Wednesday, December 22

Bell RS-1 Helmet: Bell Secret 2011 Helmet #2

Bell 2011 Secret Helmet #2..

Bell RS-1 Victory Helmet
This helmet is slated to be positioned as the one that splits the difference between the Vortex and the Star, fitting squarely between the two in terms of performance and price point. We think the Bell RS-1 Helmet is going to be an absolute home run as it competes head-to-head with those very few helmets that can tout a mid-level price point yet pack premium-level helmet features (Shoei RF-1100, the RS-1 has you in its sights!).

We can't go into too many details here, but we can say that it will be an aggressive street and sport helmet, designed for spirited road riding with a feature set that can easily translate to track day riding.
Bell RS-1 Helmet

Did I mention that it's Snell 2010 certified? This is going to be an absolute home run from Bell Helmets.

Stay tuned for the last in our installment of Bell's 2011 Secret Helmets coming soon.

And of course, many more details on the Bell RS1 Helmet as we are able to release them.

Bell RS-1 Panic Zone Helmet
Bell RS-1 Shattered Helmet

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