Tuesday, January 29

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review & C3 Pro Women Launched

The wait is over; finally we have gotten our hands on the new Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet. It has been enjoyable and fun to spend the better part of a week with the lid and really understand the nuances in what Schuberth has so thoughtfully done in this latest iteration. They are calling it the premier lightweight and quiet modular motorcycle helmet on the planet. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but seriously, there is a lot of tech and improvement going on here as they introduce the ninja-kicking uncle of the dominant C3.

Coming in at the same weight, with over 20 changes, the C3 Pro and the Schuberth C3 Pro Womens have managed to really refine the direction and performance of the helmet while still providing the end user with what I will call a sophisticated and well rounded platform. At first glance most people really only notice the rear spoiler and new top vent but upon deeper dive the stand out features are as follows:

  1. Now available in "Super Quiet" (I made that term up). Schuberth through a mix of aerodynamics and interior materials has dampened the noise level a further 2db on the C3 Pro. Now coming in at 82db total.
  2. Re-engineered fit. Refinements at the forehead, cheeks and neck roll / chin strap that let the C3 Pro fit a rider with a longer head / fatter face / pronounced Adam's apple MUCH better. You can even swap to "narrow" cheek pads at any size.
  3. Completely new interior. Everything is different. Super lux. Super comfy. They even have the Coolmax Thermocool headband around the crown. As cool as the other side of the pillow (yes I just quoted Stewart Scott)
  4. Improved Communications. Now the Schuberth C3 Pro SRC system bumps from 300m to 700-1000m of pairable distance bike-to-bike using an integrated dual band antenna inside the EPS, just like the S2 did before.
  5. The accretive advantage. There are about 16 other changes some large and small that as a collection create "air superiority" for the C3 Pro.

You could take my word for it. Or you could go nuts and watch 21 minutes of C3 Pro glory in our Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review video on YouTube. It's all about how geeky you are.

Time will tell how well this sucker holds up to the beating we Zillans will put on it. Stay tuned.

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Thursday, January 24

Now Carrying Garmin Motorcycle GPS!

While I'm sure we all enjoy getting lost on some twisty back road carving out our own two-wheel path, there are times where it pays to know how to get home. Decades ago, the answer to this problem was to buy a paper map or atlas. While incredibly detailed, using massive foldable paper maps was cumbersome enough in a car, let alone on a motorcycle. Plotting a route either required memorization, or frequent stops to check your bearing. The modern era has supplied us with GPS units that solve this problem beautifully. However, if any of you have tried to use an auto GPS on a motorcycle, you will know that it doesn't quite transfer.

Enter the Garmin Motorcycle GPS! Instead of shouting commands at you over the rush of the wind, or requiring you to take your gloves off to operate, the Garmin Zumo line caters to a rider's style allowing for integration with a bluetooth headset. In addition, the display, mounting system, and information databases provided with these units are structured in a way that is most useful for motorcyclists. To begin with, we've chosen three of the most popular and proven models.

First up, the Garmin Zumo 660LM Motorcycle GPS. In addition to its standard directional features, the 660LM is also a self contained MP3 player that has the ability to stream wirelessly to your bluetooth headset, or via a wired headphone jack. A rugged waterproof case resists the wear from temperature, moisture, and the sun. In case you didn't know, "LM" stands for "Lifetime Maps" meaning that you will always be up to date on road changes for the life of the product.

To increase your battery life from 5 hours to 7 hours, try the Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle GPS instead. The 350LM also allows you to store up to 100 routes instead of 20 and will give you trafficTrends based on the predicted flow of the cagers. While you see some substantial upgrades in the software and mapping services on the Zumo 350LM, note that this one is not an MP3 player.

At the top of the line, the Garmin Zumo 665LM Motorcycle GPS adds radio, traffic, and weather receivers over XM radio. MP3 and Audio book playing is back in the feature list with full A2DP technology. Other cool tricks include the ability to navigate to geo-tagged photos and the Garmin Lock anti-theft system. The only downside to the Zumo 665LM is that the battery is quite a hog. This model is best used with a permanent powered mount, which can be solved with this Powerlet Cable for those with pre-existing connections. You can also use the direct battery leads that come with the unit to wire your Zumo.

These Garmin Zumo Motorcycle GPS units will be available mid-February at RevZilla.com. Once you are outfitted, you'll only have to get lost if you really want to.

- ckZilla
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Tuesday, January 22

New Icon Graphic: Airmada Parahuman

How do you define normal? Usually, 'normal' means standard, predictable, or plain. However, ICON's version of 'the norm' is wild, twisted, and absurdly delicious! Predictably unstable as ever, ICON's new Airmada graphic once again blows reality away and instead inserts itself into the realm of dreams, or in this case, nightmares!

Adding to the available graphics for the relatively new Airmada model, the Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmet joins the ranks with bone-chilling style. An army of the undead has been vividly awakened across the polycarbonate shell of this brain bucket. You may choose to entertain your legion of quasi-human skeleton 'pals' in a Black/Grey or bold Black/Red colorway. Onlookers' faces will be melted off in a fury of vacant eye sockets and disembodied teeth. The only natural conclusion that your caged minions will be left with is the unequivocal domination of your two-wheel machine, rendering them shivering piles of fear along the shoulder of the road.

So, perhaps I exaggerate slightly. Perhaps ICON breeds exaggeration. Perhaps you would like to be exaggerated with the Icon Parahuman Helmet.

- ckZilla
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Monday, January 21

Alpinestars Viper, Jaws, and Celer: A Tantalizing Release!

New for Spring 2013, Alpinestars brings 3 tantalizing jackets to the table! Made for upside-down forks, single-sided swing arms, and dyno-tuned exhausts, these motosexy jackets will fuel your need for speed!

Let's begin with the Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket. Made for extreme airflow by means of extensive mesh paneling on the front and rear panels, the Viper Air will also include a removable wind/water vest lining if you get caught in April showers. An adjustable fit, with a pre-curved cut, this aggressive skin saver may quickly become the bread and butter of Summer 2013. Available in 4 brilliant colors, the Viper Air supports your two-wheel fantasies and makes you look good while you are at it!

Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket Review:

While we can't say that the following jacket will protect you from massively large great white sharks, we will presume that the Alpinestars Jaws Perforated Leather Jacket will make you feel like one on the tarmac. A serious exo-skeleton, the Jaws Jacket includes external, dual-density TPU shoulder sliders for an extra edge.  If you are committed to taking this one to the track, you will be able to integrate an Alpinestars Level 2 CE-certified back protector into the multi-snap connector located at the back of the jacket. All told, this is a hard-core cowhide for your birthday suit.

Alpinestars Jaws Leather Jacket Review:

Profiled after Moto GP styles, the Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket features a perforated speed hump that adds air conditioning and aerodynamics at the same time. Additionally, the Zippered Dynamic Flow Control air in-takes provide regulation across your shoulders to meet your ventilation needs. The Celer carries over a host of features from the Jaws jacket, while stepping it up with an aggressive sport fit and some additional accordion stretch panels to compensate. The Celer is the king of the hill for this release, intended for only the most dedicated two-wheel maniac.

Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket Review:

If this didn't fill your tank, check out more 2013 Alpinestars at RevZilla.com.

- ckZilla
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Mountain of a Jacket: Alpinestars Andes Drystar

Its no secret that the ADV crowd loves to push the limits: go farther, climb harder, conquer all! Whatever challenge you are looking to overcome, your gear is an important part of scaling that mountain. Enter the Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket and Pants! An attainable combo, these items will only set you back about $500, flying in the face of the upwards trend in elite adventure gear.

Starting at the top, the Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket checks every box in the dual sport riding category. Constructed with a 600D fabric that is treated with a PU coating for water resistance, the Andes' shell also has a built in waterproof Drystar lining. A removable thermal liner stretches this rig's capabilities to cover a 3-season spread. As we've begun to see over the past year or so, High-Viz is quickly becoming a fashion choice in addition to good safety practice. The Andes is no exception, coming in a brilliant High-Viz pictured here. In addition, there will be a Black and Grey/Black option also available. Despite the excellent price point, you will still see the attention to detail throughout. Pre-curved sleeves, dynamic stretch panels, back and chest protection pockets, and a soft collar edge for comfort round out the package.

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket Review:

The pants, likewise, are available in the same three colors (yes, even High-Viz!). The features listed above carry over on the Alpinestars Andes Drystar Pants. As you would expect, the pair will zip together to provide the most effective protection against wind and rain. Each colorway, both top and bottom, will also include highly visible reflective details and logos to ensure that you are seen while riding at night.

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Pants Review:

If you don't believe that your gear should cost more than your bike, the Andes are the perfect pick. While not a summer option, the rest of the year will be covered whether on road or off, rain or shine.

Check out the rest of Alpinestars 2013 at RevZilla.com!

- ckZilla
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Alpinestars 2013 Women's Apparel

Many women will agree that there is a definite lack of serious riding apparel in the moto-universe. Those that do exist are often guy-styled garments that are re-cut to fit women, or worse yet, a fashion statement with no real function. Alpinestars steps in with a clear alternative to these lesser options, combining the 'look' and the workmanship to provide real value to women on two wheels.

You may have taken notice of the Alpinestars Vika Jacket that hit the shelves this past fall. If you have been searching for the perfect pair of boots to accompany this, look no further! The Alpinestars Women's Vika WP Boots are a muted style option constructed with a suede and leather outer. The protection is integrated into the heel and toe and the boot also conceals shin and ankle inserts into its graceful lines. Fully waterproof by means of an inner membrane, the Vika are designed to keep you dry without looking overtly moto-specific for a sophisticated combination of fashion and function. Accordion stretch panels promote ease of use both on and off the bike.

Alpinestars Women's Vika WP Boot Review:

Lets shift focus to your other appendages and talk about the Alpinestars Women's Stella SP-8 Gloves. A much needed refresh of their 2009 SP-8 gloves, Alpinestars updates these with confidence and a bold new style. While the protection has not noticeably changed, the fit has been updated with more accurate female contouring. A narrow fit also keeps adequate finger length and is adjusted cleanly at the wrist for the ability to wear over or under your jacket. In addition screen-printed logos reduce weight slightly and remove unneeded stitching from the leather.

Last, but not least, the Alpinestars Women's Renee Jacket drops in just under the Vika leather price point. A lighter textile shell made from an indigo denim allows for a more casual fit. However, leather is still used along the outer arms, shoulders, and sides so as not to compromise on protection in a sticky situation. Also available in a bronze color named "Champagne", the Renee Jacket is a great form fitting option with full armor protection as well as an internal pocket for back protection.

Alpinestars Women's Renee Jacket Review:

Check out the full Alpinestars Collection at RevZilla.com

- ckZilla
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One-Piece Madness from Alpinestars

2013 brings two new, highly technical race suits to the playing field at prices that won't break the bank! Introducing the Motegi and the Orbiter, Alpinestars seeks to provide attainable products that are comfortable to wear and functional to use for the weekend warrior or amateur track day enthusiast.

Starting with the Alpinestars Motegi Race Suit, there are several differences that immediately display its progression from last year's Carver suit. Most noticeable perhaps, is the addition of the external hard parts at the shoulder providing extra protection with the TPR inserts. Moving down the body, you will notice more perforation, 'punctuation' (the larger, punched air holes), and an increase in the use of Aramid stretch panels. These stretch panels extend further in important flex zones allowing for better mobility and a more comfortable integration with boots and gloves at the cuffs. The Motegi one-piece is best suited for the occasional track day rider, or weekend warrior. While it does have an aggressive cut, it is not as full-on race shaped as the higher end suits from Alpinestars. Yet, its features still make this suit an aggressive option for those looking to improve their prowess on the track and be comfortable while doing it.

Alpinestars Motegi Race Suit Review:

Moving up to the Alpinestars Orbiter Race Suit we find some improvements that actually defer to the street rider more than to the track rider. The biggest advantage to the Orbiter is the excellent mobility offered through several means. First, 3D mesh and Aramidic fiber is taken to the next level to ensure temperature regulation and flexibility. Next, the leather paneling and off-set zipper allow this suit to be more comfortable in an upright position for use on the street. For the weekend warrior, who wants the best protection for the street while not sacrificing the ability to take five at a scenic viewpoint or grab a bite at a pit-stop, the Orbiter fills their niche nicely.

Alpinestars Orbiter Race Suit Review:

Its nice to see Alpinestars expanding their horizons and acknowledging the trends in using one-piece suits off the track, however, we appreciate their dedication to keeping these suits every bit capable of a race when needed.

- ckZilla
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2013 Alpinestars Gloves: Sp-1, Mech Air & Pro

Spring 2013 will bring a glove evolution for Alpinestars. Refining the SP-1 and adding a few mech mitts to the line, Astars faithfully churns out their latest for the new year.

Leading with the Alpinestars SP-1 Gloves, the notable differences include their patented finger bridge, which was missing from last year's iteration. The heel of the palm also receives some beefy padding upgrades with strategically placed gel inserts. On the back, perforated leather has been replaced by an actual mesh vent, which allows hot air to be sucked off the top of your hand as the air flows by. As always, the fingers will be articulated for comfort and a pre-curved design reduces fatigue.

Alpinestars SP-1 Glove Review:

Moving on to the mechanic's gloves, we will see two options from Alpinestars. First, the Alpinestars Mech Air Gloves, which are lightweight and breathable with a spandex back and padded knuckles. The back of the thumb is made with a softer fabric for the inevitable wiping of your brow.

One step up, the Alpinestars Mech Pro gloves are intended for the same garage work use, but feature more padding across the knuckle and additional reinforcement at the finger tips.

If this is your niche, you can find more Alpinestars at RevZilla.com.

- ckZilla
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Joey Jumpers from Alpinestars

Jump for joy! New Joey jib-jabs generate ginormous juice for your generation! Heavily styled for your converse crowd, the new Alpinestars Joey Shoes are designed to fit your groove without footing a bill.

The Joeys offer a street-styled canvas look that has added protection over your normal Chuck Taylors. If you are still reading, you are likely already well acquainted with All-stars, PF Flyers, and the like. Or, you just Googled "Chuck Taylors". In any case, the look is specific and sought after, and Alpinestars has hit the nail on the head. The toe box and heel counter are beefed up to give these an advantage, however, the material is minimally invasive on the look and feel of this shoe. Substantially more flexible than competitors of its kind, the Joey shoes ride the line between fashion and function.

The standard model is available in Black and Black/Grey/Red, while the Alpinestars Joey WP Shoes will be produced in Black and Black/Yellow. Both will include an extra pair of laces as well as a replaceable PU foam footbed. The WP version has a wax treated outer and waterproof inner liner for protection from your local H2O.

Alpinestars Joey Canvas & WP Shoe Review:

Treat your jumpers generously! The Joey Shoes will make your feet smile.

- ckZilla
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Paradise Found! Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots

Though I fail to see a visual connection with the bird of paradise, perhaps what Alpinestars intended to say was that you will be able to venture further into the jungle while wearing these boots to see said bird. Or, maybe they just wanted to imply that these are the motorcycle boots of paradise. In any case, the Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots are in no way flighty!

A hard-core boot for the hard-core rider, the Toucan GTX are the top echelon of ADV/Touring footwear from Alpinestars. Competing head-to-head with contenders like the Sidi Adventure or TCX X-Desert, the Toucan excel in providing heavy duty protection in challenging terrain. Riddled with TPU protectors, structural reinforcement and aluminum enclosure pieces, this fortress of a boot is also waterproof, carrying the Gore-Tex lifetime guarantee! Accordion flex zones and some advanced design through the instep, sole, and arch allow for all-day comfort. While I wouldn't recommend hiking in these, or tackling 7 flights of stairs, I am convinced that they will perform well in their intended purpose, giving you confidence and contentment on your
two-wheeled beast of choice.

Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots Review:

After trying on a pair, our Geeks were able to confirm a solid feeling in the heel with room to slide around, which comes as an improvement over previous Astars boot fit. A single sided hinge works with the flex zones to allow for easier shifting technique, while a thinner toe box gives more clearance for your foot controls. With that said, they still fit a bit on the wide side. Even with all this protection and development, the Toucan boots come in well under 3 pounds in the size 9 we weighed. This is quite an accomplishment for a bird....er, boot of this magnitude.

Set in the Alpinestars Tech series, and taking a lot of the success and experience from its Tech Boot predecessors, the Toucan should give a technical edge to those pushing their bikes from tarmac to tundra. Let us know if you spot any birds of paradise along the way!

- ckZilla
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Saturday, January 19

Speed and Strength Helmets 2013

Instead of getting flabby in the off season Speed and Strength has bulked up their helmet offerings for 2013.

One of their New Years resolutions must have been to add flexibility to their training regime and the new Speed and Strength SS2200 Solid Speed Helmet has that for sure.  Full face, three quarter, the choice is yours with the removable Chin Bar. The internal drop down sun visor helps to cut glare or mask your identity.  While the Solid venting and an aggressive profile will keep you looking like a boss on your favorite ride.  If you want to rock subtle S&S graphics you can opt for the Speed and Strength SS2200 Spin Doctor Helmet.  Not bad for under $200.

SS2200 Solid Speed Helmet Review:

With flexibility checked off list it is time to open things up a bit.  Thinking about going with a half helmet and can't figure out what sunglasses to wear with it.  The Speed and Strength SS400 Solid Speed Helmet is the answer.  Built in drop down sun visor lets you leave the glasses at home.  Dot sticker, "check", Quick release chin strap, "check".  If you are looking for graphics the Speed and Strength SS400 Hard Knock Life Helmet will bring out your inner thug.

If your prefer old school Venice Beach lifting to group exercise class.  The Speed and Strength SS600 Speed Shop Helmet is for you.  It looks at home on a bobber or slammed rat bike.  Quilted interior should keep you comfortable on long cruises and the "Airstrike" venting system should help to cool things down.  There will also be a Speed and Strength SS600 Back In Black Helmet for those of you who follow the Johnny Cash dress code.

So there you have it.  All this talk of training reminds me that I have to hit the gym.

- Santini
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Wednesday, January 16

Glove Sequel: Held Phantom II

As sequels go, we've seen plenty of flops and disappointments, however, unlike Star Wars, this Episode II is no clone! The Held Phantom II Gloves exhibit some serious research and development that leave us with an improved and updated product, with the familiar look and feel.

The most important factor to this Phantom sequel avoiding failure is keeping the incredible fit that allows for all-day comfort in a track-day glove. Held assures us that they have kept this attribute true to heart. At this point, half the battle is won since this was the original Phantom's greatest asset. However, the Phantom II sets itself apart with several engineered improvements to bring honor to the name of the Phantom.

Paying homage to their leading attributes, these gloves will still be constructed from kangaroo leather for best strength and feel. Stingray leather is used at the base of the palm as a slider material, the handy visor wiper is still in place, and the
intuitive tunnel strap still fastens the glove.

New for the Phantom II, we see the addition of superfabric across the design. The protective armor pieces across the wrist and backs of the fingers are superfabric backed with a carbon-fiber weave. The knuckles have been upgraded to Titanium, which is infused into plastic and backed with a foam lining for optimum comfort and energy absorption.

Ergonomically, the wrist panel design has been changed to offer more strategic coverage of your all-important wrist bones. Moreover, the thumb, index, and middle fingers now incorporate accordion stretch panels for better mobility.

At the initial release we should see Black, White/Black, and White/Red available in the US. Other colors are currently Europe only, however, we will whine, kick, and scream to try to get a few pairs of Black/High-Viz. Standard sizes are expected to trickle in around March with long and short sizes possibly becoming available later in the year.

Its often hard to describe why Held gloves have the upper hand in the motorcycle market - they just do. Why would you buy a Ferrari? The years of care and tradition passed down in this family owned and operated company shows clearly on their sleeve. In addition, over half of the manufacturing process takes place in Held's own factory in Germany, while the rest is stitched together next door in Hungary.

For more from Held, check out the full collection at RevZilla.com

- ckZilla
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Tuesday, January 15

Roland Sands Enzo and Vandal Jackets Released!

New from Roland Sands Design, today's dual release showcases two jackets with similar design. The contrast is in the materials used, one constructed from oiled, top-grain cowhide; the other styled with waxed cotton.

The Roland Sands Enzo Jacket is the top dog in this event, made from 1.2mm hand-treated leather. Sewn together with cafe-racer DNA, the Enzo has a performance riding fit and a vintage feel. Armor-ready in the shoulder, elbow, and back, the RSD Enzo is best suited for clubman bars, bump seats, and pea-shooter exhausts. Whether you are crouched over your headlamp evoking the need for speed, or simply rebuilding your shocks, again, the Enzo jacket has your eccentric fashion written all over it. RSD will be producing this beauty in Mahogany and Coal colors.

Baby brother to the Enzo, the Roland Sands Vandal Jacket has a near identical facade, though this one is made out of waxed cotton. While not waterproof, waxed cotton has a unique ability in encouraging water to bead and roll off its surface. In a light rain, you will likely be able to stay dry for a short while. The same performance fit and aggressive styling applies here along with pre-configured for armor inserts. Perhaps a more casual solution, the Vandal may be best suited as your bar-hopping buddy or your weekend wingman. This rustic companion comes in Black or a lighter tan color called Ranger.

Known for their exquisite leather and pristine attention to detail, Roland Sands Design continues to impress. Check out the whole collection at RevZilla.com.

- ckZilla
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Friday, January 11

Pirelli Angel GT: More Rubber, More Fun

Painting in broad strokes with performance brushes, the Pirelli Angel GT Tires claim more mileage, more performance, and more fun. This top shelf breed is OEM on the latest Ducati Panigale model  and continues to accompany bike releases, like the Bilbao, Spain reveal of the Multistrada 1200S GT.

The Angel GT has a hard act to follow as its predecessor is already known as a ground-breaking (or should I say, ground-sticking) model. Boasting 15% more mileage than the Angel ST, Pirelli also states that no performance sacrifices were made. Its wide range of capabilities make it a perfect choice for touring bikes, sport riders, and everything in between. The Angel ST was even chosen as an occasional trackday tire by a few of our contacts. If the GT version proves to exceed this reputation, we could see it on a variety of bikes in quite a few different uses. A-Spec rear tires are also available for the heavier bikes, carrying a reinforced 2-ply carcass. This isn't just for fair-weather riders either! The Pirelli Angel tires have an improved groove design that provides excellent water drainage and the higher percentage of silica offers additional wet grip along the edges.

Pirelli Angel GT Tire Review:

Whatever your canvas holds, the Pirelli Angel GT tires are ready to paint it for you.

- ckZilla
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New Karoo 3 Tires from Metzeler

A new concept from Metzeler has hit our radar, which targets large displacement Dual Sport bikes that spend a large portion of their time in the dirt.

Named after the desert region of South Africa, the Metzeler Karoo 3 Tires sport an aggressive block tread that is composed in a pattern that still supports street use. An internal poll here at RevZilla revealed several differing opinions on how to classify this tire.  The majority answered 70/30 street, while some heavily argued for 50/50. For the sake of argument, lets call this one a 60/40.
Metzeler Karoo 3 Tire Review:

An innovative trapezoidal tread ensures progressive off road traction regardless of lean angle. However the strategic geometry of the tread blocks allow for smooth use on-road as well. While not as smooth as a street tire, the stability of the Karoo should be surprising and the vibration greatly reduced compared to other dual sport tires in this class. In addition to this unique pattern, the rubber compound has been engineered for more mileage both on road and off.

Another stake in the game for Metzeler!  We are anxious to mount a pair of these and put the Karoo 3 tire claims to the test.

- ckZilla
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Thursday, January 10

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Tires - Ultra Mileage

Developed in Germany specifically for the roads in the US of A, we salute the new, ultra-high mileage, Metzeler ME888 Tires.

If your primary vehicle has two wheels or you don't get on your bike unless you'll be gone for days, this is your tire. The ME888, or Marathon tires, have a deeper tread depth for a vast increase on tire life. Rain or shine, the parabolic grooves give you traction on the asphalt, whether newly paved, or filled with pits and holes. Aimed at the custom touring bikes of America, these Triple 8 tires boast outstanding stability and smooth handling regardless of speed. In addition, there are several sizes that feature a reinforced sidewall for heavier bikes and loads.

Metzeler ME888 Tire Review:
We've seen Metzeler take a back seat to Michelin or Pirelli in the past, however, this year we've seen a big jump in their intentional design and development for North America. Their tires have always been a great buy, but we expect them to get better once the Metzeler 888 Tires and their other latest models hit the pavement.

- ckZilla
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Wednesday, January 9

New Roland Sands Barfly Jacket!

Whether you are an old school original owner, or a young buck vintage throw-back, there is bound to be something from Roland Sands Design that fits your jig. Using hand-finished techniques and only the top grain cowhide, RSD jackets carry a unique message that you will either love or hate.

New for 2013, is the Roland Sands Barfly Jacket. Using the same 4-day dying and hand-waxing process as the coveted Ronin jacket, the Barfly packs the same quality and design with a differently styled punch. Vented at several points along the arms for optimum comfort and pre-configured to accept the RSD CE-rated armor, the distressed leather shell makes a statement while remaining fully functional for your riding needs. A more muted look and subtler styling make it an even better sleeper option than the Ronin. The Barfly will be available in Black or Tobacco and is expected to hit the shelves at the end of February.

For more info on the RSD Barfly Jacket, check out our detail breakdown video review:

Roland Sands Barfly Leather Jacket Review:

For a complete smorgasbord of Roland Sands, check out the whole collection at RevZilla.com.

- ckZilla
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Thursday, January 3

Klim Adventure Air Jacket - Tougher, Hotter.

From the rough-and-tumble folks that brought us the Adventure Rally and Badlands Pro jackets and pants comes the new Klim Adventure Air Jacket and Pant. Designed for the hottest weather and the toughest conditions, this heavy duty jacket will remain the ultimate in high-quality fitment and comfort as is Klim's standard.

As its namesake implies, the "Air" component of the Adventure comes in two forms. First, an addition of several lower body vents and arm vents give the biggest potential for ventilation that we have seen to date on a non-mesh jacket. While we haven't gotten our hands on one yet, we know that it will be compatible with a neck brace and it is rumored that the collar is entirely removable for even more ventilation.

Outside of the properties of the shell (which, by the way, is still using 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell Armacor), we also welcome a new generation of D30 protection into the US. While structurally stronger and certified to the proposed CE Level 2 standard for all pieces, the Xergo D30 Armor actually flows substantially more air for copious amounts of ventilation even through your protectors.

In addition to these new features, several existing attributes have been improved on including an increased hydration carrying capacity, more ergonomic support belt and re-design on superfabric panels and reflective material.

Klim's dedication to manufacturing garments for the most extreme riding conditions is duly noted and thoroughly appreciated! As soon as we get our hands on one, we will keep you up to date with the latest on this attractive Klim Adventure Air Jacket.

- ckZilla
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Tuesday, January 1

2013 Bell Rogue Helmet - Marauders rejoice!

December 21st has past and the world did not come to an end, shocking I know.  When I first saw the 2013 Bell Rogue Helmet, scenes from The Road Warrior popped into my head.  This would have been the perfect helmet to outfit your post apocalyptic motorcycle gang with to cruise the waste land scavenging for gas.  However the new Rogue isn't just for intimidation, the "Muzzle" is adjustable for fit and removable if you desire to clean it.  The liner is removable as well and washable, since hygiene is important even to marauders.  With 4 colors to choose from (Black, Matte Black, Army Green, and Gunny) it should match any preppers bug out gear.  This is an interesting addition to the Bell 2013 helmet line up. Even though the world did not end, the Bell Rogue will look impressive with any cafe bike or two wheeled death machine.

For more info, watch our Bell Rogue Helmet Review:

- Santini
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2013 Graphics Released: Bell Dirt Helmets

The dirtier the sport, the more colorful the apparel, it seems.  This years release from Bell will be no exception. Featuring the SX-1, MX-2, and Moto 9 helmets, these new skins will shine brightly ... until you hit that big puddle of mud.

The SX-1 helmets get two new graphics editions, starting with the Bell SX-1 Tracer Helmet. A high contrast Red/White/Black design combines larger bands with detailed pin striping for a sharp look.

Vividly produced, the Bell SX-1 Apex Helmet has an electric Red and Gold design splashed with a Black and Blue starred stripe. This psychedelic combination is liable to shine right through all that dirt you are going to plaster on it.

Moving up the ladder, the MX-2 line gets the next addition.

A kaleidoscope of color, the Bell MX-2 Tagger Transition Helmet makes a unique impression. While the main color blocking is done in Black/Orange/Blue, a finer detailing of High-Viz pin striping separates the color panels.

Finally, the Moto 9 series get one hallucinogenic home run. This graphic is also available on the Bell Star and as I had described for that post: it basically looks like Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Thundercats all got into a fight. Regardless of who won, the Bell Moto 9 Carbon Airtrix Laguna Helmet is sure to turn heads.

These colorful eye candies are just a taste of what the Bell 2013 offering contains.

- ckZilla
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Bell 2013 Sport Helmets Graphical Overview

Happy New Year!  Riding a motorcycle is a bold statement in and of itself, but for some a bolder opportunity awaits in the selection of your helmet graphics. Bell presents 10 new graphics this year across their RS-1, Star, and Vortex sport helmet lines. While there is no stated theme, our observation is that there are quite a few heroic choices in the mix.

Address the Vortex models, the Bell Vortex Patriot Helmet is the first to answer the call of duty. An angular design in Red/White/Blue infers eagles wings on the sides while detailed with small stars in the back. A frontal flash of silver lighting emblazons the forehead area against a red background. If Captain America rode a motorcycle, no doubt this would be his helmet of choice.

As a rider, you learn to take a little flack from others on your choices in life. The Bell Vortex Flack Helmet allows you to give a little back. Available in a high-contrast white/black as well as a more subtle Black/Blue, the Flack graphic is another angular design with a more tribal feel. Perhaps this is a good lid for the newly created comic, "Chakra - The Invincible"?

The next selection might be more of a villain than a hero: The Bell Vortex Damage Helmet! Woven with a sort of elemental orange striped design, the Damage helmet is either depicting a Tron light-cycle race or the rampant light trails of DC Comic's 'Flash.' Regardless, you'll probably be whizzing by too fast for anyone to be able to tell.

Moving on, lets unveil the Bell Star models next! I swear I saw this one while playing through Halo 4 over Christmas break. The Bell Star Spirit Helmet comes in a stellar arrangement of Red/White/Blue or Red/White/Black. Either choice gives you a very galactic style with an aggressive tech feel. Defend the earth against the impending Foreigner apocalypse!

Anyone know if Spider Man made it big in Italy? The Bell Star Race Day Tricolore Helmet has the Italian DNA baked into the shell. In a bold Red/Green/White design, this helmet has the ultimate performance in mind. Obviously, you'll have to buy a Ducati Panigale to go with this.

Continuing in the lineage of beautifully crafted carbon fiber, the Bell Star Carbon Race Day Helmet does not disappoint! A matte carbon finish with silver and white striping across the front and sides set this helmet apart. You know Iron Man had to go carbon fiber sooner or later. As a side note, all of these new Bell Star helmets are shaped off of the RS-1 shell for an improved fit.

To be honest, I'm not sure where this next one came from. The Bell Star Carbon Airtrix Laguna Helmet looks like Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Thundercats all got into a fight. I'm not sure who won, but does that really matter? It just means you get to carry around all the more action on your lid.

Now for the RS-1 helmets...

Shucks! I already used my Flash reference! No matter, this one stands on its own, coming from Roland Sands Design. The Bell RS-1 RSD Flash Bronze Helmet showcases blazing linear streaks that appear to be emerging from beneath a patterned dot matrix (*cough*, polkadots).

(Update: this one proved to be the clear winner of the collection, so we shot a video review on the Bell RS-1 RSD Flash Bronze Helmet)

Whether your lucky number is 54, or your favorite rider is Mattia Passini, this is the helmet for you! Alright, so maybe neither apply, but the Bell RS-1 Corsa Helmet still has a unique look with a striking color palette. The bold Red/Black/White scheme shows well on the glossy finish. Perhaps 54mph will be your new average speed?

Looks like Lightning McQueen got a new paint job! The Bell RS-1 Airtrix Speedway Helmet is wrapped in a red and gold checkered flag resembling Pixar's animated main character from "Cars." Never mind that the sequel wasn't named "Motorcycles" as the obvious choice. Given enough time, the stickers on this snazzy helmet are sure to attract you a sexy light blue Porsche.

Whatever kind of Hero you are, the Bell 2013 release is certain to have something for you. Just don't let all the wild colors go to your head and turn you to the dark side.

- ckZilla
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New Graphics for Bell Custom 500 Helmets

Whether you ride a street tracker, or a cafe racer, a custom creation, or a stock throwback, the word "Vintage" likely applies to either you or your bike. Luckily, Bell has punched out this category firmly with the Bell Custom 500. This year will be no exception as we welcome three new skins to this exceptional lid.

A throw back to the 70s often involves tie-dye and metal flake, which would be at home with the Bell Custom 500 Good Times Helmet. Scripted with the phrase "Here For A Good Time" on one side and "Not Here For a Long Time" on the other in classic 70s font, the design infers a cheery mentality without neon pastel colors. In fact, it should go well with the popular bronze and rust colors found on many vintage bikes.

For a sharper look along a similar color pallet, consider the Bell Custom 500 Panel Helmet. Distinct orange bands with white pin-striping to contrast set this design apart. In addition, the Panel design calls for chrome trim along the ridge opening of the helmet. Though the Panel graphic looks good from any angle, it is best suited while hunched over your bars tracking down the road at speed.

Finally, an exclusive from Roland Sands Design, we cautiously welcome the Bell Custom 500 RSD Trouble Helmet. Presenting a pair of handcuffs as the prime object of attention, this Punk Rock style is complete with gears, skulls, granular grayscale graphics. Completing the look, and perhaps defining the rider, the brim reads "Trouble" in gnarly letters.

If either you or your bike is ancient, or if you just have a knack for living in the past, these may be the right pick for you. At an affordable price, it will be hard to resist starting your own private collection with the Bell Custom 500 series.

- ckZilla
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