Friday, July 9

Arctic Adventure

Burn my clothes I'm in heaven!  I have just experienced the most beautiful place I've ever been!  The Icefields Parkway is 143 miles of mountainous heaven linking Lake Louise and Jasper, Alberta, Canada.  Sell everything (learn the metric system) and move to the Icefields Parkway. 

When I began planning this trip Yellowstone, I thought, would be the highlight, or one of the highlights.  However, the Icefields takes the cake.  It is so much more beautiful.

From what I've experienced, parks in the U.S. seem to be designed to excite your senses; narrow roads clinging to the edge of mountains wind their way up to the summit while you cling on for dear life; much like the Amalfi coast in Italy.   However, the Icefields seems to be designed to calm one's senses.  The road seems to be mainly at the base of the mountains and is very wide and relaxing to drive. In fact, the hum of the engine and the rhythmic bounce as I rode over the road surface put me in a sort of trance as I glided down long straight aways and long smooth curves which revealed one after another new and awe inspiring scene for almost 150 miles!  It felt like I could have just floated away.

At times, I would pull over, take some pictures then drive a couple hundred yards, slam on the brakes and pull over because there was another amazing view.  At one point it took me about an hour to drive 10 miles because there were so many beautiful views.

The mountains are kept company by beautiful, beautiful lakes and a long, winding river with the most peculiar color water that somehow, just made me so relaxed.  The way the mountains and river were paired it reminded me of an old couple who had lived a long and beautiful life together and were walking hand in hand for the last time down a wooded path as they disappeared into the mist.

I hope you find the pictures to be as enjoyable as I do. 


  1. Yup. Told ya! This place has absolutely nothing on the Alps! Glad you had a perfect day to experience the Icefileds. Ride safe Tony!

    Jack Broomall

  2. Looks like you had perfect weather to make it even more amazing. Even still, it seems like one of those places that your memories and the feeling of seeing it exceeds what the pictures show.


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