Monday, January 25

Video Review: REV'IT! Balaclava Buying Guide & Overview at

We get the "which Balaclava is the right one" question a ton, especially with the top tier REV'IT! Balaclavas which are all new for 2010 and a shade more expensive. In turn, we did a video buying guide and overview with Tex from REV'IT!. Hope this fills in a lot of blanks with regard to the lineup, their uses and whats truely different / better about them.

Endless thread technology, Hydratex membrane and flat seams just get me excited on base-layers as a whole. At distance, the higher quality materials and construction really do provide the creature comfort factor which makes a big difference. It's really all about the little things and details on these guys.

Check out the Tracker (warm), Blaze (warmer and pictured above) and Rainstar H2o (full on waterproof) balaclavas...

There is also the wrap wind collar as well for those who dont need the "full-pull" of a wind collar.

You can see all of the REV'IT! balaclavas and base layers here.

As always all questions or feedback are welcome.

Rubbin's racin',


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