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Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants Review

The Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants provide the sport and long-distance touring rider with the ability to stay dry and comfortable in multiple seasons and all weather conditions. Dainese is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to producing stylish, sporty, and high-performance textile gear. Think FJR, Tiger 800, Moto Guzzi and the like. While the Dainese New Drake Air Textile Pants are a top pick for Spring-Summer-Fall, consider the Tomsk Pants their complement as they will handily get you through Fall-Winter-Spring and all foul weather.

Check out our Dainese Tomsk D-Dry Pants Review:

The shell of the Tomsk is constructed of Cordura Comfort fabric, an extremely abrasion-resistant fabric with a great deal of stretch that assists with overall mobility and, yep you guessed it, comfort for long-distance rides. Above the knees, elasticated panels stretch across and provide unrestricted movement when tucking the legs in and out of the riding position. They also help to keep the CE rated knee armor in place. In addition to CE protection at the knees, there are soft inserts at the hips to help pad in the event of a get-off. Microflection panels at the upper side and lower side of each leg ensures that you'll be seen at night time. Microflection is reflective paneling that is woven into the pants' shell, maintaining style but being highly functional.

The Dainese D-Dry waterproof breathable membrane is bonded to the outer shell. This ensures that no water can penetrate the pants, but allows sweat to escape through its tiny pores, providing all day cool-and-dry comfort. At the ankle, a water outflow system gives a place to escape for any excess water that may collect. The removable thermal liner can be used when the temperatures dip, but can also be taken out when it's hotter out, letting the zip-open thigh intake vents do their job by flowing air and keeping you cool. Waist adjustment straps help you to cinch these down for a snug fit, the sliding waist closure keeps them securely closed, and the 360º zip accommodates attachment to any Dainese jacket with a complementing 360º zip.

With home run after home run, Dainese continues to shine with every new wave of products. We are big fans of these sport and long-distance touring pants, and believe that many like-minded riders will feel the same. To see other pant options in this range, visit our Dainese Textile Pants and Textile Motorcycle Pants sections.


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