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Alpinestars SMX-Plus Race Boots Review

One of the products we're most excited about for Spring 2011 for Alpinestars is the Alpinestars SMX-Plus Race Boots. A standard within the AStars lineup for the past eight years, the SMX-Plus have received a major redesign for this season that really raises the bar for what a race boot should be at this price point. Lighter, more streamlined, and more protective than the previous version, the new Alpinestars S-MX Plus Vented Boots are without a doubt going to be one of the stars of all the new gear in the industry this Spring.

Check out our Alpinestars SMX-Plus Race Boots Review:

By changing some of the protective elements and reducing bulk in some areas, the Alpinestars SMX-Plus Boots have dropped some weight this year, but don't think that means any sacrifice in protection. Utilizing the brand new Multi Link Control system, Alpinestars shaved off a significant amount of the hard part bulk of this boot. The Multi Link Control System is an innovative protection system for the ankle, limiting range of motion and offering significant protection from serious injury that could result from hypertorsion, hyperextension or hyperflexion. There are also TPU hard parts protecting from impact injury at the ankle and Achilles tendon. This next-level system is one of the finest we've seen to date.

High-modulus TPU hard parts provide the protection in all areas of this boot. The entire Multi Link System is TPU as is the contoured shin plate protector. High modulus TPU is a long molecular chain that allows for a more effective transference of impact and therefore higher levels of protection. The dual compound TPU toe slider is fully replaceable with a simple snap-in design and offers higher levels of coverage than the previous model. The TPU heel counter wraps up to the ankle and is backed by a shock absorbing padded insert with foam ankle armor. Finally, there is a replaceable heel slider and a side heel slider to assist in a crash. Did I mention that this entire boot is CE certified? In other words, it's extremely protective.

The newly designed asymmetrical accordion stretch panels at the front and rear promote a more ergonomic and natural range of motion for flexibility. Internally, the forefoot has a shock absorbing open cell foam insert laminated to it for protection and the entire interior is moisture-wicking and breathable for premium comfort in the most active riding scenarios. The anatomical countered footbed offers arch support and is completely replaceable. The Kevlar speed lacing system combined with the lateral zipper makes fitment as snug as possible. Lastly, this is Alpinestars' first foray with their brand new racing sole, a slimmer-profiled textured high-grip rubber sole that is completely replaceable by Alpinestars.

For the second-most technical race boot in the Alpinestars lineup, the SMX Plus features some new improvements that are sure to make it even more popular for this season. To see comparable options, visit our Motorcycle Race Boots and Alpinestars Boots pages.


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