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Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves: Hurray Finland!

I bet you didn’t know that Imatra is a town in Finland (I didn’t either). Do you even know where Finland is? That I did know! But before you open up a new tab and click your way through Wikipedia, listen up. You need the best winter glove out there. I know you do. Gore-Tex X-Trafit, warm thermal-regulating goodness, all the protection you could ever dream of -- all of it! The new Rukka Imatra Gloves give you all of that, and more.

Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Motorcycle GlovesFor starters, Gore X-Trafit means you’ll have nice firm grip on your controls. Gone are the days of your winter gloves bunching up and preventing you from doing those sick wheelies on your way to work. Other people do that, right? No? Okay, just me, then. Well, on top of being completely waterproof, the Imatra gloves also have a fancy Outlast liner. What’s Outlast, you say? It’s a PCM, or phase change material. It actually regulates temperature. Your hands won’t be too hot, they won’t be too cold, they’ll be just right. The Imatra isn’t the warmest pair of gloves out there, but if your riding takes you from the mountains to the valleys to the coast, you want a glove as variable as your sense of adventure.

Rukka Imatra Gore-Tex Gloves Review:

And if crashing sounds like something you’d do (don’t lie, it is), the Imatra has some of the best protection on the market. A scaphoid palm slider in hard plastic, carbon knuckles, and pinky finger bridge will ensure you can count to 10 long into senescence. And for riders with eyes on the fritz, a convenient visor wiper on both index fingers is a welcomed addition.  And even though you should never text and ride, the Imatra has touchscreen pads on the fingertips of both the index and thumb.  Cheers to that!  But really -- no texting, please.

Well, there you have it: an adventurous glove to match your adventurous spirit and adventurous wallet.  Not for the faint of heart, RevZilla brings you the Rukka Imatra Gloves!

- ZLAus-e

Roland Sands Quest Jacket: A Waterproof Ninja

Who doesn’t want to be a waterproof ninja on a motorbike? That’s what I thought. EVERYONE wants to be that. You would be silly not to.

Roland Sands Quest Motorcycle JacketThe new Roland Sands Quest Jacket is exactly what such a master of the martial arts would wear if they were to go around the city for a bit before disappearing into the night. It even has a removable hood for when you need to blend in with the crowd of non-ninja masters that mindlessly ramble through the streets and interfere with your missions of clandestine craftiness. With a waterproof, breathable, windproof 3-layer softshell construction it is both comfortable and functional. While it is not equipped for high-speed abrasion resistance, the ability to add armor to the shoulder, elbow, and back offers the ability to beef up impact resistance should you hit the ground at low speeds.

Roland Sands Quest Jacket Review:

So be the ninja that your 7-year old self wanted to be, throw on the RSD Quest jacket, and jump on your grown-up motorbike for a great adventure.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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Roland Sands Folsom and Bandito: Vintage Style

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that motorcycling is all about the gear, or even the bikes themselves. It is at least a little bit about style. Okay… so it is A LOT about style!

Roland Sands Folsom Sweater
The new Roland Sands Folsom Sweater is a style piece that is available for the fall of 2014. Pulling heavily from the prison style from which it gets its name, this sweater is constructed of a wool blend and Maroon/Burgundy on Black color scheme. With the perfect weight to make a solid base layer, this is a great option to wear underneath your outer jacket and rock stylishly at your destination.

Roland Sands Bandito Shirt

Similar to the Folsom, the new Roland Sands Bandito Shirt is meant to be worn as a fashionable piece of clothing and not a protective piece of motorcycle gear. As a base layer or destination apparell it just radiates vintage style and has a very nice fit while exuding the signature Roland Sands aesthetic. With premium finishes, an American relaxed fit, and plenty of classic attitude, this is yet another top-tier piece from RSD.

Roland Sands Bandito Shirt Review:

As the undisputed king of throwback moto-culture and style, Roland Sands is a designer that knows how to make a statement. He does not compromise on his vision and you shouldn’t either!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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Roland Sands Women's Riot Jacket: Top Of The List

Ladies, ever wish you could find that really cool, beautiful motorcycle-inspired leather jacket that you can easily wear off the bike? There are only a few jackets that truly fit into this category. One of my personal favorites is the popular Vika, and now I can add the Roland Sands Riot to that short list. This is absolutely one of my favorites for fall and is going to take the #1 spot on my holiday wishlist. (Honey, are you reading this?)

Roland Sands Women's Riot Motorcycle JacketRoland Sands has a way of designing really stylish, casual-inspired motorcycle gear. The Riot Jacket has a different design and a lighter feel, compared to the Maven. Although the Maven is also a really cool jacket, the Riot is a lighter, softer version with an updated look. I have a Maven and it just feels heavy overall, not as comfortable as the Riot. I feel like they borrowed the design of the men’s Clash and turned it into a softer, more relaxed version for women. Good idea, because I absolutely love it. I’m also a huge fan of the asymmetric zipper down the front, which gives it that retro look.

Roland Sands Women's Riot Jacket Review:

I would say that if you need more room in the bust, order one size up. Keep in mind that the sleeves run a bit long, so if you need a shorter sleeve, the Riot may not work well for you. I normally wear size small in most women’s gear, but the Riot in a size up was perfect. Not too tight, not too loose.

Guys, take note. I think the Riot is going to climb to the top of every woman’s birthday, anniversary, and holiday lists this year.

- GearChic
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REV'IT! Voltiac Jacket: Sophisticated Simplisity

Simplicity is the best form of design. A lot of times in this the age of ever-more complex technicality, we become bogged down in extraneous nuances. Sometimes, we just want to turn on and go.

REV'IT! Voltiac Motorcycle JacketThe new REV’IT! Voltiac Jacket is built for the seasonal touring-oriented motorcyclist who just wants something simple that can be thrown on and cover the basics. Constructed of a 600D polyester outer for abrasion resistance and equipped with Knox Flexiform CE protection at the shoulders and elbows (back sold separately), this jacket is ready to offer the requisite moto-functionality that would be expected from the REV’IT! brand. This jacket is also waterproof and insulated to handle the varying climatic conditions that sometimes arises on the road. Simple in design and not loaded with an arsenal of intricate features, this jacket is great for the daily commuter who is not in need of every bell and whistle available.

In simplicity there is peace. If you are a rider who is looking for ease of use in a motorcycle jacket equipped for a wide range of weather and riding conditions, check out the REV’IT! Voltiac Jacket.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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