dainese much akin to the Dyno, or Dyno Naked mens options. Featuring a speed lacing system and an elasticated fit, the Garde S-RS are a choice of convenience for the female rider.

Dainese Women's Garde S-RS Shoes Review:

As we move up the leg from ankle to low-calf, the Dainese Women's Luma Gore-Tex boots step in adding a slightly taller option. Layering shin protection with a Gore-Tex membrane, the Luma offer a slightly less sporty look than the Avant boots, while offering more functionality in its waterproofing. Coming in at the same price point as the Garde S-RS, Dainese will force you to choose between these two lovely chasses.

Dainese Women's Luma Gore-Tex Boots Review:

Moving up again to mid-calf, allow me to introduce the Dainese Svelta Gore-Tex boots. Sporting clean curves and dependable Italian style, the Svelta should be an easy fit, especially with the intentional placement of elastic along the sides. The Gore-Tex membrane will give you confidence in the wet without compromising the breathability of full-grain leather.

Dainese Women's Svelta Gore-Tex Boots Review:

At the top of the totem pole, Italy deigns us to experience the Dainese Women's Ixia D-WP boots. As the tallest boot in the line-up, the Ixia play their part in both style and functionality. The D-WP lining keeps water out, and its height alone prevents moisture from splashing in from the road. While it doesn't offer the guarantee of Gore-Tex, the added height and heel on the Ixia will make it a popular fashion buy and a hard choice next to the Svelta.

Dainese Women's Ixia D-WP Boots Review:

We hope you like what you see! We are certainly psyched for the 2013 release. Check out the rest of the Dainese 2013 Collection at RevZilla.com.

-- ckZilla

Wednesday, October 17

GoPro HERO3 Camera Launched

GoPro just unveiled the next generation of it's Hero line of cameras the GoPro Hero3. The Hero3 has a form factor that is 30 percent smaller (much better for mounting on bikes and helmets) and will be 25 percent lighter than its predecessor, with a resolution that is up to 4x higher, plus WiFi is included.

At the top of the Hero3 Food Chain is the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition that is capable of capturing video at up to 4K res thanks to a processor GoPro says is 2x faster, they have also doubled frame rates at lower resolutions.  That means 1080p60, 1440p48 and 720p120 modes are supported for your super slow and still-HD capture needs. Still photos can be captured at 12MP at up to a 30fps burst and in time-lapse intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds.  The Hero3 Silver Edition maxes out at 11MP stills and 1080p30 video, while the White Edition drops down to 5MP stills.  Out of the box, you get compatibility with the GoPro app for smartphones and the GoPro Wi-Fi remote. The Black Edition even comes with a Wi-Fi remote, nice touch.

Quite honestly I was never really a fan of GoPro cameras.  They seemed excessively bulky, had a clunky interface and lacked a lot of the features that the competitors had.  The scale of the Hero3 is enticing and the feature set is equally compelling.  The new LCD Touch BacPac should offer better UI and make set up smoother.  I love the fact that it is there when you need it and can be removed to keep the size down.  This looks like the model that will get me to switch over.  Time to sign up for another track day so we can put this thing to use.  Stay tuned for more info.

- Santini
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Friday, October 12

New 2013 Dainese Gloves

Like a Milan a fashion show, in typical Dainese fashion we have been shown a glimpse of what the industry leader will be offering in the Spring for 2013.  The new glove line incorporates some changes to a few old favorites and some new faces. 

To kick it off, Dainese has updated the venerable Full Metal Pro Glove and renamed it the Dainese Full Metal RS Glove.  As with many of the new Dainese gloves, these gloves carry a CE certification.  This is the first time we have seen this used on a glove and as of now details are limited.  There are handful of upgrades including better protection for the head of the ulna bone (always one of my gripes with the Full Metal Pro), Pittard's® leather reinforcement between thumb and index on the left hand, and Digital Sheepskin reinforcement between thumb and index and fingertips of index and middle finger of right hand.  It is nice to see an asymmetrical detail like the reinforcement in this glove since both hands perform slightly different tasks controlling the bike.  These will be offered in host of colors to match your kit, including a hot new BMW Motorrad version.  In the land of top notch racing gloves, this could be the new king. 

Next up on the catwalk is the Dainese Pro Metal RS Glove.  These slot in just below the Steel Core Carbon Gloves and feature the same asymmetrical reinforcement treatment that the Full Metal RS Gloves have as well as the CE certification.  They don’t have the hard protective plate on the back of the hand that the Full Metal or Steel Core have, but in it’s place there is a perforated and padded panel.  Nice details like an additional leather tab to cover the wrist strap and bi-elasticated stretch panels in the fingers will make these a solid choice for the street.  

The Dainese Druids ST Gloves and Dainese Druids S-ST Gloves expand the Druids line.  Continuing this years trend these gloves have the asymmetry found in the other top of the line Dainese gloves, albeit with slightly different materials.  Amica Suede and Digital Suede replace the Pittard's® leather and Digital Sheepskin of the top tier gloves.  A CE certification is also part of the package.  The Druids ST Gloves have a subtle change in the cuff design for greater coverage and additional elastication in the thumb, index and middle fingers for increased comfort and control.  The additional S in the Dainese Druids S-ST Gloves stands for Short Cuff.  This will be a short cuff version of this glove  and  it looks to have the same features as it’s full gauntlet relative.
This will be a nice alternative for those looking for track style
in a short cuff glove.

The next collection that has had a make over is the Carbon Cover.  The Dainese Woman’s Carbon Cover ST Gloves debut this year with a female specific fit and impressive protection features for a mid level glove.  A redesigned Carbon knuckle and an improved cuff design are some of the highlights for this glove.  Additional elastication in the index, middle and ring fingers should up the comfort ratio and TPU inserts on the little finger help to protect in an off.  Curiously the Men’s/Unisex Dainese Carbon Cover ST Gloves add TPU inserts in the palm and Dainese’s patented Distortion Control while the woman’s glove does without. They will be available in colors to match most any ride including the Black/Orange/White option for KTM or Harley crew.  Just like the Druids family, a short cuff Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST Glove will join   the lineup and it is nice to see that a Dainese Women's Carbon Cover S-ST Glove will also be available. 

 It is nice to see a few new options for women in the race/sport end of the spectrum.  The Woman's Dainese Motodon EVO Gloves walk the line somewhere in between.  The Black/ Black version looks pretty subdued and slightly techy with the carbon inserts on pinky and ring finger knuckles and retro with the perforated panels on the fingers. 

The Dainese Veleta X-Trafit Gore-Tex  Gloves seem to fall in with the on/off road crowd.  The short cuff design would be at home on a BMW R 1200 GS or Triumph Tiger 800XC.  X-Trafit technology will provide optimum grip for excellent control, durable waterproofness for dry hands, and breathability for climate comfort.  You guessed it, these are CE certified as well and have a silicon print on the left hand for steady grip on the clutch side and Digital Suede leather reinforcements on the throttle side. These make me want to buy an ADV bike and take a few months off of work.

I am not quite sure where the Dainese Crono Gloves fit in on the runway, but I like them. Funky 80's style logo on the Black/Fluorescent Yellow colorway looks particularly good and the print on the palm reminds me of a Van Halen guitar.  Polyurethane knuckles are there to protect and the palm is reinforced with Clarino leather. 

Switching gears, there is a new option that will look at home on a slammed bobber or a stripped down cafe racer.  The Dainese Double Down Gloves are a lightweight option that should be comfortable in the hottest of the hot and while providing good grip on your Steel Horse.  In addition to that Dainese is throwing down in the dirt with the new Dainese MX Gloves.  Super breathable Tessuto mesh make these a desert riders dream and the silicon print on the palm helps keep things under control.

The 2013 Collection looks strong, I cant wait to get my hands on them.

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