Tuesday, June 15

Dual Sport & Enduro Helmet Buying Guide

We get a lot of questions at RevZilla about the differences between the variety of Dual Sport Helmets that we carry. They range in price from $100 all the way to $700, and the features are generally commensurate with the price. In this video we wanted to present an array of Dual Sport & Enduro helmets and break down the key differences in functionality and attributes between them. Adventure riding has seen an enormous spike in popularity in the last decade and in turn, manufacturers are paying more attention to the development of these hybrid helmets.

We hope this guide helps in understanding the key differences between the various dual sport & enduro motorcycle helmets that we carry.

To see our individual product pages for any of these helmets, click the links below. Also, stay tuned for RevZillaTV's in-depth individual breakdown videos for each of these helmets.

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