Tuesday, March 25

Rev'it Gear Inspires Theft

See the Rev'it Cayenne Pro Jacket on RevZilla.com

So two weeks ago we ordered about 10k worth of Rev'it gear for our 4th & Fitzwater Store in Philly. We love the gear and wanted to make sure we had a good mix of their product line on the floor. It really is some of the nicest stuff we've seen....

...It actually may be a little too nice....

The Rev'it Cayenne Pro Jacket was too much to handle for one patron, who, upon me turning my back, proceeded to grab a jacket and make a run for it. Our first shoplifter. What a coveted title.

Fortunately I still have some speed left in these old legs and was able to catch up and slide-tackle the perp' before turning him over to the local authorities. Drexel Intramural Sports represent.

We managed to get a shot of him in action on our in-store security camera. A face only a mother could love.

Regardless - we have a ton of Rev'it in store and the whole 2008 collection will be on RevZilla.com/brands/revit shortly.

Definitely worth a gander for the serious adventure/sport touring rider.

We learned two things this week #1 That the Rev'it quality lives up to its own hype #2 We need a pair of nunchuks or pellet gun in the store to eliminate shoplifters.


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