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Touring Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

We consider a touring motorcycle helmet to be a helmet that is designed to be worn for long distances while riding mostly in the upright position. Typically, some well-known bikes that require this position are the Honda Goldwing, various Harley-Davidsons, BMW R1200GS, KTM 990 Adventure and so on. Any ADV or Touring bike where you're going to be sitting upright for the majority of your ride. In this video, we highlight eight of our top picks for touring helmets, and discuss the various feature sets of each helmet.

In this video, we tried to isolate what we think are the best-in-class for ADV touring helmets based on several criteria: excellent ventilation when in the upright riding position, very lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable, along with being able to combat multiple weather variables. The following helmets are the eight that we selected as top of the food chain with a few highlights of each one:

Arai RX-Q Helmet: $490.45 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Helmet design modeled directly from Arai Corsair V
  • Same wider-eyeport face shield as the Corsair V
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic with Aerodynamic Shell
  • Cheek pads cradle head for balance & comfort
  • Even weight distribution through helmet
  • Snell 2010 Certification
  • 5 Unique Shell Sizes for more accurate fitment

Arai Profile Helmet: $481.46 & up
  • Long Oval Head Shape - very long & narrow
  • Dual Intake/Exhaust ventilation for superior airflow
  • FreeFlow System that reduces wind turbulence while encouraging hot air exhaust
  • Fiberglass Composite shell is strong and lightweight
  • Multiple-density foam interior for comfort
  • 2010 Models are Snell 2010 Certified

  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Fiberglass/Kevlar Matrix is quiet, light & aerodynamic
  • HelmetPump system for customizable perfect fit
  • SpeedView internal retractable sun visor
  • SpeedShift quick-change tool-less shield change
  • EverClear no-fog anti-scratch faceshield
  • KwikWick removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • Excellent ventilation configuration

Shoei RF-1100 Helmet: $359.99 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Successor to massively popular RF1000
  • AIM+ Shell is rigid, lightweight and resilient
  • Multiple shell sizes & EPS sizes for comfort
  • Shell-integrated spoiler reduces drag and lift
  • Variable ventilation for maximum airflow & de-fogging
  • Removable washable antimicrobial wicking interior
  • Tool-less shield changes & spring-loaded shield
  • Snell 2010 Certification

Shoei Multitec Helmet: $434.69 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • One of the Lightest Modular Helmets at RevZilla.com
  • Extremely versatile full-face or open-face
  • Easy & smooth open/close mechanism
  • Upper AirScoop for superior aerodynamics
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking interior
  • AIM shell is strong, light, and aerodynamic
  • QuickRelease Tool-less shield changes

  • Chin bar locks in behind head for open-face riding
  • Extremely aerodynamic with great airflow
  • Round head shape
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • Easy to operate open/close mechanism
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified
  • 9-position ratcheting shield
  • Scratch-resistant anti-fog shield

  • Medium Oval Shaped ADV Dual-Sport Helmet
  • 3 Modes: Visor + Shield, Shield Only, Visor Only
  • Extra-Large Shield; Can Wear Goggles Underneath
  • Lightweight AIM+ Shell is Strong & Aerodynamic
  • Multiple-density liner is removable, washable, wicking
  • Chin vent designed for de-fogging
  • Top Intake & Rear Exhaust Ventilation
  • DOT & Snell 2005 Certified

Arai XD-3 Helmet: $512.95 & up
  • Medium Oval Dual-Sport Helmet
  • Fiberglass Composite shell is strong, light, aerodynamic
  • Three Modes: Peak & shield, Shield only, Peak only
  • Dual Intake/Exhaust ventilation
  • Multiple chinbar vents for cooling & de-fogging
  • Removable washable antimicrobial wicking liner
  • High-flow peak forces air into the top vents
  • DOT & Snell 2010 Certified

We hope we demonstrated the various types of long-distance touring helmets to help connect the dots for you, allowing you to make a more informed decision. Of course, you can always visit our modular helmets page, our dual sport helmets page or our general motorcycle helmets page to explore more options. All of these helmets have their own detailed video reviews which you can see on the individual product pages at RevZilla.com or by visiting Youtube.com/RevZillaTV.


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