Thursday, July 22

Arctic Adventure

I’m ahead of schedule so I decided to take a small detour and see the Boss who’s currently in Atlanta for School.  I’m trying to get there asap so I haven’t been stopping for many pictures.

The one below is me helping out another rider (I forgot his name) who ran out of gas only a mile or so before his exit in North Dakota.  My spare gas can (2 gal) was full so I gave it to him.  He’s from Alberta, Canada and he’s off to tour the east coast of both, the US and Canada.

Today is my 22nd consecutive day of riding and I’ve covered about 10,000 miles so far.  The past few days have been uneventful, I’m just trying to cover as much ground as possible so I have as much time with the Boss as possible.  I’ve done 600+ miles for the past 4 days.  I’m tired, my body is aching all over and I’ve stopped listening to my music since I’ve heard all of it way too much by now.

My third skype interview is online if you haven’t seen it.  I’ll do one more skype interview next week and then a live, in studio one when I get back (should all go as planned).

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