Monday, May 18

RevZilla to Wasilla! Supporting Jack's Adventure Ride to Alaska for the Austin Hatcher Foundation

This is Jack Broomall.

Jack is almost 60 years old, retired, a motorcycle land speed record holder and he thinks bears are fictional creatures. Jack is also about to leave for two months on a solo 10,000+ mile motorcycle ride from Philly to Alaska to raise money and awareness for pediatric Cancer Research and the Austin Hatcher Foundation ( Why? Because he's paying it forward.

We think Jack rocks.

We met Jack a few weeks ago at RevZilla HQ during our ADV open house while famed adventure rider, Lois Pryce, was giving an inspirational talk on her travels. Jack briefly told us about his upcoming plans and we emphatically leapt at the chance to get involved.

Jack will be logging the miles on his BMW F650GS from Philadelphia to Alaska and back again covering a good chunk of the states and Canada. The trip has been unofficially been dubbed RevZilla to Wasilla ... We heard you can see Russia from your house up there ;-) He will be chronicling the entire adventure and feeding his exploits to the web on a semi-real time basis.

We have adopted Jack's cause. By supporting him any way we can, our hope is to use our internet reach to help promote the trip and its very worthy cause as well as ultimately impact folks in need. Among the standard blog posts, emails, tweets, pics and forum threads collectively from us and Jack, we will also be offering every single RevZilla customers further ways to contribute. The ability to automatically donate to the foundation while placing an order online will be implemented to coincide with the beginning of Jack's journey.

Jack's trip begins this Wednesday 5/20 from RevZilla HQ around 1:30pm. Anyone wishing to come out to see him off is welcome to join the festivities.

Also, much to our delight, Jack is as tech savvy as they come so it will be easy for everyone to follow his expedition through the following channels over the next 8 or so odd weeks:

Blog / Twitter:
Jack's Blog for the Trip:
Jack's Twitter Handle and Page: @JackBroomall
RevZilla will also be retweeting Jack News on our Twitter @RevZilla

Jack's Thread on ADVRider Forum
Jack's Thread on BMW Owners Association Forum
Jack's Thread on BMWXplor Forum

Please feel free to contact us or Jack directly with any inquires. We are expecting big things!

Two Wheels Down,

Anthony Bucci

ps. we also gave Jack that REV'IT! Sirocco Jacket for his trip. We want him to beat the hell out of it and let us know how it held up.

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