Friday, February 26

ZillaFact #26 : We Aspire to be Customer Service Gods

I know we harp on it a lot, but customer service at RevZilla is something that keeps us all up at night.

Based on customer feedback, we have done it right to date.

The biggest challenge that we face moving forward is that as the company grows dramatically bigger, the level of service and support we offer can never falter. We won't let it. But it will take careful planning and a lot of work to keep the status quo.

Everyone who joins TeamZilla has to have the potential to be a "Customer Service God".  Now we know that Customer Service Gods are usually trained, not born, so we typically try to come up with new ideas to keep things fresh on the front lines. The hope is to allow a team member to fully realize his potential and take his skills to the next level.

In the end we have kept the bar high and our customers win.

The above picture is a great example of "keeping things fresh". Stealing a page from "Boiler Room", we told Patrick to "act as if". Act as if he was the god of all things customer service and all things metal. So we gave him a new Icon Metal God Jacket, a set of Ti-Max Original Gloves and cranked up Dio on the stereo to 11.

Sometimes you would be amazed at what a little creativity can do for office morale.

After this he hung up the phone, he went on to smash that TV in true metal god fashion. I guess there are pluses and minuses to every training approach. At the very least, it's entertaining.

Happy Friday RevZillans...

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