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Icon 1000 Vigilante & Overlord Reaver: Feet Sweeping Gerard ButlerBears

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Heyyyy Oooohhh! Icon is back at it and bringing us some new goodies we can add to our trousseau, I mean wardrobe. Wait a second, while we’re here, no one is getting married in their Icon gear… are they? I am sure Google could yield some promising results somewhere. What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, Icon is bringing us some new jackets and two of which are the Icon 1000 Vigilante Stickup and the Icon Overlord Reaver Jacket which I will actually talk about soon if you dare to let your eyes continue reading this roller coaster of information.
Icon 1000 Vigilante Stickup Motorcycle Jacket
I am sure we are all familiar with the Icon 1000 Vigilante Jacket. Icon has taken this jacket a step further. Oh yes. The 1000 Vigilante Stickup is as mean as a snake, with the looks of Chris Hemsworth and the animal magnetism of the elusively reclusive Gerard ButlerBear. The jacket will come equipped with D30 throughout the shoulders, elbows, and back. It will also have a removable insulated vest liner for those colder rides. This jacket will be a great option for those riders looking for good protection, yet without foregoing that look of a total bada$$.

Icon 1000 Vigilante Jacket Review:

Icon Overlord Reaver Motorcycle Jacket“There are two types of people in the world. Those who wear skulls, and those who have their lovers swept off their feet by people who wear skulls”. Do I really need to say more? If you are looking to do some feet-sweeping-off-of, I have the jacket for you. The Icon Overlord Reaver Jacket will come equipped with some D30 impact protection in the shoulders, elbows, and back. This jacket will also come with a insulated, removable vest liner which is always a nice addition to have with your riding jacket. Did I mention the thumb loops? Because they are there. Verified, of-this-world, tangible thumb loops. All jokes aside, this jacket will be a great contender for those looking to step up their game without breaking the bank. Not a bad set of criteria to fill.

Icon Overlord Reaver Jacket Review:

We discuss marriage, taking people off of their feet by way of sweeping, and Grizzly Gerard ButlerBear. Yeah, I think that about does it. If you are looking to upgrade your current gear closet, or if perhaps you are a new rider that just started your journey on two wheels, I would recommend taking a gander at the Icon 1000 Vigilante Stickup and Overlord Reaver Jacket.

Keep on keep’n on,

Icon Airframe Pro Graphics: Construct and Rubatone

As we all know, sequels are incredibly hard to pull off, and Icon has their work cut out for them with the new Icon Airframe Pro helmets. The original Airframe helmet punched way above its weight and offered a high quality composite-construction helmet at a reasonable price point. As the flagship helmet in Icon’s line up, the Airframe Pro has some rather large shoes to fill.

Icon Airframe Pro Rubatone Motorcycle Helmet

For the difficult second album, Icon decided to pull out all the stops and really push the Airframe Pro upmarket. The new helmet still uses a composite construction and meets DOT and ECE 22-05 safety standards just like the outgoing Airframe. The differences end there though with an aggressive shell shape that facilitates riding in a full tuck position. The number of shell sizes available grows by one, and there are now four unique shell sizes that reduce the weight and drag of the helmet. There is also a deep cutout at the back of the neck roll that reduces interference with racing jacket humps. Beyond that, the interior now has a five-piece liner with adjustable components for fine-tuning the fit, and there are 27 combinations with the stock liner.

Icon Airframe Pro Construct Helmet Review:

If all that sounds like a track helmet to you, that’s because it really is. The adjustable interior liner is something we are really only used to seeing on Arai and AGV helmets, while the neck roll cut-out just screams track days! The best part is, it really works! We did some modest in-house testing, and the Airframe Pro was much quieter on an R6 than in an upright riding position on a Tiger.

Icon is launching the Airframe Pro with two graphics, and the first one is the staple Rubatone finish. For those new to Icon helmets, the Rubatone finish is a slightly rubberized take on the traditional matte black paint finish. With this non-reflective finish, the Icon Airframe Rubatone Helmet will be the perfect option for blacked-out bikes on bike nights, or midnight runs.

Icon Airframe Pro Construct Motorcycle Helmet

The second launch graphic is the Icon Airframe Pro Construct Helmet. Another Icon favorite, the Construct graphic allows the helmet to show off the goods. The construction is laid out for all to see, with just a clear coat sprayed on the composite fibers of the shell. The Construct will be available in White (Clear) and Black. With this much precision going into the construction of the Airframe Pro, it would be a shame not to show that off!

When Icon says this helmet is “optimized for the Angle of Attack,” they aren’t kidding. Only time will tell if the Airframe Pro is as popular as its predecessor was, but we have high hopes!

Ride Safe Out There, and Have Fun!


Icon Boots: 1000 Elsinore HP and Accelerant

Icon is at it again, with their diverse range of style and functionality.  They have always been one to blend the lines of form and function.  Whether you're sideways drifting with your smoke bomb tires, or blasting through the urban jungle on your cafe racer, Icon knows what's up.

Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Motorcycle BootsThe Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots punch you and everyone else around you in the face with pure Mad Maxian style, harking back to the old school dirt boots of yesterday.  Seriously, you cannot wear these boots without at least one compliment from a stranger.  These boots are cool, but the best part is, they do not skimp on quality.  Remember when men were men, and goods were made to last?  Yea, so does Icon, and that is what they had in mind when they came out with the newest version of the Elsinore.  The super tall 12" top grain leather, cast metal buckles and full Goodyear welt means these boots will keep kickin' for years to come.  Who needs to throw out boots and get new ones, when you can get these resolved, like the days when people cared about their craft and what they made.

Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots Review:

Icon Accelerant Motorcycle Boots

Then you have the Icon Accelerant Boots, which is the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, but just as in-your-face with style and quality.  Throw your Shinko Smoke Bomb Tires on the bike, and hope your swing arm is already extended, because these boots just look fast, and expect to get sideways around a corner.  The Leather chassis with Cordura reinforced zones are ready for those occasional scrapes with asphalt, since they know how hard you'll be leaning.  Push it to the limit, knowing the D3O ankle protectors will do their magical phase changing job to keep your ankles safe.

Icon Accelerant Boots Review:

Usually, when you see such extreme differences with gear styles, you'd think there would be some compromises.  How could the Icon Team get it right in the Cafe scene, while still knowing how to throw down in the world of Sport Bikes, but somehow, they came through.  The Icon 1000 crew knows how to make you look good on that old Cafe or Harley, and the sport boot world keeps advancing without a moment's hesitation.

- Strader

Icon Sweet Dreams: Fear the Pegasus

Tony - Content Coordinator

If there is one thing that Icon is known for, being low-key is not that thing. They are loud. They are vibrant. They are all about attention-grabbing graphics that stand out. They also are among the best when it comes to coordinating that style throughout an entire range of gear. Icon goes the extra mile when developing outfits that allow riders to find a style that they like, and incorporate it throughout their riding regalia. The new Sweet Dreams lineup is a perfect example of that ethos in action.

Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Motorcycle HelmetThe new Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Helmet sets the tone for the fantastical flighted unicorn of freedom that is come throughout the rest of the gear to follow in this line. As one of their flagship helmets and a hugely popular choice for a variety of riders, the Airmada frame provides an industry-leading tone from which the Sweet Dreams graphic builds upon. Aside from the great quality and comfort of the Airmada helmet itself, the Sweet Dreams graphic is its own brand of mind-tripping, inter-dimensional, diamond-eyed unicorn magic. With a plethora of features such as shield-locking mechanism, superior aerodynamics, and top-tier ventilation, along with the powerfully pink styling, the Airmada Sweet Dreams helmet is bathed in Icon swagger.

Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Helmet Review:

Icon Women's Overlord Sweet Dreams Motorcycle Jacket

Moving down the body, the Icon Overlord Sweet Dreams Jacket has been specifically designed not only to match the styling of the Sweet Dreams helmet, and gloves, but also for the ergonomics of a more feminine fame. Constructed for female riders, the Women’s Overlord Sweet Dreams jacket really offers a great deal of features and styling at a non cost-prohibitive price. The Attack Fit styling offers a sleek, streamlined styling to go along with the lively Pink colorway. For a lightweight, warm-weather ladies sport jacket, the Womens Overlord Sweet Dreams motorcycle jacket is on point.

Icon Women's Anthem Sweet Dreams Motorcycle GlovesRounding things out for the upper-half of the body, the Icon Anthem Sweet Dreams Gloves are a specialized cut that have been formed for the women riders out there. As with the rest of the Icon Women’s gear, the Sweet Dreams gloves have taken into account the general differences in Womens and Mens hands and have been crafted to specifically fit the former. These gloves are incredibly lightweight for summer riding and are backed by D3O knuckle protectors for added protection. Oh yeah, and they also prominently feature that powerful pegasus unicorn that makes the Sweet Dreams graphics her home.

All in, the Sweet Dreams lineup from Icon is a comprehensive moto-outfit that comes together to feature some highly unique designs. With a helmet, jacket, and gloves that have all been fitted with the Sweet Dreams aesthetic, there is plenty to get excited about with the latest releases of Icon.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Graphics: Halo & Ghost Carbon

Tony - Content Coordinator

Revolutionizing a, well, icon. That is what happened once the Airframe Pro was introduced. Following up one of the most popular motorcycle helmets of the past few years is not an easy undertaking. To take it a step further, the Airframe Pro is also coming in Carbon, and with some hot graphics at that.
Icon Airframe Pro Halo Carbon Motorcycle Helmet
The new Icon Airframe Pro Halo Carbon Helmet is the top of the line graphic that comes on the highest-end helmet in Icon’s line up. The Pro Carbon is an insanely light, hyper-aerodynamic upgrade to an update, and it is really making some noise throughout the industry. The Halo graphic adds a bit of visual vibrancy through swooping Red and Blue wisps that have been set against the high-gloss Carbon Fiber shell.

Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Motorcycle HelmetFor the rider who is looking for all of that new Airframe  Carbon goodness, yet prefers a more low-key styling, the Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Helmet is here for you. This helmet offers all of the world-class features of the new Airframe Pro Carbon, and yet is confident enough in itself that it remains subdued in a ghosted frost. From the handmade 4Tress carbon fiber shell that meets both DOT and ECE safety certifications, to the specially crafted rear neck roll that allows for a better interface with gear while in the tuck position, the Airframe Ghost Pro Carbon helmet is premium in every sense of the word.

Getting a new helmet is fun. Getting a new helmet that is new to the world is fun-er. Getting a new helmet that is new to the world and is total Carbon fiber awesomeness is fun-est.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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