Monday, January 8

REV'IT! Vertex Air Jacket

Up for Spring 2018, and new for all of you, is the REV'IT! Vertex Air Jacket. This super slick piece of hot weather kit is bringing the REV'IT! leather jacket style into a better breathing mesh jacket chassis.

REVIT Vertex Air Motorcycle Jacket
This race fit mesh jacket accepts the Challenger Cooling Vest Insert, for really keeping that core temperature down. On the backside is an 8" connection zipper to attach to your REV'IT! pants and a jeans loop in case you're a denim pant fan. Also on the backside of the jacket is a pocket for a CE Level 2 back protector insert, in typical REV'IT! fashion.

What is not typical of this jacket are the hard exterior shoulder protectors. Normally seen high-end leather race jackets and race suits, this brings an awesome extra dose of style and the benefit of added protection for that ever vulnerable shoulder seam.

Style-wise, this jacket is a home run! It will be right a home from sportbikes, naked standard bikes, and even sportier leaning sport-touring machines. Get one now while half the country is still running their snow plows and you'll be ready for summer when the riding is funner.


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