Thursday, October 7

Klim Traverse Jacket & Pants Review Video

We have been riding in the KLIM Traverse Gore-Tex Jacket and Traverse Pants enduro style suit for about a week in and out of the rain. We have not had a chance to really put this crossover suit through its paces offroad yet, but hopefully we will shortly. We will report back when we've beat the hell out of it further.

The Klim Traverse Jacket and Traverse Pants utilize Gore-Tex Performance Shell technology and are rated as GORE-TEX Storm Tested for enduring waterproofedness.

In the meantime we shot a full HD Klim Traverse Review Video which walks through the whole suit, its nuances and we offer our opinion of it thus far in the formative stages.

Also we started an forum Klim Traverse thread with our connect the dots breakdown of the key and finer points of the suit.

More to come...


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