Thursday, June 4

TeamZilla & Dainese visit Italy... MotoGP or BUST!

This year we had the privilege of being invited to Italy for six days by Dainese. For those of you who don't know, Dainese as a brand, could be mused as Armani's beauty meets Nike's techincal innovation and reach tailored specifically for the moto world. From what we have seen, stocked and sold at RevZilla, we have always been impressed with the quality and level of craftsmanship of their leathers, textiles, footwear and gloves.

We flew to Italy to see the 2010 lineup and spent 6 days traversing the Italian countryside in between stops to tour facilities, showrooms, factories and .... a racetrack?

Yup, I said a racetrack. They took us to Mugello for MotoGP and we got paddock passes. "Sick" is the word I have been using to describe the whole adventure.

As far as perks go, I would have to say that this Italian adventure's stop at Mugello for the MotoGP could be right up there with a previous client from a previous life letting me be a judge for a bikini contest at a prominent casino for a few years in my single days.

We toured Dainese Corporate and the D-Cube in Vicenza, Dainese R&D in Molvena, hit dinners in Venice, Vicenza, Verona & Florence and were chauffeured around in semi-style - a 9 person sprinter like eurobus that topped out at 95mph and only hit the wall once on a narrow stone-lined road in the Dolemites. We lost a mirror and Nick had to change his shorts. After that all of our long van ride memories were supplanted by Tylenol PM car comas.

All in all, thanks to the "D" posse - adventures, racing and leather in one euro-trip are hard to top... well, you could add some sexy to those leathers... maybe a fashion show next year!?!

We have 3 full albums of pics on RevZilla's Flickr page. Dainese and Gear, Mugello MotoGP & Candid's of TeamZilla with our Travelmates including the Fake Ric Flair.

Here are some of our other favorites -

Boots and Boots and Boots and Spaghetti... huh?

TeamZilla In Venice

Dinner in Venice with Dainese

Learning Product at Dainese

Nick, Anthony and their best pal Tylenol PM

Italian Beauties on the Autostrada

Italian Beauties in Verona

TeamZilla out front of the Fake Coliseum in Verona

We lied and told People in Verona Nick was Ben Spies. They Flocked.

Matt, Anthony and Fake Ric Flair overlooking the City.

Valentino Rossi leaving his trailer right before the start of the GP.

Vale makes the pass! The crowd erupts!

MotoGP wizzes by... Stoner, Pedrosa, De Puniet and Rossi! (I think)

Long Rainey Walk Out of Mugello. They call this Le Miserables.

We hope you enjoyed. We did.


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