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Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Pants

Are you quieter than most people?  Do large crowds make you feel uncomfortable?  Does standing out and attracting attention give you nightmares?  Normally Icon gear would send you running for the hills, but no more!

Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Motorcycle PantsNew for fall of 2016, the Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Pants are officially here for the party. It's almost like the Raiden DKR pants you know and love went to a grunge show and now they only dress in gray or black.  The life of the party is now the dark, brooding friend who is always leaning against a wall.  He's blending in not because he's afraid of talking to anyone, but because he really doesn't want talk to you.  Being cool does that to a guy, man. The Monochromatic Raiden DKR is virtually the same as Icon's much-loved adventure pants, only with a fresh coat of paint.  You can get them in your favorite color, as long as that's either Black or Gray.  Introverts rejoice!

If you like riding adventure bikes, but would rather do so alone - Icon has your back.  Lose all the bright and flashy colors racers flock to and don the new Raiden DKR Monochromatic.  You know, if you feel like it.


Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Jacket

Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Motorcycle JacketThe new Icon Raiden DKR Monochromatic Jacket offers the same bombproof versatility of the original DKR without the punch-you-in-the-mouth styling.

The Monochromatic DKR still features the 800D shell with 1200D ballistic nylon in the high impact zones and a full set of D30 armor in the back, shoulders and elbow.  The laminated Hycor waterproof membrane and removable Thermolite Plus insulated liner make this a hard-hitting, true 4-season player for adventurous riders both on and off road.

This jacket is the stealth bomber in the Icon dual sport riding line-up.  The Monochromatic delivers all the same Raiden DKR bite, just with a little less Icon bark.

Stay rad and ride safe,

Matt R.

Icon Variant Deployed Helmet

You've been deployed on moto recon duty. Icon gets that, and to keep you protected and focused, they have outfitted you with the new Icon Variant Deployed Helmet.
Icon Variant Deployed Motorcycle Helmet
The Deployed helmet is built on the veritable Variant, which means you are getting a tough composite Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon Fiber Shell. When the pressure builds, you can keep your cool thanks to the generous ventilation system, vent cutouts in the visor, and the moisture wicking liner (which is thankfully removable and washable). The optically correct anti-fog face shield and anti-lift visor mean you can stay focused on the battlefield ahead.

With a Black and Grey Digital Camo version available alongside a traditional Green and Brown Camo paint scheme, the new Variant Deployed Helmet will blend in no matter what your area of expertise. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…


Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet

Stand at attention! Icon is “deploying” these camo graphics all over their Fall 2016 product line. The highly-refined Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Helmet is the next generation to receive a facelift in the form of this new graphic, which is a clever name referring to the stylized olive-drab pattern that adorns this lid.

Icon Airframe Pro Deployed Motorcycle HelmetAs Icon puts it, this “ain’t your daddy’s camo”, and I can’t help but agree. You might find yourself turned off by all the highlighter yellow “Hi-Viz” graphics on the market and want something you can lay low with. Do we call this “Low-Viz”? I’m not sure, but it certainly looks cool. Personally, I am always looking for more earth tones in my riding gear, even if that means not being seen when I slip into the trees. Whether you’re in the military or just think everything looks better in camo, this graphic really does fall in line. Rest assured, this isn’t all form and no function: The Airframe Pro delivers optimal aerodynamics for the sport rider and has proven itself in battle time and time again.

I think this helmet is going to be a huge success. The Airframe Pro remains one of the mainstays of the Icon line, and camo remains one of the most ubiquitous patterns in the US. Now drop the clutch and give me 20 wheelies!

Get out and explore!

Chris S.

Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Helmet

Flash Bang (flaSH baNG) n. A non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy's senses. adj. A term used to describe the effect of showing up to a bike night wearing the new Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Helmet.

Icon Airframe Pro Flashbang Motorcycle HelmetThe new Icon Flash Bang Carbon Helmet is built on the Airframe Pro shell that made such a splash in the market last year. That means you get a composite helmet shell comprised of aerospace-grade carbon fiber which is offered in four unique shell sizes. Making sure you get a snug fit is a five-piece modular liner with moisture-wicking HydraDry. The generous venting scheme and fog-free face shield work together to keep you comfortable and keep your vision clear.

If your goal is to stun everyone around you, Icon has you covered with the Airframe Pro Flash Bang Helmet. Leave everyone dazed and confused as you speed past and fly off into the sunset.


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