Friday, December 4

Firstgear Sizing Guide Video - How to Take Your Measurements for Firstgear

We know buying jackets and pants online , without trying them on first is tough. Trust us. We know.

So in an effort to make it easier and take away any uncertainty when taking your measurements for Jackets or Pants we have created a Firstgear Sizing Help Video wich gives an overview of the quick and easy measuring process to be used with the Firstgear Size Chart. It also speaks to the fact that there are 4 jackets in the 2010 Firstgear line that have a tailored / sport fit - which fits like a European garment. For the Kathmandu Jacket, TPG Rainier, TPG Monarch and TPG Teton, take measurements and then go a whoole size up on the size chart.

Check out our video, we are also looking forward to any and all feedback.

And yup - that's Mark of Firstgear in the video with me. Did you know he once fought a bear?.. kidding.

If you would like to watch more RevZilla Motorcycle Gear Videos check out RevZillaTV on Youtube.

Two wheels down,


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