Tuesday, April 21

New REV'IT! Motorcycle Gear FAQ & Information Thread

We typically get a ton of calls and emails relating to the the technical and functional aspects of much of our multi-season riding and adventure gear. I would surmise that the majority of the in-depth conversations we have relate to the higher-end apparel which is positioned for the most treacherous conditions. A lot of those calls relate directly to the REV'IT! lineup of clothing. In response to this we have added some new ways in helping our customer find the information they are looking for on their terms.

Check out our REV'IT! FAQ & Gear Thread on ADVRider.com. Post a question and have it quicky answered by a member of TeamZilla.

Also a permutation of the faq thread will remain on RevZilla.com and be updated as we beef everything up. REV'IT! FAQ & Information Shoot us an email and we will update it to the thread.

Any questions in need of answer or suggestions for the FAQ can be email to CS[at]revzilla.com or posted to our gear thread. We hope this gives our loyal customer base another avenue for getting what they need in the manner which suits them the best.

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