Friday, May 21

New Video: RevZilla Core Value #62: Armor Piercing Customer Service

We talk about "raising the bar" a lot.

Since we started RevZilla, I can happily say that most, if not all, of our policies have continued to get better and improve as we have learned what facets of RevZilla's shopping experience mean the most to our customers.

For instance until Jan. 1 2010, to help offset the monster cost of returns, free shipping, credit card processing fees, return processing fees etc. etc. we used to have a flat 10% restocking fee on any order which came back for a full credit card refund. We hated having to do it, but being a smaller / growing company in a down economy we had to be very careful about getting crushed by the expense of returns and exchanges. Even with a restock, we still took a bath.

I am happy to say that we eliminated that restock fee as of the first of this year and now offer a store credit to be applied to a future purchase. We have gotten nothing but great feedback from our customers who realize that we are looking out for them and trying to be as fair as possible. We are also constantly trying to improve. It makes us feel great when people recognize the effort. I guess I am saying "thank you".

Recently we went shooting at an FBI range on the East Coast. It was one of the cooler things we have been invited to since we started RevZilla.

While I was blowing things up that day I couldn't help but think that in some way it had presented itself to me as a metaphor for our current customer service approach. Kind of our approach to  most things, actually. :-)

Be awesome. Be fast. No Hassles. Blow sh*t up. Watch this video. Amen.


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