Wednesday, March 31

Tips from British George: Spring Motorcycle Check List

British George at RevZilla here,

It's officially Spring, must be about time to do a thoro' check of the bike(s) before we do some serious riding. If you think your bike may be all 6's and 7's you can run down this list to make sure your bike is groovy and good to go.

Check those tires. When did you last look at your rubber? Remember, these are the only things holding us onto the planet!

I like to place the bike on the main-stand or pit-bull, just be sure it's stable and secure, spin each tire, check for any debris trapped in tire-treads. Do a good visual check of side-walls for damage or bulges, note if the wheel runs true and parallel, no unusual noises from bearings or brakes.

Rememeber to check tire-pressures, they WILL be off! After being kept in a cold garage for 3 months, you'd be losing pressure too. You do have a pressure gauge don't you ? I remember keeping one in the tank-bag, everyday.

Next check your controls & cables - Operate all controls including throttle, clutch, brakes front and rear, be sure each operates smoothly and feels as it should. If you want to get involved, I like to use a clear teflon-lube from the electrical/hobby store on all exposed controls, and cables.

Run down your lights, electrical systems -  Start at the battery. Connections should be clean, tight, secure. Operate all lights, turn-signals, brake-lights, with front and rear brakes, horn, side-stand cut-out switch, and handle-bar cut-out switch.

Lastly do your brakes and hydraulics systems. Check levels thru the sight-glass, check hoses for any surface imperfections or cracks. Same checks for clutch and hydraulics after you finish the breaks. Check on levels and condition of your hoses, where visible.

Remember, if you need any fluids or other shop supplies RevZilla should have you covered


Note: British George is really British and rides about 35,000 miles a year. 

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