Wednesday, July 29

Tex Mawby: Gentleman, Generous Tipper, Vintage Racer Extraordinaire

We call him "Sweetness"....

De facto member of TeamZilla, Tex Mawby took 1st in the Lightweight Superbike Class at Mid-Ohio last weekend on a 1978 Yamaha SR500, punched out to 560cc.

After the race Tex mused "It was the best handling Vintage bike I have EVER ridden." Tex sold the bike later that day for "five figures, straight cash homey" while still at the track.

When asked "What was next?", Tex responded, "I'm def headed to the Lexington Lounge Gentleman's Cabaret. I'm gonna make it rain all night, sonnnnnnnn"

We are always so proud of our beloved Tex. Here is a couple of shots of him in action rocking his REV'IT! Replica Race Suit and black REV'IT! Jerez Race Gloves.

Two wheels down Tex and no matter what they tell you, there is no sex in the champagne room. Remember that.


ps: For those who may be unsure, other than his win and status as a "big tipper", this story has been embellished.

Photo Credit: Kerry Pierno

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