Thursday, February 4

New 2010 Icon Motorcycle Helmets Overview

It's that time of year again - time for New Icon Motorcycle Gear to DROP.. as the kids on the MTV say.

To me, it's always fun to see what the good old boys at Icon have in store for us. In years past they have always pushed the envelope of whats fresh in motorcycle helmets and gear and more than once in my opinion have gotten away with murder. Their catalog a few years back had plenty of edge for everyone on our staff ;-)

This year is no different. Icon comes busting out of the gates with over 25 new products for both men and women.You can see the full lineup of new 2010 Icon motorcycle gear at

As far as the Icon motorcycle helmet line is concerned for this year, we are looking at one completely new style in the Icon Variant Helmet as well as the standard handful of new colors and graphics for the perennial favorite Icon Airframe Helmet and Icon Alliance SSR Helmet. As for our favorites in the bunch.... here's out top 3 new helmet styles from Icon....

1) Icon Variant Helmet - Obviously we are a fan of Icon taking notice of the growing popularity of the super-motard and dual sport crowd. The Variant tweaks the shape of the standard sportbike helmet and adds the nice touch of the styled visor to the crown. Don't be fooled though, this helmet is built for stability and everyday riding on the street, despite its crossover good looks. The Icon Variant Etched Helmet comes in blue red and silver in the graphic style (pictured). It also comes in 5 solid Icon Variant styles including the rubberized flat "Rubatone" black.

2) Icon Airframe Helmets - The Airframe Carbon Lifeform Helmet (also available in black) is the most unique of the new line and in turn gets our nod for favorite new Airframe. At a mere 1450 grams - it's all the feel and venting of the standard Airframe with significantly less weight. As far as we know this is also Icon's first attempt at a fully carbon fiber helmet.

The Icon Airframe Sacrifice Helmet is the nasty new graphic pattern from Icon and it will fit right into the mix of the skull n' crossbones crowd. At this stage of the game, nobody does hell on wheels better than the boys at Icon.

3) Icon Airframe Street Angel Helmet - Also new to the party, built on top of the Airframe chassis this season and with the lady rider in mind is the new Icon Street Angel Helmet. This is the exact same Icon Airframe that is built in solids and other graphics, but this time around its getting new female oriented paint. If you're not into pink, there is also a black and white version which will turn just as many heads.

... The rest of the pack is solid....

There are also four new Alliance SSR Helmets for 2010, the Alliance SSR Ignitor, Alliance SSR Britton Ignitor, Alliance SSR Bonecrusher, and the Alliance SSR Zipperface. They are great medium range options and graphics for the Alliance SSR Helmet, but by not being a new material, model or target audience, to us they are not as excting as the three helmets above.

These new Airframe and Alliance SSR helmets are all certified with Icon's "World Standard". Meaning they meet the certifications of the major markets: DOT (US), ECE 22.05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia), and SG (Japan)

Let us know what you think and your opinions. Also we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and hear feedback.

Part 2 of the new 2010 Icon lineup coming tomorrow

Metal. Moto. Mania.


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