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Bell Vortex and Bell Star Helmet Review

We've already done extensive RevZillaTV video reviews on both of these helmets (Bell Star & Bell Vortex) but whenever we come across new product information we like to share it. We feel that there can never be too much information to further knowledge and assist in the buying process. To that end, we're releasing these videos that feature Bell Helmets' product experts detailing the nuances of the Bell Star Helmet and the Bell Vortex Helmet.

First is the Bell Star Helmet:

Bell Star Rally Helmet
We've featured the Bell Star Helmet in several helmet buying guides that we've done, including our Super Premium Motorcycle Helmet Guide and our Motorcycle Race Helmet Buying Guide. It is a standout redesign of the former Bell Star iteration. It touts Snell 2010 certification, a super lightweight and resilient construction, and phenomenal ventilation utilizing Bell's FlowAdjust system which is a variable system that pulls air through the helmet to keep your head cool while you're riding. The shield is three-way adjustable, with one setting dedicated to a cracked de-fogging mode, and it features the Bell Click-Release system for lightning fast shield changes. Utilizing the optional track ship improves the already impressive aerodynamics of the Star which goes through intensive
research and development, wind and water tunnel testing. The
stability of this helmet is absolutely stellar.

Bell Star Hess Helmet
The Nutra-Fog 2 shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog with a UV-protective coating that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Bell also developed a photochromic shield with Transitions SolFX Optical, the Bell Star Photochromic Face Shield, which automatically adjusts tint depending on ambient light conditions. Bright sunshine, midnight darkness? This shield performs in all conditions, eliminating annoying shield changes. The guts are removable, washable and moisture-wicking, with an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment. The cheek pads are contour-cut for comfort and optimal fit and the D-ring chin strap closure features a Magnafusion magnetic strap keeper to eliminate annoying flapping at speed. From the main features to the detailed nuances, this helmet is an extraordinary lid in both
performance and appearance.

Next is the look at the Bell Vortex Helmet:

Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse Helmet
The Bell Vortex Helmet borrows heavily from the Star in terms of engineering and construction and it shows. It is probably our favorite helmet at the sub-$200 price point and we think it offers arguably the best functionality of any entry-level priced helmet we carry. The Vortex uses the Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust, which is the exact same system as the Star and helps to moderate airflow and temperature regulation. The Vortex has the exact same shield as the Bell Star, the NutraFog II anti-fog anti-scratch UV-protected shield. It is also made to fit the aforementioned Photochromic Shield and has the same ClickRelease shield-change mechanism as the Star. Wind and road noise is dramatically reduced by the padded wind collar and the Vortex has the same removable
washable and antibacterial liner as the Star. It also touts
Snell 2010 certification.

Bell Vortex Grind Helmet
So what's the big difference here between the Vortex and the Star? Aside from some subtle differences like the fact that the Star's cheekpads are hand cut for superior fit while the Vortex's are stacked foam, the major difference is the shell composition. While the lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell used by the Vortex is no slouch, it doesn't compare to the Super Premium level of the Star's Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass TriMatrix construction which elevates the Star to a completely different level. That said, if you're not a racer and don't do much trackday riding, but rather are a rider looking for optimum functionality from an entry-to-mid-level sport helmet, you may not have to look further than the Bell Vortex.

All in all, Bell seriously impressed us in 2010 with these new lids. Be sure not to miss the RevZillaTV reviews of these helmets by visiting the individual product pages at Check out the competition by visiting our section of Motorcycle Helmets.


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