Tuesday, August 2

New Cortech and Tourmaster Gloves

New for 2011, Cortech and Tour Master have some exciting new glove options that will keep you riding year round. Short-cuff to long-cuff, summer to winter, there is sure to be an option here that fits your vogue.  Oh, and they'll also keep you safe.  Catch it here first and be looking for video reviews coming down the pipeline in the near future.

Made with goatskin along the palm and back of the hand for excellent tactile feedback and lightweight construction, the Cortech Vice Gloves 2.0 give you an option designed to fit and feel like a pro.  With a soft brushed fleece interior lining and proprietary mcFit® liner technology, Cortech has focused on comfort with the Vice gloves.  With that said, the stainless steel guard on the back of the hand and TPU palm protector still give you confidence in protection.

Big brother to the Vice, the Cortech Hydro GT Gloves offer several upgrades in features and protection.  The supple goatskin construction extends to a full dual gauntlet cuff enclosure, and the palm gets an added stitching inlay with Kevlar.  There are added TPU and TPR inserts along the wrist and fingers and to drive it home, the whole glove is made with Cortech's mcTex® waterproof, breathable barrier.

Stepping right up the ladder, the Cortech Adrenaline II Gloves are the next rung in line.  These bad boys go to the wall with protection.  The gauntlet includes an extended leather shield, the palm includes Knox SPS protectors and is bumped up to Kangaroo leather for superior feel, the fingers have Superfabric inserts, and the wrist has dual TPU protectors.  The waterproof liner disappears for the Adrenaline model, but in its place the entire glove gets an extra two layers of leather for maximum protection.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Cortech DX 2 Gloves provide an extremely lightweight adventure or off-road mesh glove.  The key here is flexibility and dexterity.  This is easily achieved by the multiple elastane stretch panels and ergonomically configured foam padding that is strategically placed throughout the design.  The home-run factor on the DX 2 is that they are a sub $30 glove!

If the Cortech Adrenaline II was too hardcore for you, check out the Cortech Latigo RR Gloves.  They provide the protection nessecaties and function of a full-gauntlet glove at a sub $90 price point.  The features retained from the Adrenaline include the TPU protectors, Kevlar Stitching and extended dual-cuff gauntlet, however, the construction is cow-hide to save you a few dollars in the long-run.

For those that ride year round, you may have heard of the Tour Master Winter Elite Gloves.  This year, they get an upgrade in the form of the Tour Master Winter Elite II MT Gloves.  The MT, which is the upgrade for this model, stands for their proprietary new technology named mcFit that results in a nicer, better-fitting liner for maximum comfort.  Otherwise, the glove pays homage to the successful features of its predecessor by including the stow-away nylon polar cover, waterproof/breathable HiPora liner, and goatskin/sheepskin construction.

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