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Teknic Chicane Street Glove Review

The Teknic Chicane Street Gloves has to be one of our best street and sport riding gloves for the guy looking for a short cuff motorcycle glove below the 50 dollar price point. The lineup of Teknic gear has some excellent motorcycle gloves to go along with their jackets and race suits and the Chicane glove is no exception. The Chicane was built for the sport and street riding crowd looking for a glove that offers a lot more technical features found on a full gauntlet glove but with a shorty style. There's a ton of stuff that we like about this glove, especially the amount of protection and the build quality that you get at an entry model price.

Check out our Teknic Chicane Street Glove Review

The Chicane has a full premium goatskin leather construction. Goatskin is one of the most supple, comfortable, and durable materials to make a glove out of; it is a great sign of quality when shopping for a leather glove. The stitching and details on the glove are very well done especially around some of the more technical parts such as the armor and the elasticated stretch panels. The protection of the Chicane consists of a thermoplastic, dual compound knuckle protector and thermoplastic rubber inserts going down the fingers, including the pinky which is normally neglected. My favorite part of this glove is that Teknic actually put a good amount of effort in protecting the outside of the palm and pinky. In the event of a low side crash and slide the outside of the hand is most likely to take damage. Teknic put an extra piece of Kevlar with padding on the outside of the hand. Few gloves in this price range have this side protection and it's an area that many manufacturers ignore.

The amount of detail in the styling of the glove is also great to see in the Chicane. The glove has stretch panels in all four fingers and the thumb, this is one more thing that few manufacturers put on their entry model gloves. The silicone Teknic logo on the palm adds grip and "Teknic Racing" written across the index finger and just adds to the style and the appeal of the Chicane. Both the black and the white versions are very well styled.

The Chicane is definitely one of my favorite gloves under 50 dollars. This glove comes in a white and black version and an all black version. Sizes go from a small to a 3xl and the fit is definitely a bit more casual and relaxed than some of the tighter, more aggressive fitting Teknic race gloves.  For 45 bucks the Teknic Chicane is definitely one of the best values you can get in the shorty glove market.

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