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Shoei Helmet Care Guides

Shoei produced a series of videos detailing how exactly to clean a Shoei Helmet, how to properly care for a Shoei shield and one video that explains Shoei's Impact Inspection Services. These are greatly helpful to any Shoei Helmet owner.

Here is the Shoei Helmet Cleaning video:

Shoei RF-1100 Helmet
Needs: Soft, Non-Abrasive Cloth; Soft Toothbrush; Non-Solvent and Non-Acidic Cleaning Agents

The guts of the helmet can be cleaned either by hand or in a washing net in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. If the liner is non-removable, the interior can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a neutral cleaning agent. The EPS itself must be kept free of any solvents or heated elements, so a soft cloth used gently should do the trick. When drying the helmet, it is important to not use any heat or to expose it to direct sunlight to prevent damage to the shell. Putting the helmet in front of a fan with the face shield open is the recommended method of drying.

Next is the demonstration of how to properly care for a Shoei Helmet Shield:

Proper care of your face shield can dramatically extend the life of the shield. If there is ever a problem with the seal of the shield to the eyeport beading, it can be relatively easily solved. If there is any sort of whistling sound or wind noise when riding, you can cover up each quadrant of the shield where it meets the beading, one area at a time. When the whistling stops, you've identified the problem area. You can also slide anything thin, like a piece of paper, between the shield and the beading. If you can slide it in between at any point, you know you've got a loose seal. You can then make the base plate adjustment by loosening a screw and moving the base plate slightly in the direction it needs to go to create the tautness of the shield meeting the beading. They also suggest regular tightening of the base plate to ensure that the screws haven't come loose and also regular cleaning using warm water, a soft cloth, and a neutral cleaning agent. Always steer clear of cleaners that use solvents, acids, or are alkaline-based.

Finally, this video illustrates Shoei's Impact Inspection Services:

Shoei Qwest Helmet
Shoei provides a service that allows you to send your helmet in for an inspection that will determine whether or not the helmet is safe to be worn again. The inspection of the helmet and return shipment from Shoei are both free of charge. Generally, it is suggested that you mail your helmet in for an inspection if the helmet was dropped, if the helmet was impacted during a crash, if the helmet was exposed to extreme heat, or if the helmet was exposed to chemicals or chemical fumes. Ensure that the helmet is packed properly by checking out the demo in the video. This is a really cool free service offered by Shoei for their loyal supporters. It should definitely be taken advantage of in any questionable safety situation.

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