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Abus Disc Lock Buying Guide & Overview

Abus Locks makes a full run of disc locks, and every one of the lock shares the same high-level of Abus quality in materials, design and technologies. As you go up the food chain in price, you find advanced innovations, higher levels of security measures, and thicker, more bombproof constructions. Ultimately, when choosing an Abus Disc Lock, you need to pinpoint the degree of protection you're looking for, whether you want features like sonic alarms, and if you want a brake disc lock that will work in conjunction with a chain lock. What you need to know about Abus is that regardless of which direction you choose to go in with an Abus lock, you're buying the most super-premium lock on the market, from a manufacturer with over 90% bicycle and motorcycle marketshare in Europe, the #1 padlock maker in the world, and a company that controls the entirety of its product production from the sourcing of the raw materials all way through the polishing of the final product. This eliminates any third parties, the need to incorporate additional costs to pay these third parties, and allows Abus to deliver the highest quality product with the most premium materials, at the lowest price they possibly can. All Abus locks and chains are completely weatherproof and extremely anti-corrosion; they simply won't wear out over time. With that said, let's dive into the various disc locks offered by Abus. (For more on what makes Abus the best in the business, read our Abus Security and Lock Buying Guide and Overview.)

Starting with the most basic, the Abus Provogue 300 Disc Lock and Abus Provogue 305 Disc Lock each offer a handy and quick way to keep your bike secure. The 300 series uses a 10mm hardened steel bolt while the 305 series uses a 5mm hardened steel bolt. The entirety of these locks use Abus' proprietary hardened steel found in all their products, which is tempered from -80º through 80º C and hammer-blow tested at these extreme temperatures to test resiliency to the most serious thieves' attempts. These locks also prevent the wheel from rotating a full 360º, thereby preventing a thief from simply walking away with your bike. Solid, secure, basic protection from Abus.

Next up is the Abus 330 Trigger Disc Lock, which offers a bulkier design than the Provogue series, requiring a longer period of time before a thief can use a cut saw to hack through. Using a 9mm hardened steel bolt and featuring the ability to lock with one hand, the Trigger features an anti-tamper body that uses the Abus proprietary steel for extreme security. This disc lock also comes with a reminder cable that both acts as a visual deterrent for thieves but also reminds the rider that the lock is engaged before driving off. The Trigger also comes with a handy pouch for convenient storage.

The Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Brake Disc Lock is one of the more unique designs in the Abus line, and it is designed for narrow brake discs. Using a rounded design, the 14mm bolt meets the lock and will spin even when attached, making it extremely difficult for a thief to get a stronghold and actually begin to get the teeth of a saw through the lock. The Victory also uses Abus' upgraded X-Plus locking system, which offers 1.4 million key differs (unique keys), laser-cut and lighted keys. The X-Plus system is anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-pull, and all the keys are anti-snapping. The Victory also comes with a memory cable and a handy pouch and is also available as the Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Chain Lock which includes a heavy-duty
chain designed to work specifically with this disc lock.

The Abus 77 Sledg Brake Disc Lock is the most premier non-sonic disc lock in the Abus lineup. The Sledg is loaded with every Abus high-end security features outside of the 110dB alarm found in other locks. The entire construction is Abus' proprietary hardened steel with a 13mm closing bolt. The Sledg can be completely operated with one hand for the utmost convenience. This lock also uses the Abus X-Plus technology which is their most pick-proof and secure cylinder. Wrapped around the steel is an anti-sliding rubber cover that makes the Sledg easy to operate and hold with one hand. This lock also comes with a handy carry bag and a memory cable to remind you the lock is engaged and also deter thieves.

Detecto 8000 Disc Lock
The most premier of the Abus disc lock series is the Detecto line, fully sonic-alarmed disc locks that blare a 110dB signal if tampering is evident. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS3 Disc Lock is the most basic of this group, which uses a motion detector to identify attempted theft. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS2 Disc Lock steps up the functionality with the addition of an LED light that indicates the lock is engaged. The Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 Disc Lock offers the big step up as it uses a 3D position system, which is gyro-activated, reducing the chance of false alarms and offering the most intelligent tamper-triggered alarming. The Abus Electronic Granit Detecto 8000 Disc Lock takes all of this to the next level, utilizing the RS1's position change and shock detection capabilities, but constructed entirely of hardened steel (this thing weighs a ton) with a 14mm steel bolt and the Abus X-Plus locking system. The Granit series refers to products that are deemed as strong as granite. Also available as the Abus Granit Detecto Electronic Chain and Disc Lock with a matching chain.

Don't forget that detailed video reviews are available for every single lock in the Abus lineup. Visit RevZillaTV.com or the product pages at RevZilla.com to learn more about each individual lock.


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