Friday, October 15

GoGo Gear Review: Fashionable Protective Ladies Gear

GoGo Gear Black Trench Jacket
GoGo Gear's mission is a simple one, but something we've not seen from any other manufacturer: make protective motorcycle gear for the female motorcyclist with a fashion-first approach. So much of what we see in the motorcycle gear world is men attempting to make gear that they think will fit a woman's shape and contours. And let's face it, we're just not that good at it. In walks GoGo Gear with their new line of high-fashion apparel that is also extremely protective. Women will look great riding their motorcycles but when they get off the bike, no one will even know they have protective gear on. Check out our GoGo Gear Buying Guide with Arlene Battishill, Founder and Co-Creator of the brand.

GoGo Gear Military Jacket
For 2010, GoGo Gear released four jackets, all of which are available at They all share the same properties in construction and protection, with subtle differences in each that differentiates them. The farthest outer layer (which is the fashion fabric) changes with each garment and the cuts vary piece-by-piece. Here are the universal features of all GoGo Gear Fall 2010 Jackets:

  • Fashion Fabric exterior atop 600D chassis
  • All jackets are 100% waterproof and breathable
  • CE Rated shoulder/elbow armor with CE Level 2 back protector
  • Reflective detailing at collar, cuffs and belt
  • Lycra windcuff in each sleeve for wind-blocking
GoGo Gear Grey Trench Jacket

As I said, each of these garments has its own distinctive exterior styling as the photos in this post demonstrate. The GoGo Gear Grey Trench Jacket and the GoGo Gear Black Trench Jacket each fall slightly below the waist. The GoGo Gear Military Jacket is cut slightly longer, with oversized pockets and stylish faux leather detailing throughout. The GoGo Gear Hologram Jacket, takes the core of the Military and combines it with an absolutely jaw-dropping exterior fabric to create the most visually stunning jacket of the bunch. Each of these jackets is unique in design and truly represents a huge departure from anything available to female motorcycle riders currently.

GoGo Gear Hologram Jacket
We are thrilled that GoGo Gear came onto our radar with a truly innovative concept for the motorcycle world. We think all the stylish ladies out there are going to be pleased that they finally have an alternative to all the gear that we men create that just doesn't quite fit them right. GoGo Gear is meant to fit perfectly and look great on or off the bike. We think they did a great job with this line and we are psyched to add them to the RevZilla ladies' collection. Check out all our Ladies Textile Jackets here.



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