Monday, October 11

Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddlebags now at

We are happy to announce that is now carrying Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddlebags. These adventure styled and cleverly developed saddle bags have been around a relatively short while in the Adventure and Touring circles and are catching on fast.

They are the smart way to add storage to your dirt bike for those long offroad journeys. No more bandaids or moving saddlebags to kickstart your 250. The Giant Loop soft bags are built by dirtbikers with dirtbikes in mind.

The Giant Loop line consists of three saddle bags and one tank bag. Their prices range from $199 to $399 for the Giant Loop Mojavi, Giant Loop Coyote and Giant Loop Great Basin saddle bags and $149 for the Fandango Tank Bag.

Stay tuned for more as well as video when we have the chance to shoot them.

We are impressed with the design of the line so far.


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