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REV'IT! Tornado 2 Jacket & Pants: Warm Weather Awaits

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Riding conditions might not be ideal for most of us right now, but Spring and Summer will be here before we know it. I know it's hard to imagine with all of these snow covered cars, but fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the warmer seasons slowly approaching, REV’IT! has been hard at work. Those of you who are familiar with how awesome the original Tornado might wonder how it could get much better, when it was already so great. Well it did folks, new for 2016 we have the REV’IT! Tornado 2 Jacket and Pants!

REV'IT! Tornado 2 Motorcycle PantsThe new and improved REV'IT! Tornado 2 Pants feature 750D mesh (replacing the original's 500D) and the shell has been upgraded to 1000D from a previous 600D construction. These pants have a slimmer accordion stretch at the knees and rear yoke and they added some tush grippers. Oh, you love suspenders too? Good, because they added an option for you to attach a pair if your heart desires. The REVIT Tornado 2 still has a 2-in-1 liner, but they beefed up the material near the boots for increased longevity. Just in case you are not familiar with this 2-in-1 system, these pants are equipped with a liner that is both waterproof and thermal insulated. We did loose a little mesh with the upgrade, but it was replaced with more 1000D textile so not all is lost. One downfall to the REV'IT Tornado 2 is that they are no longer considered an over-pant and the zipper stops below the knee. They also did not change the style much, which can make it easy to overlook the major changes - but these pants are certainly going to be a pair you will want in that ever-growing gear closet. The REV'IT! Women's Tornado 2 Pants are also available for female riders.

REV'IT! Tornado 2 Pants Review:

Now wouldn’t it be silly if REVIT! updated the materials for the pants but just
REV'IT! Tornado 2 Motorcycle Jacketdecided not to update the jacket? Luckily that is not the case, because the REV'IT! Tornado 2 Jacket got a nice overhauling. Like the pants, the jacket features 750D mesh construction and the exterior shell has been upgraded to 1000D. I can't say if this is going to help you in an actual tornado, but... I guess it couldn’t hurt anything... Right? Luckily we do not see too many tornadoes around RevZilla headquarters. What are we talking about again? Oh right, the Tornado 2 jacket will accept the SeeSoft RV back protector and it will come equipped with SeeFlex CE2 armor throughout the shoulder and elbow. In addition, this jacket will accept the Hi-Viz Vest as well as the REV’IT! Challenger Cooling Vest Insert. The Tornado 2 jacket is keeping the 2-in-1 destination liner which will get an updated logo but it will lose the pockets. As with the pants, the REV'IT! Women's Tornado 2 Jacket is also available and provides all of the same features, yet with a more ergonomically-friendly cut for women.

REV'IT! Tornado 2 Jacket Review:

Whether you are a seasoned rider looking to update your current gear or are just getting started, the Tornado 2 jacket and pants are certainly shaping up to be a lethal combination. I didn't even cover every new feature the Tornado 2 jacket and pants have to offer, but I was able to talk about tornadoes briefly, so clearly my job here is done

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REV'IT! Enterprise Jacket & Pants: Go Forth & Explore

For all of you enterprising adventure touring riders out there, freezing your butt’s off in less-than-ideal motorcycle gear, REV’IT has released your saving grace.  The Enterprise Jacket and Enterprise 2 Pants are the Holy Grail of affordable, high quality, tried-and-true cold weather adventure and touring gear.  Don’t want to waste money on Gore-Tex?  Done.  Don’t want to look like a Hi-Viz lolly-pop?  Done.  Want to travel the world for under $500?  Done.

REV'IT! Enterprise Motorcycle JacketFirst up is the REV'IT! Enterprise Jacket, brand new on the scene.  Complete with a built in waterproof shell and removable thermal liner, the Enterprise will keep you warm and dry in all but the most extreme conditions.  A compliment of Knox armor works wonders in conjunction with an optional Seesoft back protector.  A mostly 600D polyester shell with PWR|shell 1600D heavy oxford, Lorica reinforcements will keep all your inside parts where they should be.

REV'IT! Enterprise Jacket Review:

REV'IT! Enterprise 2 Motorcycle PantsThe Enterprise Jacket may be new, but the REV'IT! Enterprise 2 Pants (as their name suggests), are the sequel to the Enterprise pants.  They forego the thermal liner of the jacket for a slimmer, more streamlined fit. A great overpant or standalone winter pant (provided you do your own layering), they’re an excellent compliment to the Enterprise Jacket.  Knox armor at the knees, Seesoft hip armor, and the same 600D / 1600D shell means you’ll be safe on all of your commutes, adventures, and tours. Additionally, the REV'IT! Women's Enterprise 2 Pants are available for the lady riders out there in search of all of the same features, just with a a better overall fit.

REV'IT! Enterprise 2 Pants:

Just bought that brand new do-it-all bike and need something better than your jeans to go cross country?  REV’IT has the answer for you.  Hardcore adventure gear can be expensive, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a middle-aged accountant doing the Trans-America Trail after his latest divorce.  Go forth and conquer the roads [on a budget]!

- Krause

REV'IT! Gloves: Striker 2 & Neutron 2

Come this spring, REV'IT! is going to help you turn some heads with couple cool gloves getting adding to their line. You sport touring and ADV riders out there are going to love the new Striker 2 gloves. They have been redesigned to optimize comfort and breathability. For you cafe, naked or even cruiser riders, REVIT! is going to make you sexy this summer with the Neutron 2 gloves. I know, I know, Neutrons aren't always that sexy. In the world of subatomic particles, they lack any charge whatsoever! But hey, this is the moto world we are talking about here, and in true REV'IT fashion, these Neutrons are charged! Let's dive in and breakdown some of the new features of these amazing new gloves.

REV'IT! Striker 2 Motorcycle GlovesAlright, who's ready to ride the Trans-America trail or just whip through the canyons in Colorado this summer? Well if that's you, grab the new REV’IT! Striker 2 Gloves and head off into the sunset my friends These beefed up version of these gloves will be offered in a women's and men's option. Ya REV'IT! They now feature REVIT's new SeeSoft knuckle protection, which is their house armor brand. You get so much with this glove, a heavier duty touch screen finger tip, slimmer and longer under the jacket cuff, full goatskin palm. Only thing missing in my opinion is the visor wipe, REVIT, we better see this on the following generation. I mean at the end of the day, these are priced right, $89! They won't break the bank. For the lady riders out there, the REV'IT! Women's Striker 2 Gloves pack all of the same features and functionality into a design that has been specially constructed to fit a more famine hand.

REV'IT! Striker 2 Gloves Review:

REV'IT! Striker 2 Motorcycle GlovesRaise your hand if you’re an astrophysicist! Well, even if you are not a galactic genius of Nobel proportions, the REV'IT! Neutron 2 Gloves will still work well for you if you are a motorcyclist. These are super sexy, different, comfortable and breathable summer gloves REV'IT is using goatskin in the overall construction, adding a touch screen finger and thumb, and malleable TPR injected knuckle protection. With the REV'IT!Women’s Neutron 2 Gloves, there is a ladies version available to go along with the Mens, so matching rider and pillion just got easy. At a price of $79, the Neutron 2 Gloves back a massive bang-for-your-buck! We honestly think it is under priced for all of the quality features it offers.

REV'IT! Neutron 2 Gloves Review:

Well my friends, whether you go with eh new REV'IT! Striker 2 or the new Neutron 2 gloves, REVIT will not disappoint you. They are a brand that has been around for over 10 years and is one of our house favorites. But don't take our word for it, find out for yourselves and you will never look back. ADV, Cruiser, Sport touring, cafe, or just riding through the city. The Striker 2 or the Neutron 2 gloves will keep you protected on your way.

- Rania

REV'IT! Boots: Compass H2O & Gravel OutDry

It might not seem like it now, but the riding season will be back upon us sooner than we realize. As part of their annual spring product launch, REV’IT! is coming out with two new touring boots for 2016. Looking at the features, these boots are “touring” in name only, and would be a great option for commuters, sport tourers, and more aggressive riders alike. Now let’s dig right into those nitty-gritty details!

REV'IT! Gravel OutDry Motorcycle BootsFirst up are the REV’IT! Gravel OutDry Boots, which are going to be the top of the line touring boot from REV’IT! for 2016. The biggest news here is the OutDry laminate waterproof membrane that’s being used with a full-grain cowhide upper. At this point, we’re all familiar with Gore-Tex, but there are other breathable waterproof membranes out there, and it’s nice to see REV’IT! encouraging some friendly competition. Another departure from the norm is the use of SeeSoft armor in the boot combined with synthetic toe and heel protection. We are seeing more and more brands turning to this lightweight and comfortable molecular type of armor in boots, after the success this armor has had in jackets and pants. Working our way down, REV’IT! teamed up with Vibram to create the sole for the Gravel OutDry boots. The midsole acts as a shock absorber, while the inner part of the sole is reinforced to act like a metallic shank, without the weight.

REV'IT! Gravel OutDry Boots Review:

REV'IT! Compass H2O Motorcycle Boots
Coming in just below the Gravel boots price-wise are the new REV’IT! Compass H2O Boots. The biggest difference between the two is that the Compass boots are using the proprietary REV’IT! Hydratex liner, which is a traditional floating liner, and not a laminated membrane like OutDry. The breathability is cut in half with these boots, but that actually makes them a better proposition for colder, dryer climates, as the Hydratex liner will keep more hot air inside the boots. Besides that, everything else is the same with the Compass boots. You still get the same Vibram sole, the SeeSoft armor, the full grain cowhide upper, a generous wide footbed, and suede covered shin protectors and accordion panels.

REV'IT! Compass H2O Boots Review:

See what I mean? Referring to these boots as just “touring” boots is certainly selling them short. Both the Gravel Outdry and Compass H2O Boots would be great everyday riding boots for anyone short of track day riders, and aggressive canyon carvers.

- ZLAwicki

REV'IT! 2016 Gloves: Ion, Fly 2, & Summit 2

As I type, we Zilladelphians are hunkering down for our first major snowstorm of the winter. With our bikes tucked away in the garage (save for a couple stubborn riders whom the rest of us suspect may be firing on only three cylinders- no offense, Triumph riders!), what better way to assuage the effects of seasonal moto-depression than to turn our thoughts to the warm weather of spring and the shiny new gear that comes with it! Personally I can’t decide whether I am more excited to get my mitts on the new summer gloves from REV’IT! or for the weather to once again warrant the purchase of such sweet new gear.

REV'IT! Ion Motorcycle GlovesThe 2016 season brings us the redesign of 3 perennial favorites from REV’IT!’s lineup. The first and most overdue overhaul of the lightweight Neutron series glove is also the most radical; the new REV'IT! Ion Gloves will supersede the Neutron 2 with far more leather for added protection, while retaining the lightweight feel and massive airflow that made it popular. Gone is the Clarino wrist strap and most of the polyamide stretch- both replaced with formidable goatskin. These welcome upgrades to protection do not come without a less welcome increase in cost, however- one which we wish they could have done without! They will now be priced just beneath the all-star Dirt 2 and Sand Pro models in the 2016 lineup.

REV'IT! Ion Gloves Review:

REV'IT! Fly 2 Motorcycle GlovesREV’IT! didn’t get at all overzealous with the update to the all-leather, classic-styled Fly Glove. Au contraire- they leaned it out for better comfort, dexterity, and breathability with the REV'IT! Fly 2 Gloves! The goatskin is now a slightly lighter weight but with heavier perforation- a tradeoff most summer riders (myself included) would make every time. The oversized TPU’s on the fingers have been slimmed down as well, and awkward-length wrist closure is now decidedly short-cuff. They maintained the accordion stretch panel but with better styling cues and finally added touch screen fingers! Better yet, they kept the price exactly the same.

REV'IT! Fly 2 Gloves Review:

REV'IT! Summit 2 Motorcycle GlovesFor the redesign of the Mulit-ZLA Award-winning waterproof non-insulated Summit H20 glove, REV’IT! took the same “Ain’t broke, don’t fix” approach as they did with the Fly. The REV'IT! Summit 2 Gloves maintain all the fit and features that made the original such a success and simply put the icing on the cake. The new Summit will still be goatskin leather and micro-ripstop Kevlar Stretch but with genuine leather replacing synthetic reinforcements in the grip area. They have upgraded the armor in the knuckle from the skimpy TPU to an ample, comfortable SeeFlex Trionic knuckle guard and added a Temperfoam-backed dual comp slider to the heel of the palm. REV’IT! also streamlined the redundant closure and replaced the heavier leather accordion on the back of the hand with a Kevlar Stretch panel. To top off the upgrades to comfort and convenience, they bonded the Hydratex membrane to the liner for better tactile feel on the controls and added Touch-Tech fingertips. 2016 ZLA award spoiler alert!

REV'IT! Summit 2 Gloves Review:

While there is no arguing the fact that all the premium Euro brands make quality gear across the board, there are certain things each does best. For gloves, I’ll choose the comfort and attention to detail of REV’IT! every time. When spring finally does its thing and the 2 wheeled beasts come out of hibernation, make sure you’ve got a good grip on the horns!

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