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Icon Patrol Waterproof Boots Review

The complement to the Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket and Pants outfit, the Icon Patrol Waterproof Boots are part of the brand new Icon all-season all-weather waterproof Patrol series. Primed to combat all of the elements with aggressive style and functionality, the Patrol gear is the most technically advanced product that Icon has produced to date. With Icon's attention to detail in every piece of gear they release and their advanced technologies that go into their waterproof gear, the Icon Patrol Waterproof Boots are sure to be a big hit amongst the Icon sport touring loyalists.

Here is our Icon Patrol Waterproof Boots Review:

The Icon Patrol Waterproof Boots begin with a durable leather chassis that is bonded with a completely waterproof breathable membrane, blocking all precipitation from penetrating but allowing perspiration to escape away from your foot. This allows the foot to be completely comfortable and dry during the worst weather conditions. Brand new for Fall 2010 Icon Gear, there is a brand new sole system which features a slip-resistant rubber outsole, a footpeg arch to interface with the pegs, and a foam midsole for comfort. There is also an axialmetric steel shank built into the sole for durability and support. For protective measures, there is internal ankle armor cockpit and a reinforced toebox that is topped with shifter interface nubs to grip on to gear changes.

The speed lacing system is low profile and protected by a leather panel that covers the laces. This system is secured by a dual aluminum positive-lock buckle retention system that locks everything into place. You'll also find strategically-placed temperfoam injections for added protection. The feature set on the Patrol Boots is rounded out with the heat-resistant microsuede panel on the inside of each boot to prevent damage in the event of contact with the bike's pipes.

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