Tuesday, August 30

Firstgear Gloves: Fall 2011 Overview

For Fall 2011, Firstgear has revamped their mesh glove lineup, paring it down to only four and making improvements in each of them. For this year, what remains are the Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves, Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves, Firstgear Sedona Gloves, and Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves. Each of these has its own specific design and intended application, and they're all designed to keep you as cool as possible on the most trying of hot weather rides. Below, you will find our video reviews of the new Firstgear gloves in order of technicality.

First up, our Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves Review:

Relatively basic but designed to keep you cool and protect from abrasion, the Firstgear Ultra Mesh Gloves feature a mesh backhand construction with an abrasion-resistant leather palm. The fingers feature a slight pre-curve in addition to a box finger construction in order to reduce fatigue and keep you comfortable on the bike. Good for the commuter, tourer or light enduro rider, the price is definitely right (bob barker) on the Ultra Mesh.

Next, the Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves Review:

Offering a boost in protection over the basic Ultra Mesh, the Firstgear Baja Mesh Gloves are a solid summer choice for the tourer and even light dualsport rider. With added leather and TPR reinforcements at the backhand and across the fingers not seen in the Ultra, these will provide greater abrasion resistance. The backhand is still primarily mesh for airflow, while the Amara (synthetic suede palm) has foam-backed leather reinforcements for vibration dampening and durability. These gloves also feature an articulated and pre-curved box finger construction to reduce fatigue and aid in all-day comfort.

For the dualsporter, check our Firstgear Sedona Gloves Review:

Bulking up a bit, we arrive at the newly redesigned Firstgear Sedona Gloves. Here, we find a primarily mesh backhand with leather reinforcements on your two control fingers in addition to Amara-coated foam protectors on the index and middle fingers. Further reinforcement on the backhand is provided by additional leather panels, a neoprene panel and TPR inserts. The chassis of the palm is abrasion resistant leather, with foam-packed Amara overlays in the control areas and at the heel of the hand. Again we see a box finger construction with articulation, and a single velcro cuff closure.

For maximum protection, check out our Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves Review:

With an improved design over last year's model and hard part PU knuckle protectors, the Firstgear Mesh Tex Gloves give you the best chance at combating injury in a get-off scenario. The Mesh Tex gloves are the most protective summerweight option in the FG lineup, featuring a mesh, leather and neoprene backhand that provides the perfect mix of lightness, protection, airflow and comfort. The full leather palm features double layer leather overlays with foam backing that will provide added abrasion resistance, durability and vibration dampening. The mesh cuff features a single microvelcro closure and the pre-curved fingers use a box construction for comfort.

Another solid batch of products from Firstgear to complement their new run of redesigned jackets and pants.


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