Monday, June 21

Dio Metal God Tribute & Moto Music Video Contest

On May 16, 2010, the world of Metal music was shaken by the death of the Metal God, Ronnie James Dio. This tragedy has rattled the entire crew at RevZilla HQ, who have always held the man who pioneered the Metal Horns in high esteem.

One day as we sat around the office listening to "Holy Diver" on full-tilt, we decided that if Dio were riding a bike with us, he'd unquestionably be rocking the Icon Metal God jacket. This conversation led us through a series of brainstorming sessions which eventually led us to one conclusion: we have no choice but to make a video paying homage to our favorite musician. The last song the legend ever recorded is called "Metal Will Never Die." Thanks to you, Ronnie, it certainly will not. Dio has left an indelible stamp on heavy metal, and our tribute video is our way of further immortalizing the man with pipes of gold. Rest in Peace.

We had a great time making the video, and we decided that we want all of RevZilla's loyal enthusiasts to have some fun making a moto music video. From the launch of the video today through the end of August, we'll be running a contest. All you have to do is make a moto-themed music video. The premise of the contest is simple. Make a music video featuring whatever you like: babes, bikes, pipes, metal, whatever gets you going. Be creative and have fun. Upload your video as a response to our Dio Music Video on youtube. The gold medalist will win the Metal God jacket featured in the video in addition to $500 in TeamZilla cash. Second place snags $250 in TeamZilla cash, and the bronze medalist takes home any Icon Alliance SSR helmet. Click for Official Contest Rules & Instructions.

As a bonus, we've included our official Behind-the-Scenes Making Of Dio Tribute video.

Have some fun with it and get the chance to win over $2000 in cash & prizes from RevZilla.

Never let the legend die.


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