Wednesday, August 10

Nolan N104 Helmet Preview

Just announced and slated for a January 2012 release, the brand new Nolan N104 Helmet is a graduation from the immensely popular years-running N103. Nolan has addressed many of the common quibbles from owners of the N103 and the Nolan N104 is a lighter helmet with a more streamlined design that results in better aerodynamics and a more comfortable ride over the long haul. Nolan has consistently been a leader in the modular helmet realm, and as they continue to innovate and iterate, their products get better and better, and the N104 represents their crowning achievement to date. Stay tuned for our detailed video review to come some time down the road, but in the meantime check out the upgrades and the full feature list below.

Nolan is now using an injected polycarbonate GE Lexan shell construction for this helmet. Lexan is a nearly indestructible compound that also lends lightness to this helmet, resulting in a shell that is expected to be 7oz. lighter than the N103. Another big complaint about the N103 was the noise which Nolan has also addressed in the Nolan N104 Helmet. The side pods have now been streamlined, eliminating the bulk interference from wind that caused so much of the noise in the N103. The Nolan N104 Modular Helmet is also using a brand new shield system, with an ultra wide and tall eyeport that is bigger than anything in the Nolan lineup. Each Nolan N104 also features a Pinlock shield, the leading anti-fog lens in the industry.

Upgrades abound in the new N104 which only jumps in price slightly from its predecessor. With all the new features and technologies, this helmet will be worth every dime. Look for the N104 to be available in the following versions: Nolan N104 Outlaw, Nolan N104 Voyage and Nolan N104 Action. Of course, the Nolan N104 Solid will also be available.

More news and reviews as they become available..


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