Tuesday, January 26

BREAKING: 2010 REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants to Ship This Friday (1/29)


Just got word that the 2010 REV'IT! Sand Jacket & Pants could ship as early as this Friday (1/29). If you preordered from us You should receive your Sand Jacket next week.

For those of you who missed our previous article, the Sand Jacket and Pants are new form REV'IT! for 2010 and are a 4 season option at a medum price point for REV'IT!. They also come in 2 color options, Grey, Black and Safari Tan. They are successors to the Off Track and Dakar Combo and should be more functional and cool in hot weather temps. Check out our HD video for the full rundown.

We are excited to get these in the hands of our customers and get some real rider feedback on the new flagship REV'IT! Jacket jacket.

Heyo! The Season is starting already and we love it.

Rubbin's Racin'


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