Tuesday, July 20

Arctic Adventure

Among other boby parts, my hand and wrist are really starting to hurt, despite a liberal use of cruise control!

As most of you know I’m doing this ride not only for myself, but also to raise money and awareness for Native American women who are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; and their children.

One use of the donations will be simply to provide a change of clothing for the women who’ve been sexually assaulted.  Often, being that most reservations are quite remote, the women who’ve been assaulted have to travel for hours just to get to a hospital for an exam and treatment.  Can you imagine not being able to shower or change for hours after being sexually assaulted?  And then having to put the same clothes back on to travel hours back home?  Our donations will provide a modicum of comfort to these women after the horrific trauma that’s been afflicted upon them.

As part of my effort to get the word out, I’ve been leave a trail of flyers behind that I printed before leaving.  Every time I stop to get gas or stay somewhere I try to drop one or two off so that random people find them and, hopefully, check out the blog.  Below are a few that I remembered to take pictures of (as well as a few random shots from the past few days).

Also, if you’ve been contemplating donating, nows a perfect time.  If you’ve been wondering, any amount works, $5 or $500 or anywhere in between.

My trip is getting close to it’s end.  I’ll need more than a few miracles if I’m gonna reach my goal of $10,370 - which is $1 per mile.

You can make a donation form my Arctic Adventure blog or directly at the South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault's webpage.

How ‘bout it?

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