Saturday, January 9

Video Review: Alpinestars Apex Leather Pants

Suited for everyday as well as spirited road and track riding, the Alpinestars Apex Leather pants have a semi-aggressive 3/4 preshape for comfort on and off the bike with all the functionality and features you will need for a trackday.

Sport Knee Sliders, a 360 zip for jacket connectivity and elasticated stretch panels built into the 1.4 mil cowhide round out the features on this staple from Alpinestars.

The bottom line for the aggressive street rider who hits the racetrack here and there this is probably the best suited leather pant from Astars. If you hit the track more often and are no stranger to draggin the knee, the Alpinestars Track Leather Pants provide some a dual compound race slider and a much more aggressive fit and pre-shape - they'd be the better buy. The Track Leather Pants also have a much tighter fit than the Apex's semi-tight fit.


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