Thursday, June 18

Jack's Journey Continues - Homeward Bound!

So after a week-long respite for some R&R, moose-meat and tourist time with the wife and friends, Jack Broomall is back on the horse and riding again - tearing up the countryside at every turn.

Jack's Latest Handywork..

For those of you joining us late, Jack began his journey about a month ago from Philadelphia on his GS headed for Alaska. His ride is being chronicled autobiographically at The purpose for the ride is to raise awareness for the Austin Hatcher Foundation which benefits individuals and families coping with pediatric forms of Cancer.

Jack's return trip will take him South through Canada and the Pacific Northwest as he eventually meanders Eastward back to Philly enjoying the scenery along the way.

The Little GS that Could..

For the entirety of his trip RevZilla will give every customer the ability to donate a dollar of their order to the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

Jack is also a proponent of newer technologies and social media. You can find his updates, ride reports and pics at the below links.

Jack's Ride Reports on ADV Rider
Jacks Blog:
Jacks Picture Gallery on Smug Mug
Jack's Twitter at @JackBroomall

Good Luck Jack! Two Wheels Down!


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