Wednesday, October 27

Gerbing's Heated Gear Connection Guide

Heated motorcycle gear can be difficult to operate. Tons of wires, knobs, switches, etc -- but how do you actually link everything together properly and make sure it works correctly. We've got you covered with our eight-minute Gerbing's Heated Gear Connection Guide that details how to connect the gear to your bike, how to connect it to other pieces of gear, how to control temperature of multiple pieces of gear, and a walkthrough of various accessories produced by Gerbing's.

As a recommendation, we suggest that you choose the Gerbing's Dual Temperature Controller when picking up your first piece of Gerbing's Heated Gear. While you may only have one heated item to start, odds are you'll pick up something else down the road. Most people seem to start with a jacket liner or a pair of heated gloves, realize how much it improves cold weather riding, and pick up more gear. Beyond one piece of gear, the Gerbing's Single Temperature Controller would become irrelevant. The Dual Controller has two temperature regulation knobs, one of which controls the heat output in the jacket, the other controls all other pieces of gear- gloves, pants liners and insoles.

The other major thing you have to know is how to connect the gear to the battery. It is crucial that you connect the Gerbing's Battery Harness directly to the battery's terminals and not battery tender pigtails. There is also the Gerbing's 12 Volt DC Plug Adaptor which connects on one end to your temperature controller and the other end goes into a Cigarette Lighter style plug. There is also a Gerbing's Accessory Plug Kit that has a battery harness, an accessory plug and a port that can be mounted anywhere on the bike for easy connection of your Gerbing's gear.

We hope this video is helpful in understanding the proper method of connecting and controlling your Gerbing's Heated Motorcycle Gear. As always, feel free to give us a ring at 877-792-9455 or and we'll be happy to answer any further questions.

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Stay warm, stay safe, extend the riding season!


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