Tuesday, October 12

Schuberth Helmets at RevZilla.com

Schuberth Modular Helmets New at RevZilla.com

Schuberth Helmets has long been making some of the most quiet, low profile, premium and lightweight modular helmets in the motorcycle world. Based out of Europe, they pulled out of the states in the mid 2000's but thankfully have decided to return in 2010. Serious riders know Schuberth as a heavy hitter in the high-end modular world.

The current Schuberth Helmet line is cornerstoned by the Schuberth C3 Helmet, their latest modular, and they also have the C3W Helmet, a women's shape specific version. After extensive research the Schuberth C3W Helmet addresses common differences in the facial structure of a womens head and face, compared to a man.

RevZilla.com will begin shipping the C3 and the C3W along with its accessories including the Schuberth SRC Bluetooth Intercom system this Fall.

Stay tuned for more Schuberth news and product reviews around the new premium modular lids.


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