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Nolan N90 Helmet Review: Brand New Modular

Always integrating new technologies into their innovative designs, Nolan Helmets continues to be one of the leaders in the modular helmet market. Their newest offering, the Nolan N90 Helmet, continues their tradition of making high quality helmets that offer a great deal of versatility for the Adventure and Sport Touring rider. With configuration options of full-face or jet-helmet style, the N90 promises to be another standout in the Nolan line, one which already includes the best-selling Nolan N43 Helmet and the Nolan N103 Helmet. Check out our full video review of the Nolan N90 Helmet below.

One of Nolan's goals in developing the N90 was to create a modular helmet that would perform off-the-charts in all touring conditions with a solid feature set but keep it at a reasonable price point. They really did a great job with this helmet, maintaining all of the standard Nolan features with some forward-thinking additions. The aerodynamically designed shell is built using polycarbonate and has a built-in spoiler to help with keeping the helmet stable at speed. It features a top-gun-style retractable sun visor that is the same thickness as the clear Lexan outer shield and easily operated with a rubberized glove-friendly slider. It provides excellent eye protection when the main shield is not in use.

One of the features that really sets this helmet apart is the noise levels. There are few modulars that will provide this quiet of a ride and one of the big reasons for this is the design of the faceshield. Where the faceshield of the N90 meets the shell, both the shield and shell are grooved near the hinge to maintain a super-snug seal against the gasket, preventing any excessive wind noise. The thick neck roll also aids in maintaining low noise levels. The shield comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert, something we don't see with many helmets on the market (Nolan N90S Helmet does not have the Pinlock system). Utilizing Lexan to construct the shield is also pleasing, since Lexan is a nearly indestructible high-grade plastic.

The chinbar mechanism, which Nolan calls the Centromatic release system, is also a standout feature of the N90. It has a single release locking mechanism at the bottom that is pulled which allows the button above the chin vent to be pushed in, and using this as a handle, the chin bar easily lifts up. This same mechanism also keeps the helmet locked in place when in the flipped-up position so there is no risk of the chin bar falling down. The N90 also has superior ventilation, much better than most modulars out there. The large exhaust grid vent coupled with the dual intakes and chin vents creates great venturi effect airflow that will keep you
cool when you're rocking this helmet full-face. This helmet
is also ready for the NCOM Communication System.

Overall, we wouldn't doubt if this helmet quickly became one of the most popular modulars on the market. With its upgraded feature set that builds on the strong base of Nolan technology, it is going to be difficult for competitors to compete.

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