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Klim Arctic GTX Boots Review

One of the most rugged winter motorsports boot that we carry is the Klim Arctic GTX boot. The big brother to the Klim Adrenaline GTX boot in that it offers double the level of insulating properties, the Arctic GTX is built for the most extreme cold weather snowmobile riding conditions. These boots boast all of the features that Klim snow gear is known for, and compound that with Gore-Tex, the most waterproof breathable membrane available on the market, to create an outstanding winter boot.

Here is our Klim Arctic GTX Boot Review:

The Arctic is extremely rugged in outer construction, a mix of rubber, leather and ballistic nylon. Beneath this durable exterior is a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, which is guaranteed for life: in the event that there is ever a leak in the boot (not caused by a crash), Gore-Tex will repair or replace the boot free of charge. It's as simple as that. The Gore-Tex membrane is placed on the outside of the insulation to prevent that from ever picking up water. Which brings us to the 1200-gram Thinsulate that lines the walls of this boot and the 600-gram Thinsulate that's embedded in the midsole. That is an enormous amount of insulation as Thinsulate recommends 1000+ grams for any kind of extreme active cold weather conditions. The 1200/600 insulation combo will keep you incredibly warm while the Gore-Tex membrane will keep you comfortable and dry.

The liner materials are moisture-wicking to help pull sweat away from the foot and allow perspiration to pass through the inner membrane. The sole of this boot is dual durometer, meaning that it can adapt to different temperature conditions, providing maximum traction no matter how hot or cold it is. There is a stiff durable board built into the sole to protect the foot by dispersing any shock across the entire surface area, minimizing direct impact. The laces are flat, anti-slip and moisture-resistant, with anchored loops for fast cinching. The moisture-resistance is key as in extreme wet cold weather, there is no chance that these will ice over. Additional foam cushioning is at the tops of the toes for comfort and safety and the cutout ankle allows forward flex.

This is one of the most rugged winter boots available on the market. Period. Klim is known for their snow gear, and this is an exemplary example of what they do.


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